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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch
9.62/10 from 40 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

The wait is nearly over. The game is being detailed left and right by the media,… the amiibo have been announced,… and the Nintendo Switch is imminent… The Legend of Zelda series has been a special one for Nintendo fans since it began and the next chapter starts on March 3rd, 2017.

A hero's tale begins anew.
Open your eyes and see what is true.

Fun Facts:
Vast open world where you could go find the end of the game within 15 minutes… but you won't survive it.
Weapons have stats and durability.
Climb pretty much anything you want.
Eat and cook to regain health.
Full voice-acting for all except Link

Lets use this thread to discuss the game on the Nintendo Switch. To help hold the tide of the wait, here are some beautiful screenshots and links for your perusal.

Negative World Threads:
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Game Informer Interview - Getting away from traditions and making dying fun

YouTube Videos of Interest
Nintendo Switch - Legend of Zelda 2017 Presentation Trailer
Nintendo E3 2016 Legend of Zelda BotW Trailer
Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Ad (2017)
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The Legend of Zelda Art & Artifacts Book Tour – Nintendo Minute
Fan-Made Old-School Zelda Breath of the Wild Commercial

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01/29/17, 18:20    Edited: 02/12/17, 21:42
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Haven't a clue who that is but the pun is funny anyway.
02/02/23, 23:04   
@Stan McStanly

That would be Lynel Ritchie
02/03/23, 12:42   

02/04/23, 02:44   
Just made it to the Gerudo Desert. They won’t let Link in because he is a man…and men have been cancelled in this town. (lulz) This must be the part of the game where Link has to cross-dress to get in? Or at least that’s what the memes suggest that I’ve seen over the years. (Huh. Between this and Triforce Heroes, Nintendo seems pretty keen on putting Link in female clothing “lately.” What’s the story there, I wonder? Is it a Japanese culture thing? I recall Cloud having to dress up in a similar way during Final Fantasy VII…)

Shadowlink said:
@GameDadGrant@Stan McStanly

Hahaha! That’s…that’s actually pretty good. Nice work!
02/05/23, 20:27   

The divine beast for this area has been called "Howl's Moving Castle" more then a few times over here.

Also this is where you get the handy dandy lighting proof helmet
02/06/23, 00:00   
Edited: 02/06/23, 00:01

To be fair I stole it from Google. Seems the rest of the internet beat me to realizing your inadvertent pun, lol.
02/06/23, 11:57   
I was fighting a Frost Talus and was winning the fight (for the most part). Then it tripped (or something) and fell...right on top of Link. Killing me instantly.

*gamer rage intensifies*
02/08/23, 15:44   
Edited: 02/08/23, 15:44

Blame Isaac Newton for inventing gravity. Tons of people die all the time from gravity related incidents.

Like when I jumped off a 500 foot cliff mistakenly thinking there was water at the bottom.
02/08/23, 22:54   
@Stan McStanly

You'd still probably die even if there was water. At that height, it'll hit you like a wall of concrete. Your body would be paste.
02/11/23, 03:25   

You also hadn't to consider the air vaccume pulling the air out of your lungs during the plummet. You'd probably be dead before you hit the ground. Idk. How tall 500 feet?

EDIT: okay, I guess a 50-story building prabably isn't high enough for the vacuum effect.
02/11/23, 03:51   
Edited: 02/11/23, 03:54
All I have to say is that this stealth section in the Yiga hideout area is complete BS.
02/20/23, 03:38   
...did you get the outfit from Kakariko village?

...are you effectively utilizing bananas?

...are you doing that thing I did the lynel bow; doing the slow-mo arrow thing and taking them out before they can raise the alarm?

Honestly, I found that one of the more invigorating parts of the game. That, island of fun at the bottom-right most area of the map, and that light-less area next to Death Mount.
02/20/23, 05:10   
Edited: 02/20/23, 05:25
@Stan McStanly




I just need to "knuckle down" and focus when I attempt it next. Every time I boot up the game, I'm kind of just aimlessly wandering around and completing missions and the occasional Divine Beast as I stumble across them. But the Yiga hideout is actually going to make me pay attention, so I need to be in the right mindset for it.

I did stumble across the lightless area you mentioned, I think. I avoided that as well since...I couldn't brain at that time, lulz.
02/20/23, 19:47   
GameDadGrant said:
@Stan McStanly

Every time I boot up the game, I'm kind of just aimlessly wandering around and completing missions and the occasional Divine Beast as I stumble across them.

Me in every single game ever invented. Even in ones that tell you what you have to do next.
02/20/23, 21:53   
Finally got past the Yiga section. The "boss fight" was kinda funny.
02/23/23, 17:18   
I never liked how this game only has a few main boss fights. and they're mostly straight-forward.
02/24/23, 03:34   
I beat Thunderblight Ganon today. Not too difficult, but very thankful for the Fury Rush ability. The new ability you get seems like it will be pretty cool to use.

Sooo...I guess I'm cleared to go to the End Game. But I'm hesitant to do so without the Master Sword in hand. Maybe I'll scope out some more Shrines and do some side quests and then go get it.

Also, damn how many sit-ups do you think Urbosa does a day to get those abs?!?
03/17/23, 20:59   
I love how you get onto the Camel divine beast thing. The games like "yah only the chosen champs can enter this thing" and then you come along with a sand walrus, rope, explosives, and a magic helmet and bam, you're in.

Did you get through the lost woods? From there you only need [spoiler alert] 15 hearts
to get the sword.

I mean, when your a ghost stuck in a massive metalic camel for 100 years what else do you have to do? Write the consolation of philosophy?
03/17/23, 22:31   
Edited: 03/17/23, 22:31
@Stan McStanly

Well, Link is one of the Champions, no? So he's in, regardless.

I haven't gone to the Lost Woods yet.

I feel Urbosa had her six-pack prior to the Divine Beast in death thing.
03/18/23, 03:11   
I actually didn’t go to Ganon until doing every shrine. It’s probably why I haven’t finished the game again, because my initial playthrough was 100-120 hours.

Well, that and Master Mode is very difficult. I just got the Master Sword in it though, and if it’s like the standard difficulty, the rest of the game should be a cakewalk after that.
03/19/23, 22:16   
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