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The Negative World Nintendoomed Depression Cast: Episode 2
Kris explains why all your childhood dreams are about to be crushed. Into dust. It's bad.

Today's guest: Ploot. Why not?

You can download this mug, too. Just hit the download button in the upper right, get your bad self a copy in MP3 format, and then go play it on your Microsoft Zune.

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05/03/17, 04:44    Edited: 05/03/17, 04:51
If you ever wanted someone to ploop around with and chat shite feel free to DM me 😝
I have always loved the idea of talking all things Nintendo on a podcast 😂
01/27/24, 20:05   

I'd love to appear on a regular podcast again, but I'm sorta retired from gaming so I wouldn't have much that's worth a damn to say other than, you know, Zelda is Good or whatever. You'd have to do all the heavy lifting.
01/28/24, 03:49   
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