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Nintendo Switch: What do you think of the name? [poll]
Love it!  (7/41 votes)
Like it  (24/41 votes)
Meh  (7/41 votes)
Don't like it  (2/41 votes)
Hate it!  (1/41 vote)
I'm a little underwhelmed by the name but, I'm already over it. It's not like when the Wii was announced and I thought the name was terribly stupid. And don't get me started on the Wii U. On the other hand, the NS does have a nice ring to it. And that's how I'll be calling it from now on.

What do you think?

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10/21/16, 06:43
I like it. It fits the concept well and is an actual word, which admittedly is not very Nintendo-like.
10/22/16, 01:39
After Wii and Wii U, Switch is the best name they've had since at least GameCube, maybe longer.
10/22/16, 02:39
I like it, but then again it sort of goes against the grain of game consoles having stupid names lol
10/22/16, 03:48
The logo is awesome, "Switch" sucks.
10/22/16, 04:12
At first I despised it. Then I was okay with it - which is my current position on the matter. I adore the logo (especially after GameXplain likened it to the Yin & Yang symbol) and the clicky sound it made in the trailer. I think Nintendo learned their lesson with Wii U and went with something that everyone could understand. I totally get the logic behind it.
10/22/16, 05:30   Edit:  10/22/16, 07:17
Eh. It's fine.
10/22/16, 05:33
I've jokingly told my brothers it could have been

Nintendo Twist
Nintendo Twitch
Nintendo Stick
Nintendo Swift
Nintendo Snap

I dunno, something about the name feels too "soft" for me. It's too passive somehow. But like I said before, I like it and it works just fine. It's completely inoffensive.

But I feel like I sort of forget the name sometimes and have to think a second before I say it. It sort of "feels" like a few of the names I mentioned above if that makes sense.
10/22/16, 05:58   Edit:  10/22/16, 06:00
I think it's their best named console since the Gameboy Advance.
10/22/16, 16:34
10/23/16, 00:16

I thought the Gameboy Advance was a great name for a console. So I read @kriswright as being a legit comment.
10/23/16, 00:34

Oh... Haha. I don't mind the name, either. I just thought he was being facetious. Plus, I always look for a reason to use that gif.
10/23/16, 03:59
I read that sarcastically too actually.
10/23/16, 05:05
I don't like the name and I'm not too sure why. It represents the console well, but it's not a very interesting name in the slightest.
10/23/16, 08:49
I think it's fine. I still was hoping for simply "Nintendo Entertainment System" or "Nintendo", and even "NX" rolls off the tongue pretty easy.

But it's a clean break from DS and Wii, isn't confusing, still emphasizes the Nintendo brand name. The name makes it obvious that it's a brand new device, and it conveys what its design and purpose is. It's a good name.
10/24/16, 21:55   Edit:  10/25/16, 06:46
Pretty cool! It's nice-sounding and meaningful, without being 'edgy'.
10/24/16, 23:06
If I ever have kid I'm going to name it Gameboy Advance, even if a girl.
10/25/16, 01:46
The Switch name is pretty cool too because it's symbolic of Nintendo's change in philosophy.
10/25/16, 02:48

My comment wasn't sarcastic. I legit think it's the best one since the Advance. Maybe using the word console threw everyone off, but you know what I mean. Best major product name from Nintendo for quite a while and probably the best name for a Nintendo home console since the Super Nintendo.
10/25/16, 02:59   Edit:  10/25/16, 03:00
I like it. Sure, are there cooler standalone names? Yeah, but it just fits the concept so well. And now I'll be able to "switch" my kid without worrying about getting visited by CPS. Win/win!
10/25/16, 03:33
deathly_hallows said:
If I ever have kid I'm going to name it Gameboy Advance, even if a girl.

Gamegirl Advance. Boom, problem solved.
10/25/16, 04:46
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