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Blaster Master Zero Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Blaster Master Zero on the Switch
8.28/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Blaster Master Zero on the Switch!

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I know no one wants to put down Zelda, but anyone else have this?

I have to admit I have no real connection to Blaster Master (though I did instantly recognize the song in the first area!) Bought it and played a bit. It's not bad. Very old school, not particularly modern in design, but that's probably the point, right? But it's a decent game so far, for anyone looking for 8-bit and / or Blaster Master goodness. My only real complaint is that neither the analog or the 4 button movement methods feel quite right, especially for angle shots. Probably feels better on a Pro controller.

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03/10/17, 02:34   Edit:  03/10/17, 02:37
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So far..... leaps and bounds above the original, while retaining the originals feel. Some surprises that caught me off guard in the best way, and I'm only on stage 2. I need to get back to Zelda.... but....

Oh, and though no pro controller support, I'm having a blast with the joycon in each hand. That relaxed playstyle is no joke.
03/10/17, 05:12   Edit:  03/10/17, 05:17
Got it and it's fun so far, for nostalgia's sake. It's very easy so far though cause once you get the best weapon, most of the game becomes way too easy. At least the first few bosses posed next to no threat. I know the original could get quite difficult at times! We'll see if that changes later on though.

Don't really have an issue with the controls so far except maybe the diagonals with the analog stick since I'm not using a pro controller. Nothing that'll really get in the way of me enjoying it though.
03/10/17, 05:14
Apparently they will add Pro controller support on the 16th. Weird stuff.

I'm going to wait until then since I enjoy my diagonals done right.
03/10/17, 07:48
Oh yeah, I'm loving this game right now! I'm actually playing the 3DS version, but I bought the Switch version as well. Why? Well, because...we've already established that I'm tremendously irresponsible with my money. But besides that, I may actually have to send my 3DS in for repairs soon (first time I've ever had to do that with Nintendo hardware!) because the cameras on my NEW 3DS are no longer working. Which...really sucks. Not because I want to take photos or anything, though. It's because without the cameras functioning properly, the "Super-Stable 3D" effect no longer works. The cameras need to work in order for the "head-tracking" tech to...uh, track. My head. But it can't! So my N3DS is basically a regular 3DS, and that's dumb. That's not why I upgraded my hardware. I want that 3DS effect to be stable. So yeah, off to Nintendo it goes.

So, I got this game on Switch too, just in case I want to keep playing while my N3DS is in the shop. Of course, I'll have to start over, since cross-save isn't a thing. But it's been such a blast (if you'll pardon the pun) that I don't think I'll mind. Especially since I know now where to go for the most part. Getting back to where I am in the 3DS game will be a breeze.

But anyway, yeah, it's fun. Good stuff, and it definitely has that "Inti-Creates" feel to it. I haven't had issues with the diagonal aiming or anything, but the 3DS's Circle Pad (and even the normal d-pad) work perfectly fine with this game. It's a shame there's no stereoscopic 3D for this version, though. Would have been really cool-looking, IMO. Oh well.
03/10/17, 14:48
I got it too, and I like it. The first area was basically the same as the original, but I do appreciate the map and save points (and not being limited by lives). Makes for a much more enjoyable experience while not punishing the player.
03/10/17, 16:24

Agreed! The save points are an awesome addition!
03/10/17, 23:35
About half way through the game now and I am liking some of the streamlining and general improvements. I don't like the music that much though. While fine in and of itself they just feel weaker than the original fantastic soundtrack.

I do also like that they incorporated aspects of the original's insane localization story but made it make more sense.
03/11/17, 20:06
So is this a remake then? I thought it was a new game for some reason. Not that it matters to me, never played the original so it's all new.
03/11/17, 20:17
Well I got the bad ending.

Apparently this is what you need to do to get the true ending?

To make sure you're good, you should have 5 Main Gun upgrades(Crusher, Laser, Maximum, Cannon, A. Blast), 5 Sub Weapon Upgrades(Warhead, Lightning, Homing, Lightning Dash, Shield Mine), Two Jump Upgrades(Hover and Booster), and Two Movement Upgrades (Dive and Wall) plus all 8 Life Upgrades before facing the Mutant Lord. You do NOT need to cover every square of the map.

Is that accurate? If so I think I'd be close, though I'm not sure how to know where to look for missing life upgrades and such.
04/01/17, 07:19

I just got 100% I think so I'm not sure how accurate that is.
04/01/17, 15:55
Well if you got the bad ending you would know it, it's kind of depressing and it basically spells out for you that you could have gotten a better one. I didn't even know there were multiple endings until I saw my ending and was like wait, that makes it sound like I could have gotten a better one...

In fact I would have been ok with just taking the ending that I got and moving on, but it was pretty bad, and I now feel like I can't leave things in that state!
04/01/17, 16:49   Edit:  04/01/17, 17:07

I got the true ending the other night and I know I didn't explore every crevice of every area and dungeon. So you don't have to 100% the maps, just get all of the upgrades.
04/01/17, 17:53
Well I assumed you wouldn't have to fill in every square in the "dungeons" just get whatever is in there, but once or twice I went in and didn't find what was in there and left, so how would I know what caves still contain things to find?! Ug.
04/01/17, 18:54
I really enjoyed it but I still think the original is pound for pound a better game. There really was no major challenge to the game so it never felt like a major accomplishment to get on to the next area. I did like how they did retcon the insane storyline of the original's to make sense. I mean seriously, if your pet frog jumped on the family backyard radioactive box and mutated to a giant would you really chase it down the hole it jumped down? Or would you just go to the local swam or pond and get another?
04/01/17, 19:09
Well, now I'm confused. Went through the entire game, made sure to get everything on that list above... beat it again, and still got the bad ending.

Is there something I need to do not on that list?!
04/02/17, 09:04   Edit:  04/02/17, 09:04
Alright, figured it out, you need to get the map for each area as well. It's a bit tough to figure out which map you are missing if you've been all over the place in every stage but I found it. Got the true ending.

04/02/17, 11:07
Damn, I beat the game but got the bad ending despite having all the upgrades. Must be some stupid map for an area I fully explored. Which map were you missing @Zero
04/11/17, 05:55
When you're in Area 8 (Inside the mutant alien thing) is there a way to backtrack? I definitely saw a spot I missed but didn't exactly see a way to go back.
04/11/17, 22:16
@mrbiggsly Hmm, honestly don't remember.

@PogueSquadron There should always be a way to backtrack?
04/11/17, 22:34
I was missing the area 5 map... turns out I explored every square except where the map was
04/12/17, 16:48
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