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Splatoon 2 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.71/10 from 19 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Splatoon 2 on the Switch!

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Nintendo knows when it's got something good on its hands. Splatoon 2, alluded to in Nintendo's 2015 Fall Preview of the Switch, has finally been blown out in glorious fashion at the January 12th/13th event.

Key Features:
New Weapons (like the Duelies)
New stages and classic stages (some with zip lines from the single-player mode!)
Online Multiplayer
Expanded Local Multiplayer
Presumed Single Player Mode
New Mode: Salmon Run (aka Horde Mode) - 4 player co-op

Key Questions:
What are you most excited about from the trailer?
What are you most hopeful for?
Are you buying at launch?
When do you think launch will be?

Releases: July 21st, 2017

Ploot and DrFinkelstein Discuss The July 6th, 2017 Nintendo Direct about Splatoon 2

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Posted: 01/13/17, 20:04:15  - Edited by 
 on: 07/10/17, 00:36:49
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I played a fair bit over the weekend, and it's Splatoon, and it's still fun. I played a couple of matches with OldManfromZelda, DrFink (and his fiancÚ and a friend), and Bun, but I mostly did random engagements. I tried Dualies and a Slosher, but I'm better with the Shooter-type weapons and Rollers (though I don't main Rollers, they're part of my rotation).


Not as far as I can tell.
Posted: 07/24/17, 16:28:24
Ooooh, Splatoon is still as glorious as ever! Such a brilliant shooter it is! I've only just reached level 4 and beaten the first world in the single player, but man is it fun! So far there haven't been any major differences from the first game, but I can see some neat stuff looming on the horizon, and the new stages are great. I wish the music still had some of the harder style songs from the first game, but you can't have everything I suppose.

EDIT: Nintendo's really stepped up Splatoon's single player game this time around! Suction Cup Lookout has some great levels and new mechanics! That rail grinding thing is so much fun!
Posted: 07/24/17, 18:44:02  - Edited by 
 on: 07/24/17, 21:30:49
I get so excited to see you NW friends pop into matches I'm in. I'm having so much fun with this game.
Posted: 07/24/17, 22:21:28
When's the next Salmon Run?

Yeah I only got to play with Scrawnton so far but it was fun! I wanna play with Fink!
Posted: 07/24/17, 23:15:25

That's be fun! I need solid people in my team.
Posted: 07/24/17, 23:17:35
Having a lot of fun. Here's my list of favorite and least-favorite things about it!

+Game is super fun as always and feels a bit tighter. Wish we could remap the Special off the stick click though. Stick clicks suuuuuuuuuck.

+Looks and sounds great, with the possible exception of the soundtrack in 1P Mode (this used to be a lot more risky and confident-sounding!)

+I like the new bonuses like Crusty Sean's food and the Ability Chunks. Makes the long-term game of getting your perfect equipment enticing

+The new pop idols are pretty fun. Having Marina's stages show up to the beat is a nice touch.

+New hairdos and skirts are fun.


+++Salmon Run is great, and my favorite part of the whole package! It's almost as good as Turf War, which is high praise. Makes for a great palette cleanser from the hardcore online stuff, and for whatever reason, it's not frustrating to lose. Just kinda makes me feel like we could've done better. Lots of great ideas here: weapon-swapping for each wave, new weapons for each day, lots of unlockables and a clever array of bosses all wrapped up in the daunting atmosphere of working on an oil rig. This is a fantastic new mode!

And what I don't like...

-Splatoon 1 was terrific, but it kinda bugs me that all the little niggling things I wanted changed didn't get changed for the sequel. Like, losing is already a bummer, but it feels like it takes forever to move onto the next match. You go through like 5 screens before it gives you some interaction (choosing to continue or not) and then loading in the lobby. Why can't we just get all that stuff at once? I'd rather all the loading happen at once instead of 30-second-chunk/input/30-second-chunk because I like to practice my violin between matches. Really nitpicky but yeah.


-I guess I'll have to accept that people don't love splitscreen and bots the way I do. If only Perfect Dark took off the way Halo did, the modern shooter would be totally different these days...

-For a sequel, there's not really a ton of new content in the online battles. The Specials got most of the new treatment, but a handful of weapons, 8 maps and 0 new Ranked modes is a little light. At the same time, this isn't so bad since I know there's going to be a wealth of DLC coming out for it.

-Still no weapon swapping between matches.

