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Pocket Card Jockey Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Pocket Card Jockey on the 3DS
8.2/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pocket Card Jockey on the 3DS!

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So, apparently this game is actually really, really good?

Anyone been playing it?

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05/15/16, 08:22    Edited: 05/15/16, 08:22
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I've been playing it, and it is very addicting and very fun!

The solitaire/horse racing idea seems shallow, but it's really quite engaging. I haven't even gotten to the horse breeding aspect of the game yet, and I already feel like I've gotten my money's worth.

Additionally, it's pretty surprising that Game Freak is the developer because the localization is written in a fun way, and even got a few chuckles from me - unlike a certain pocketed monster franchise's vanilla and sleep-inducing dialogue.

If you're into puzzlers, looking for a game you can play in short bursts, or simply enjoy having fun, you owe it to yourself to check this game out. It's seriously, seriously great.
05/15/16, 08:45   
This game has consumed me. In a good way of course. Solitaire has never been so fun, and the package surrounding it is extremely engaging.
05/15/16, 18:08   

How many hours have you put into it? How much is this game? I'm so intrigued and I have so much to play, but it looks so cute and fun!
05/15/16, 18:26   
I played through the demo, which is surprisingly lengthy for the demo. Is it just me, or is this game really difficult? I feel like it expects you to have its systems mastered by the second race, as you pretty much need to be perfect to win from there. Or am I missing something obvious...? Then again, I did get the feeling I wasn't supposed to win every race, but still, pretty weird introduction.

Most of the humor fell flat from trying too hard.
05/15/16, 20:49   
I think it's only 6.99 usd, pretty fair price. I've put about 15 hours in already, and I'm now breeding better horses in hopes of winning all the cups. You're not expected to win every race, you're gonna lose a lot. But when you win the G1 cups it's quite rewarding cause it requires a full understanding of all the mechanics.... And a little luck.
05/17/16, 00:40   
@Mop it up

You're expected to fail a lot of races, breed better horses, and do better with both a) practice b) better stats and c) as anon said, a little luck.

It's great. Karen and I are both completely addicted.
05/17/16, 16:25   
Edited: 05/17/16, 16:25
@Guillaume Ah, you can't breed in the demo so I guess this is one of those games that doesn't make a good first impression since it appears to be about playing the longterm game.
05/18/16, 01:33   
Yeah. You're meant to play it for a long time, on and off, and not always win. I mean, it's solitaire.
05/18/16, 05:34   

Wait, this isn't a retail game? THIS ISN'T THIRTY DOLLARS!? I was gonna check it out eventually anyway, but now I might as well go home and start it tonight for only seven bucks! That's awesome!
05/18/16, 06:56   
@Guillaume There is no grinding in actual solitaire. I like the gameplay of an actual race, but the rest is uninteresting to me.

@Secret_Tunnel Yup, it's an eShop-only game, so make sure you've correctly marked its entry in the database!
05/18/16, 19:37   
I didn't say there was grinding in solitaire.
05/18/16, 19:46   
@Guillaume I know, but you implied the losing was due to it being solitaire. The losing is due to not grinding enough, is what I was saying.
05/18/16, 19:49   
It's both. Winning or losing can come down to just luck in your game of solitaire. But some races you literally can't win until you grind and breed better horses.
05/18/16, 19:51   
I didn't mean to imply it wasn't due to both, but it sure is heavy without the grinding. And I'm not interested in that.
05/18/16, 19:56   
So I got a mare with a witch hat and I named her Kiki, and when she gets a fowl, I'll name it Kiki's Delivery, and that's why this is already the game of the year.

@Mop it up

Fair enough. I think it helps if you approach it as (and are looking for) a time-wasting game, instead of a game that you must beat and finish.
05/19/16, 18:08   
I'm kind of getting fed up with making minimal to no progress with my recent horses. Can't seem to produce anything viable to get those remaining cups. I know you're supposed to breed horses with similar peak times and trophy wins but it's not working out for me currently.
05/19/16, 20:38   
I'm playing it and enjoying it but I don't quite understand what is happening... how I can be the best I can be. Maybe more time is needed.

Dunno how I got 8th in this match when I was leading the whole time. Geez this isn't forgiving.
05/20/16, 01:20   
Edited: 05/20/16, 05:29
05/22/16, 22:25   
The demo kicked ass, and I picked up the game, but I haven't had any time to dig into it yet.

Super-pumped, though. That demo was so fresh and fun. And funny, as well!
05/23/16, 00:24   
Finally playing this! It's oozing charm right from the beginning. I love how self-aware the tutorial character is about the game being a convoluted nightmare to learn, haha. Really enjoying it though.

How long did all of you end up playing it for? Still as enjoyable 20 hours in as it was first the first 2?
12/14/16, 23:23   
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