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Puyo Puyo Tetris Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Switch
8.5/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Switch!

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Like Archie and the Predator, some mixtures are just crazy enough to work. Enter Puyo Puyo Tetris for Switch--two classic puzzlers in one, and then some--to satisfy any puzzle fan's tastes. Regardless of which game is your pleasure, you'll find modes aplenty to keep you busy, including online multiplayer and the lesser-seen offline multi (with bots and teams, no less)! And you're sure to find a newfound appreciation for the puzzler that you're less familiar with, as the game has no shortage of tutorials to ease you in, and even wacky mixes of both games together.

It's getting rave reviews, so go check it out now! Or if you're on the fence, there's a great little free demo on the eShop to look at too. It even includes multiplayer!

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04/25/17, 22:19   Edit:  04/25/17, 22:22
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Hmmmmmmmm do I want this game? I love Puyo Puyo and I kind of like Tetris when done right, but I don't know how many times I need to keep playing the two.

What exactly does adding them together do? Are you playing some new hybrid or just switching back and forth?
04/25/17, 22:25
There's a really crazy mode called Fusion that actually mixes the two games together (although I haven't tried that one yet). But there's also a back-and-forth mode called Swap where players play one game for about half a minute before it switches to the other. If either board reaches the top, that player loses. It's surprisingly fun!

I'd definitely recommend getting the demo just to try it out--it's surprisingly full-featured and has both Versus Mode (where you can battle in either Tetris, or Puyo, or each player can pick their own choice) and Swap Mode (where it switches regularly as described above). Both available for up to 4P in the demo, including CPU characters and even teams, so you can team up with a bud to take on the CPUs.

I've only dabbled in the other modes a bit since it came out today, but there're a good number of them. Big Bang is a fast-paced vs mode where you clear out the board over and over again really quickly to hit an opponents' life bar. Party Mode is similar to Tetris DS's use of items, although it's on a timer instead of elimination (when the screen fills up, it empties again and gives the other guy some sort of boost). Fusion is the ambitious mixing of both games. The 1P Adventure Mode is kind of insane with a really silly story and a huge (!?) amount of voice acting for some reason. There's an in-game currency and a number of unlockables too.

My only real complaint right now is an overall one with Tetris: the infinite-spin mechanic is still pretty much here, and I always thought it was dumb. Like in Tetris DS, it doesn't make a huge difference in multiplayer modes since you have to be fast, but it does take a lot of the appeal away from the classic Tetris "marathon" mode. Tetris has been evolving subtly since its inception and while I quite like some of these elements (quick-drop, ghosting, holding pieces), I still submit that the infinite spin is a mistake, and I'm not a fan of the really unintuitive T-spin mechanic either.
04/25/17, 22:44   Edit:  04/25/17, 22:46
How many players is the multi?
04/25/17, 22:52
It's 1-4 player. Pretty robust, and it has online, and everything.

I'm totally psyched about this game. I'd probably be more psyched if it weren't coming three days before Mario Kart, but...

T-Spins are weird. I guess that I have to learn how to perform them. And become less crappy at Puyo Puyo. I'm actually not sure if I'll ever find anyone who even wants to play a mode that includes Puyo Puyo. But I enjoy it!

That said, please, please offer the Japanese voices as free DLC! I guess they actually have alternate voices for each character? But they aren't the Japanese ones!
04/25/17, 23:32   Edit:  04/25/17, 23:32
Puyo Puyo actually turned me off from this game. I might be down some other time with a price drop but by then, I feel all of my friends playing it will have moved on and the online community will be filled with people who greatly excel and will dominate me... which also kills the fun. Which at this rate, all of my friends playing it will have moved on 3 days from now when Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out
04/26/17, 01:31
You can play Tetris-exclusive modes, too.
04/26/17, 02:58

Yeah but feels like I'm paying for half the experience that I enjoy. And 50$ for Tetris is a steep price.
04/26/17, 03:13

It's $40 physical or $30 digital!
04/26/17, 04:13

Canada though and actually it's 55$ physical. Fun!
04/26/17, 05:01
Hmm, for some reason I thought this was like a cheap eShop game. I may hold off.
04/26/17, 05:03
Dadgum, son. Those little postage stamp carts made of gold or something?

On the plus side, the physical version comes with funky Tetris and Puyo keychains!

It's sort of an in-betweener. But to be fair, the amount of content here is comparable to something like, say, Tetris DS back in the day.
04/26/17, 06:02
Yeah but I never paid full price for retail games.

Hmm, and once I find an eShop points card sale somewhere I'm going to buy up a ton of them so I don't have to keep paying full price for digital stuff too!
04/26/17, 06:51
I picked this up the other day and have been enjoying it! Too bad the 3DS version never hit our shores, but playing it on Switch works well enough.

I haven't played online yet. Anyone try that mode yet? How does it work?
04/26/17, 23:36
Been playing this game all day after work. I did a few online matches and it is a blast. I wish there was a quick match option for regular tetris/puyo. Takes too long to get in a match.


I have had some connection issues at first until I set my NAT type to open, or A, and then it has been better. Hoping we could get a good group of four from NW to play some matches.
04/27/17, 03:22   Edit:  04/27/17, 03:30
I'll happily join in whenever you guys try to put together a group as long as I'm free!
04/27/17, 04:41
I'm in, as well.
04/27/17, 13:42
04/27/17, 15:08

The online "puzzle league" or whatever it's called is pretty fun. Most of the modes are good, except there's one Tetris one that's the stupidest shit imaginable. It consists of "puzzles" where you see who can drop pieces into slots the fastest. But the "puzzles" are dumb and that mode is really bad. It doesn't come up often, thank goodness.

The player on the right in this pic is in that mode:


Other than that, the game is great even if the characters are super annoying. I remain TERRIBLE at Puyo Puyo. Terrible.
04/27/17, 17:24

That does look genuinely lame.
04/28/17, 07:07
The online for this game is fun! I love how fast and smooth the whole game is, in general. What a perfect game for the Switch.

There's a toggle for Puzzle League modes in the options. Not sure if it makes a difference online, though.
04/28/17, 07:21
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