See you guys online, and stay off the hook.
Posted: 07/24/17, 23:20:21  - Edited by 
 on: 07/24/17, 23:21:03
Guess I might have to eat my words about that rage quitter ban thing pretty soon. Got my first warning just now, for getting kicked out of a game. I did get disconnects earlier without the game warning me about it, but I guess it finally got enough this time.
Posted: 07/24/17, 23:37:46
Salmon Run! Such a ridiculous amount of fun! I love everything about it. The general gameplay and the visual style are both amazing. Could be its own game, almost. My only complaint is that it's not available everywhere all the time, but the limited opportunities to play it does make it feel special in a way, I guess.

I really hope they'll expand it with more boss salmonids and new stages in the future!
Posted: 07/25/17, 16:16:41

Yeah I can't imagine we won't get new content to Salmon Run in the future. It's really a fun mode though more maps, more bosses and even new waves of enemies would freshen things up for sure.

I just gained 2 levels this morning after a streak of good runs and now my pay rate is up to 200% It sure makes the bonus rewards easier to achieve!
Posted: 07/25/17, 17:00:40
I don't think I shared my Switch friend code here. I think I sent invites to most of you, since most of NW had the Wii U. But if we were 3DS friends, I lost my original 3DS and can't send you a friend invite.

Posted: 07/25/17, 17:09:03
Seeing those rewards in the list approach as you play makes it even harder for me to quit playing. I'm gonna neglect Turf War so bad when Salmon Run's open. Haven't even reached level 6 yet.

It's great how quickly things can turn to shit in Salmon Run too; when we suddenly had to deal high water and two bosses approached from different directions out of nowhere there was an impressive amount of panic going around my team. That huge metal snake thing isn't too hard to take down, but it's pretty intimidating all the same. Love it!
Posted: 07/25/17, 17:27:58
I got back from my vacation last night and I'm ready to play Splatoon 2! Hope to see you guys online soon!
Posted: 07/25/17, 20:09:14

Yes!!! I'll be on tonight for sure. Hop in the Discord Chat when you are playing
Posted: 07/25/17, 21:24:17
r_hjort said:
Salmon Run! Such a ridiculous amount of fun! I love everything about it. The general gameplay and the visual style are both amazing. Could be its own game, almost. My only complaint is that it's not available everywhere all the time, but the limited opportunities to play it does make it feel special in a way, I guess.

I really hope they'll expand it with more boss salmonids and new stages in the future!

This this this!!!!!!

And the music in that entire mode are amazing. I have the win music stuck in my head big time.

Luckily I can at least play local with my bro!
Posted: 07/25/17, 21:39:22
I finally picked it up yesterday. Probably played like 5 or 6 hours, heh. Summer break!

It's sweet of course, though I wish there were more than just the one mode (at least at the times I was playing, don't quite understand when Salmon Run comes in), though I guess once I get level 10 a bit more opens up? Still it feels like they could do SO MUCH MORE with the basic stuff here! Maybe next time?

@TriforceBun I'd LOVE splitscreen / bots. It's actually kind of weird to me that Nintendo made a game that is almost primarily an online game. Very not Nintendo like. Of course you can do local multi... if you get a bunch of people with Switches together. Good luck with that!

With that said some bar here is having a Splatoon 2 night and I was tempted to go but I have something else that night.
Posted: 07/25/17, 22:21:47
Not sure if you need to reach a certain level first or not for Salmon Run to start (might be level 4, like the gear and stuff?), but there's a schedule for when it's active that you can check in your menu. Press X while in Inkopolis and you'll find info on which stages are active when and so on. It's pretty handy.
Posted: 07/25/17, 22:35:44
I sort of get why only a selection of maps are available at any given time but it feels weird to make entire modes only available at certain times. I feel like every mode should always be available and then keep the map mixing thing?
Posted: 07/25/17, 22:38:22
Yeah, I kind of agree, but Salmon Run seems to be available more often than not, at least going by the current schedule. The current run over here stops in about four hours, and then it's gone for a day, and then comes back for another twelve hours.

EDIT: On a side note: Summer break fucking rocks. I was about to quit my job a few weeks back, but then they offered me another teacher's position with full summer break and all that jazz, so now I'm gaming it up like nobody's business! The kids don't know how good they've got it.
Posted: 07/25/17, 22:43:25  - Edited by 
 on: 07/25/17, 22:53:52
Wait, Salmon Run is today?
Posted: 07/25/17, 23:42:18
Maybe it's regional? It's going on over here right now, anyway. Ends in about three hours.
Posted: 07/25/17, 23:54:41
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