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Metroid Prime: Federation Force Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Metroid Prime: Federation Force on the 3DS
8.75/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid Prime: Federation Force on the 3DS!

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The newest Metroid game has arrived, and has instituted some changes for this latest outing. For the first time ever, you do NOT play as famous intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran, but instead as the Galactic Federation Space Marines. Instead of a solo adventure, you can team up with three other players and carry out missions for the Galactic Federation in a variety of different planets.

While not what Metroid fans are used to (or perhaps even wanted) the game is out now and it seems to be a "love it or hate it" kind of experience. What are your thoughts? Are you ready to suit up and take on the forces of evil to protect the galaxy? Or are you waiting for the triumphant return of Samus?

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08/20/16, 16:40   Edit:  08/20/16, 16:49
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I played a bunch with Marsh and rebonack last night. The game's actually very awesome so far, really enjoying it even as a huge fan of Metroid. Sure I would have loved a traditional Metroid game but it doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to have fun here.
08/20/16, 16:51
I grabbed it and played the initial training, then realized I really need to complete Zero Time Dilemma.
I'll be getting into this soon though!
08/20/16, 18:35
I don't like the style in particular, but it still feels Metroid-y and I dig the music. Gameplay has been really great, feels polished.
08/20/16, 20:20
I bought this game out of spite.

Can you play 2 players or does it need to be 1 or 4?
08/20/16, 21:05

1 to 4 players.
08/20/16, 21:44
Getting my copy next week.
08/20/16, 22:35
No but I mean can just me and my brother play through the game with 2 AI teammates?
08/21/16, 04:33

Well I meant 1 to 4 as in anything in between too You can put in as many AI players as you want though I've never used them. There's even MODs (chips that you collect throughout missions that you equip before going into a mission) that you can collect to give them extra strength from their attacks.
08/21/16, 04:39
Yeah, just wanted to make sure. Thank you! Fucking awesome!!!!
08/21/16, 08:58
Also I just saw the AI for the first time. I thought it would be an actual player that resembled yourself but it's actually just a drone that follows you around and I guess shoots at targets? I didn't use it myself but saw my friend had one.
08/21/16, 15:12
carlosrox said:
I bought this game out of spite.

Yeah...I think most people will. Not saying there aren't people that were legitimately looking forward to the game, but I get the idea that most Metroid fans feel..."betrayed" by it. Thankfully, it's at least fun, so it's not like we're buying a trash product "just because."

That said, I feel this is a no-win situation for Metroid fans. Like, if this game sells well? Nintendo will have the idea that THIS is what the fans want, and instead of a proper new entry in the franchise, we'll get Federation Force 2. But if it DOESN'T sell well? Then Nintendo will think that Metroid is a dead franchise and shelf it for another half-decade (or more).

What a predicament.
08/21/16, 16:40   Edit:  08/21/16, 16:41
Better to accept that proper Metroid is dead.

Then if they do resurrect it at some point it will be a nice surprise.
08/21/16, 17:00

Hyrule Warriors sold well. Better scrap traditional Zelda games!
08/21/16, 17:57

I don't think Nintendo is that dumb, haha. It's not like we're training a dog who only understands "if I get treat then I did good thing," they can pick up on more subtle reactions than that.

Supposedly Federation Force (this is either a major spoiler or totally irrelevant depending on your viewpoint) has a post-credits cutscene that hints at another game.
08/21/16, 18:05
I'm interested, but at this point I'll probably wait and grab it in a holiday sale.
08/21/16, 19:06
deathly_hallows said:
Better to accept that proper Metroid is dead.

Then if they do resurrect it at some point it will be a nice surprise.
Didn't you say that about Zelda as well before E3?
08/21/16, 20:18
Not me, I can't remember a time since I was a little kid that there wasn't a main-line Zelda game (or 2) in development.

Metroid on the other hand is clearly not a priority, nothing on 3DS expect one spin-off and nothing at all on Wii U (not even an HD remaster). Zelda had how many games over the past generation? Like a dozen? (edit: actually only 8, seemed like more) Including one the several 3-D remakes and remasters and the excellent A Link Between Worlds which IMO was the best Zelda games since Wind Waker.

EDIT: You may be remembering me criticizing Nintendo for delaying Zelda Wii U for the NX, which I still think is a dick move, Breath of the Wild should have come out this year on Wii U, just a matter of principle, IMHO.
08/21/16, 20:34   Edit:  08/21/16, 20:55
Sorry, I meant in spite of bitching fans, not Nintendo. I have no problem with this game existing and even think it looks good. I also know it basically only ensures another Metroid and apparently the game itself suggests the same with its ending. And I saw it coming a miiiiiiiiile away. From the day it was announced it was obvious this game would have something hinting at what's next.

As I said before, I find it adorable that people think Metroid is "dead".

08/21/16, 20:34
So what do you think they'll do, announce a main-line Metroid for NX? Hope you're right. I hope they also announce a new F-Zero. Not holding my breath though. The only thing I'm sure of on NX is Zelda, Smash and lots of Mario.
08/21/16, 20:40
I remember this:

Sony's big differentiator is Naughty Dog, and the games they make aren't for everyone. Other then that they don't really have many big exclusive franchises unless you factor in sports games (racing and baseball).

The thing is Microsoft doesn't have much either. I just played Halo 4 and it was a huge letdown. Actually what I'd classify as a "snogfest" in a post-Doom world. If Halo is dead what do they have? Gears? No thank you. Gears Remastered came with my Xbox One and I practically fell asleep during the first couple levels. I dunno maybe it's just me and I'm old and jaded, but big first party games seem like a thing of the past, especially when you factor in the death of Metroid and even Zelda on life support with no new mainline entires since last gen.


Kind of overly dire and premature, don't you think?

That being said, Metroid isn't dead. Eight years until the original Metroid got a proper console sequel. Another eight years before it got another console sequel. Nintendo doesn't prioritize it the way they should, but it isn't dead.
08/21/16, 21:21
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