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Chicago Switch party Saturday March 11 OFFICIAL AWESOME THREAD
When: Saturday, March 11 2017, 6ish PM.
Where: Jefferson Park, Chicago (around Central and Lawrence, message me for exact address.)
Snacks: Shirley and I will provide lots of sugary snacks, some salty snacks, pop / juice, etc.
Dinner: We'll probably figure out some kind of late dinner around 8 pmish or so, so you should probably eat something before showing up.

Switch games: 1, 2 Switch, Super Bomberman R, uh... Snipperclips?
Games that aren't on Switch: Smash Bros U, Mario Kart 8, Buzz Quiz Game thingy (if Anand brings it), Towerfall, Duck Game, the usuals. And Gotta Protectors YO! And basically anything else you want to bring. I have my Switch, Wii U, and PS3 hooked up, as well as a 3DS.

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02/27/17, 05:50   Edit:  03/05/17, 01:25
Back in town Sat March 4, and have a wedding that day.
02/27/17, 06:03
The 4th is no good for me, but the 11th may work. I'll have to double check on that to be sure, though. As always, coming from work, I can typically show up between 6-7. I am getting so excited!!!
02/27/17, 07:52
02/28/17, 09:07

Hey, mine doesn't judge people based on where they live. It judges them based on whether they're me or not. Everyone else is equally unwelcome.
02/28/17, 09:08
@Shadowlink That's Shadowlinkist.
02/28/17, 20:48
I could probably swing the 11th. Let's Tank Troopers it up!!

03/01/17, 05:47
It's not his wedding!

I mean, it better not be.

Is the 11th looking good for people?!
03/01/17, 06:19   Edit:  03/01/17, 06:19
What ice cream will you be serving?
03/01/17, 06:36
03/01/17, 07:13

the one in the middle looks kind of rubbish. Vanilla with Fairyfloss on top unless I miss my guess.

The other two are pretty cool though. I approve.
03/01/17, 07:22
Real talk. Zero's gaming parties are pretty much candypaloozas. They've gotta account for 95% of my yearly candy intake.
03/01/17, 08:09

Why is he always at the dentist again? One of life's great mysteries.
03/02/17, 01:36
It was worth it. My teeth are all like: live fast, die young.

Real talk though, I still more or less have like 80% of my teeth. I know people (especially coffee drinkers) my age who have a whole mouth full of fakes. Also I kind of used to uh... not really... brush my teeth. Much. At all.
03/02/17, 01:52   Edit:  03/02/17, 01:54

You're not going to be able to chew through steak eventually.

..But I guess you already eat pizza with a spoon, can't get much worse. *shrug*

EDIT- *knock on wood*, I have 100% of my teeth, though they've been looking at one for YEARS. Its broken, not sure how it happened, but its there. Wisdom tooth, top shelf, where mama hides the cookies.
03/02/17, 01:54   Edit:  03/02/17, 01:55
I'll just get fake teeth.

...but those things are SO EXPENSIVE. Ug.
03/02/17, 01:55

Get a blender. 20 bucks.
03/02/17, 01:56
Blended steak? EW.

03/02/17, 02:15
How is the 11th looking?! Only a bit over a week away!?
03/02/17, 23:51
Yeah, I believe the 11th works for me. I asked and didn't get any word that anything else is going on. I'll double check, but we should be good on my end.
03/03/17, 01:06
Speaking of Chicago and ice cream and blenders...

03/03/17, 01:49   Edit:  03/03/17, 01:50
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