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Project X Zone 2 Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Project X Zone 2 on the 3DS
8.25/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Project X Zone 2 on the 3DS!

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So, this game is out now! And is filled to the brim with classic game characters from generations past. The game is fairly similar to the original, though it looks like some things got tweaked a bit with the battle system.

Also? For those on the fence, try out the demo. It's much better than the one that came out for the first Project X Zone. Also, you get bonus items and other extras in the full game if you first finish the demo first!

Check it out!

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03/15/16, 23:45    Edited: 03/15/16, 23:47
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So far, I've only played a bit of the demo, so my impressions aren't all that in-depth at the moment. But I'd like to hear from any others that may have taken the dive into the latest entry in this SRPG series!

At least check out the demo! It's free, so why not!
03/15/16, 23:48   
04/20/16, 01:49   
04/20/16, 01:55   

Gah! Haters gonna hate!
04/20/16, 02:51   
04/20/16, 03:13   
I should tell Sormon to stop lurking and comment in here, because he loves both of the games a whole lot. It's all he talks about sometimes!
04/20/16, 09:14   
Edited: 04/20/16, 09:14

Also I need more South Australians to make fun of.


Was there a massive issue with the demo for the first game?

I ask because I did download the demo for that back when was thinking of picking it up, and it was kind of a mess. I was just selecting random flashy attacks until people died and I had no clue what the heck I was doing. It wasn't anywhere near as streamlined as Advance Wars or Fire Emblem.
04/20/16, 09:21   

You are correct, it is not as simple as Advance Wars or Fire Emblem. Coincidentally, it is neither of those games...it is actually just it's own thing. The battles play out like a simplified fighting game. Early on, just press "A" to have the characters attack, and then press and hold LEFT on the d-pad and the "A" button at the same time once that first attack combo is over, to keep the enemy juggled in the air and rack up combo points. With enough XP built up, you can then press the 'Y' button to unleash the HUGE attack and really put down the damage.

It takes some time to get used to, but once you get it, it's a lot of fun.
04/20/16, 15:18   
Edited: 07/27/16, 22:32
I'm loving this game so far. The mix-ups and references are all great:

The sense of humor the writers have in the story:

And the action is just intense as one might expect. AWESOME.

It's so good. It's soooooooo good, you guys...!
04/22/16, 18:59   

The writing and characters seem like a blast but the gameplay... ugh, that gameplay. Well that's from the first game but I hear it's just as bad here.
04/22/16, 19:15   

Just as bad? What?! It's just as GOOD! Maybe even better! Man, I love the turn-based SRPG gameplay mixed with these "fighting game-lite" battles. There's really nothing else quite like it. So unique and fun! How well you do in each encounter is really dependent on the PLAYER, instead of random, behind-the-scenes "dice rolls" like in other games.

The timing needed to keep combos going, when to call in assist partners, and get the most XP and Cross Attacks (and maybe finish off with a Super Move) reminds me of the Mario & Luigi battles, where pressing the button (or doing the action, whatever) at the right time deals more damage. IMO, it keeps the battles from getting stale...a sometimes unavoidable drag when it comes to this genre.

The completely insane story, goofy dialogue and nostalgia-soaked references are just icing on the cake. IMO, anyway!
04/23/16, 03:42   
So this is were Pokefreak911 wanted me to post, very well. I got into this game when I found out that it would have characters from Xenoblade and Fire Emblem (my two favorite game series), I picked up the first one on the E Shop for about $18. The games arn't as deprived of depth as reviews make them out to be, but neither is alot of skill needed to win. I found the 2nd game much better than the first (and I still need to try out the original Namco X Capcom on the PS2 which I think it has a fan translation). Over all the games do what they are trying to do very well (which is a collaboration between multiple game franchises) thanks to this game I have now played Resonace of Fate, Sakura Wars, Tales of Vesperia, Xenosaga, Tekken and Soul Caliber, games Im not sure I would of tried without playing these games first.
04/23/16, 09:58   
I'm actually kind of ashamed to admit this, but I LOL'd when this came up during M. Bison's initial introduction in this game.


And that's the real reason these games are made, I think! Or at least, one of the major reasons. To expose people to these franchises, so they can sell the games that have characters that are featured in this one. Tricky marketing!
04/25/16, 02:47   
I can't overstate how awesome Strider is.

Uh, it's not your legs. It's your weird glowing hand.
05/12/16, 02:03   
Oh man, this game. This game.

I've rarely had as much fun and laughed as much while playing anything. It's so incredibly stupid it actually ends up being good...!
06/09/16, 23:25   
Well, I've got Zero Time Dilemma on the done pile. Back to Project X Zone 2!

"I'll take ten! ....thousand!"

Are...are there actually people that ship those two? Don't actually answer me on that.

A bit of respite after a battle. These three make a pretty good combo-team!
07/27/16, 22:29   

09/26/16, 21:08   
Whoa. Fiora? Neat!
09/26/16, 22:24   
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