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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch
9.62/10 from 40 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

The wait is nearly over. The game is being detailed left and right by the media,… the amiibo have been announced,… and the Nintendo Switch is imminent… The Legend of Zelda series has been a special one for Nintendo fans since it began and the next chapter starts on March 3rd, 2017.

A hero's tale begins anew.
Open your eyes and see what is true.

Fun Facts:
Vast open world where you could go find the end of the game within 15 minutes… but you won't survive it.
Weapons have stats and durability.
Climb pretty much anything you want.
Eat and cook to regain health.
Full voice-acting for all except Link

Lets use this thread to discuss the game on the Nintendo Switch. To help hold the tide of the wait, here are some beautiful screenshots and links for your perusal.

Negative World Threads:
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Game Informer Interview - Getting away from traditions and making dying fun

YouTube Videos of Interest
Nintendo Switch - Legend of Zelda 2017 Presentation Trailer
Nintendo E3 2016 Legend of Zelda BotW Trailer
Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Ad (2017)
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The Legend of Zelda Art & Artifacts Book Tour – Nintendo Minute
Fan-Made Old-School Zelda Breath of the Wild Commercial

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01/29/17, 18:20    Edited: 02/12/17, 21:42
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I didn't even look at the cover, you guys spoiled it for me, lol.
03/24/17, 01:48   
Just beat it! I totally could have done it last night, I was like 5-10 minutes from Ganon when I called it quits.

Now, onto the spoiler thread and going back to pure exploration.
03/24/17, 01:53   
But that's my point. I agree.

But I've seen people here or on Discord casually say "I got the Master Sword" I'd say it's sooort of a spoiler. Like I said, obviously it's in the game in some fashion, but it's not like it's explicitly said that it's something YOU can get and use. That may sound like reaching but how do we know it's not at the very end or featured in a cutscene?

Again, you really can look at spoilers from different perspectives and others will consider some things spoilers while others won't and vice versa.

I hope it wasn't anything I said. I spoiler tagged everything of relevance. Just mentioning the green tunic isn't a spoiler nor do I share whether or not it's in it. If some people are really hardcore though the question alone could be a spoiler. We have a few blackout psychos in here so who knows?
03/24/17, 02:09   

I said that to Koovaps within 30 minutes of starting the game

I had him going for a second too, because the game is so nuts you could almost believe that could happen, haha.
03/24/17, 02:19   
carlosrox said:
Like I said, obviously it's in the game in some fashion, but it's not like it's explicitly said that it's something YOU can get and use. That may sound like reaching but how do we know it's not at the very end or featured in a cutscene?
Oh, it's reaching.
03/24/17, 02:36   
Nah, not when this game has been since the beginning about breaking conventions.

Here's another example: is the Triforce even in the game? Don't tell me, I have no idea. There's been no mention of it either, that doesn't mean I should assume one way or another. It's another mystery.
03/24/17, 02:48   
I just found out right now you can break Stasis lol. Sent a Moblin over the edge near the ocean lol. Slammed a rock into him super hard.

Hot damn.
03/24/17, 03:26   
If that's a spoiler then we pretty much can't talk about anything, ha ha.
03/24/17, 03:34   
I love the spoiler tagging on this site because it so easily hides things. Frankly, we all have our own definition of a spoiler and we read this stuff at our own risk. But with how easy it is to tag something with the spoiler safety net, it's pretty great how much people here take care to be respectful while also not really being hindered by the way spoilers work.
03/24/17, 04:06   
Sigh did I break a Shrine Quest? My idiot friend found it for me when I was in the bathroom so that didn't help matters any. Either way I used and broke that weapon and now I can't find it where it's supposed to be.

03/24/17, 04:26   

Not sure which one you are referring to (though I have an idea), but BotW has an answer for everything. You're never stuck, even if it feels like you are.
03/24/17, 04:30   
No I'm not stuck, at least not in the regular sense. I even looked it up. The problem is I already got something I needed then got rid of it and now it won't reappear. Maybe the Blood Moon will save me.

It's a weapon.
03/24/17, 08:05   

What shrine is it? What's the name and where is it?
03/24/17, 11:43   

Most weapons can be remade....
03/24/17, 13:41   
How far is everyone? It's really annoying trying to even discuss this game when I dunno who's finished the damn game and who's still on the plateau.

It's a Shrine Quest by the DB in the NEish region.
03/24/17, 17:29   

Hmm I'm unfamiliar. The only shrine quest I remember requiring a specific weapon to enter was around Zora's domain.
03/24/17, 17:48   
Bingo. Well my friend found it when I was in the washroom and then we tried what the song said and nothing seemed to work. I swear I did everything you'd think to do, but perhaps I didn't do the correct move.

What makes that one more confusing is the other NPCs sharing things related to other/similar weapons so it gets confusing. There's like at least 3 weapons it could be and one of them apparently is a replica. That Trello fuck is also really vague and just says "the bridge" when there's several bridges around. My bro probably didn't help me by mentioning a Blacksmith or whatever when there's 2 of them.

Perfect storm for me to get sidetracked and confused as fuck when doing this shrine. One of those guys even has their OWN side quest that takes you across the world. I did it thinking it was related but it's completely unrelated!! Argh!!

I hate "social gaming". I like to play my damn games alone and in peace. The only reason I accept his wish of coming over to watch me play Zelda is to not be a dick and he doesn't have the game. But fucked if I'm doing anything major while he's around. I'm okay with dicking around areas I've already seen or just doing minor things (at most a tower or small shrine) but I made the mistake of going for a Shrine Quest to throw him a bone. My mistake. The only option I have now is hoping it respawns after a blood moon (I've definitely had one since that time I broke it though and I've been back to check already!!) or coming across it in the world. I've read it can be found on enemies.
03/24/17, 17:58   
Edited: 03/24/17, 18:04

The blacksmith in the domain can remake the weapon for you if you have the right materials. I chose to have the real thing remade just to be safe, and it work. Jump attack on the orange pedestal (jump off the waterfall if you want) and the shrine should appear.
03/24/17, 18:13   
@carlosrox You may not have done the correct move. I struggled with that for a few hours and decided I'd just look it up and found out there was a move I never knew about, and as far as I know the game never teaches it to you. What's more, it may be the exact same as a different move, just with an aesthetic difference, I'm not sure.

What I thought I had to do: Attack after releasing from paraglider to do a falling slash, I guess this is the same as the jump attack.

A similar but slightly different thing that you actually have to do: Attack while paragliding to do a falling stab.
03/24/17, 18:23   

I was going to look into this by name, but it seems others have helped. I still will look it up when I get a chance.

I just hit my 100th shrine this morning.
03/24/17, 18:31   
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