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Monster Hunter Generations Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS
8.53/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS!

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The latest installment of Capcom's Monster Hunter series has landed on Nintendo 3DS! This game features...uh, features...from various past installments in the franchise and combines them in a new adventure for players around the world. New Hunter-specific moves (called Arts) help you hunt and collect your prey, protect the land and make the world a much nicer (and safer) place to live!

Play solo! Play together! Play online! Get out there and hunt some monsters!

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07/18/16, 22:55    Edited: 07/18/16, 22:59
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@Mr_Mustache Yeah but in MonHun it's all about the Longsword...
10/13/16, 02:19   
10/13/16, 02:31   
Gotta disagree with the swords. It's hammer time! Nothing beats the feeling of launching into the air and smashing a dragon the in the skull!
10/13/16, 21:37   
You all seem to be having issues spelling "Switch Axe"
10/13/16, 23:01   
"Switch Axe"
Me: "Hammer"
Pokepal:"Switch. Axe"
10/14/16, 07:12   
I'll always take the coward's road. Guns, lances, and gunlances.

There's no shame in being a coward. Well, maybe there is, but I don't care.
10/15/16, 01:44   
Talk about slim pickings for low rank armor. I guess I'll go with the Tetsucabra again for that health boost for now.
10/22/16, 20:43   
Jesus Christ. Fighting the Lagiacarus exclusively on land is quite literally like fighting a fish out of water. For goodness sake Capcom, don't bring him back unless you bring back underwater hunting (and don't bring that back unless you decide to make the controls for it actually work.)

06/19/17, 11:58   
Edited: 06/19/17, 11:59
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