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NOA's Censorship and Localization Changes [roundtable]
It's something that's gotten a few people really worked up over the past few years--various Nintendo games getting altered in some way when they come to the US. Here's a brief list, but I might've missed some:

Fire Emblem: Awakening -- Tharja's swimsuit bottom covered by curtain

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
-- Tharja trophy removed

Fatal Frame 5 -- Underwear/bikini outfits removed, including in a story sequence (replaced with Nintendo character outfits as unlockables)

Xenoblade Chronicles X
-- "Boob slider" removed, underage character outfit altered

Fire Emblem: Fates -- "Petting" minigame mostly removed except certain situations when married, purchasable "bikini" outfits removed

Bravely Second
-- Native American style outfit changed to cowboy/cowgirl, some outfits covered up, art book pages modified to remove blood or scantily clad girls, bad endings for certain choice-driven sidequests removed (it's a little unclear if this is NOA or not, but they're publishing the game in the West so it might be)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
-- Covering revealing clothing

I thought it might be good to talk about the latest Nintendo controversy and see what you guys think. Is the localization team not doing their job well by altering content? Are the games better off without the extra sexuality? Is the principle more important than that? And is today's censorship any more or less acceptable than NOA's censorship in the 80s to mid-90s? Let's hear what you guys think! (and add to the list if I missed any recent examples)

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03/05/16, 20:28  
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I haven't seen it but I am fearful to google it now… lol. Rob Zombie can be an intense dude.
06/12/16, 02:08   

I'd suggest waiting until you get home, but please do give a look.

EDIT- If half the people in this thread saw it, they'd shit their pants.
06/12/16, 02:12   
Edited: 06/12/16, 02:12
@Mr_Mustache You probably don't actually see the difference between the pictures you posted and the ones Nate posted, do you? Not to mention his had a point related to the discussion beyond HEY LOOK EVERYONE TONS OF ASS PICTURES.

A lot of game sites aren't particularly safe for work. Especially the ones where a bunch of dudes use anime avatars. I like that this one (more or less) is.

I doubt anyone in this thread would shit their pants one way or shit them the other over an album cover. It's not about seeing things about being like OH MY GOD I CAN'T HANDLE SEEING THIS MY EYES ARE BURNING, it's about appropriateness in context for a site like this.
06/12/16, 02:21   
Edited: 06/12/16, 02:23
I don't think Hero_of_Hyrule was being snarky, just making a joke. And I don't think the images were that bad.


This game, on the other hand...

06/12/16, 02:21   

Who said "HEY EVERYONE TONS OF ASS PICTURES?" I said "Are these from Overwatch?"

As for the cleanliness of your pants, have YOU looked the album cover up? Lucky I didn't plop that in here.


06/12/16, 02:31   

So it's okay if I post a sexualized picture of an ass and add nothing to the discussion so long as I make sure ask what game that ass is from? Of course not.

You come to a thread about localization and post gifs of asses that would undoubtedly get me kicked out of my internship if my boss saw them on my phone. Those gifs have nothing to do with the conversation or the thread and just makes this site a less welcoming place.

And then you act like I owe you an answer to that random, unrelated question of what game those characters are from. As if I'm the one detracting from the conversation. You're the one posting sexual gifs for no good reason; I just called you out for doing so.
06/12/16, 02:57   
Edited: 06/12/16, 06:18
So what exactly are the guidelines for posting pics or gifs from games here on Negative World? I'm afraid I'm not really clear on the rules.
06/12/16, 03:08   
@Mr_Mustache Yeah but nothing really bothers me by existing. On my site it's a different story.

@GameDadGrant I'm not sure we have clear guidelines. Haven't really needed them. Mostly we trust users to use good judgment. Most of them do, usually.
06/12/16, 05:34   

If we were talking about that game earlier in the thread and you were asking me about it since you don't play it? Yeah, HOH, go for it. This may sound funny / surreal to you, but I'm not going to bitch to anyone if you post a picture of something in this thread. Amazing, right?

And I don't wanna split hairs here or whatever, but maybe you shouldn't be on here at work? One time I left this page up on my computer and there was a handwritten note on my keyboard: "DON'T GO ON THIS CRAP." Yeah, he didn't think much of Negative World, I take it. And it had nothing to do with "ass gifs."


HA, just stumbled across this now (in the wild!), everything could've been avoided had I just been on THAT page THEN. No mistaking it; that girl is DEFINITELY from Overwatch.
(Plenty more pictures if you're into that sort of thing. REAL LIFE COSPLAY WOMEN, too, so "enjoy" or "beware")
06/12/16, 15:29   
Edited: 06/12/16, 16:02
Lots of people use the site at work! I mean, it's not anyone's job to be thinking about whether their posts are work safe per se, I guess it'd be my job to turn the "work safe" mode into a truly work safe mode... but it's probably a good general rule of thumb. After all even the best image filtering software struggles to actually tell what it is looking at, and I don't have access to that stuff, so my option would be leave images on or turn them off, and it'd be a really boring work safe mode that had no images at all. Those kind of things always work better on sites where you don't have a ton of not work safe images to begin with.

I guess I could try to code something like where you see a very vague washed out version of the image and then hover over it to see it in full color or whatever but that'd be a bigger project and I don't really have time for stuff like that right now.
06/12/16, 16:13   
I think a good rule is simply to link to potentially nsfw material rather than post it, like Zero eventually did. And, of course, try to keep it on topic.

That said, my view is I do not think there's an obligation on the part of the posters here to keep everything safe for work. Because if the rule is we must never post something that'll get you in trouble with your tightass boss, we should take down my Boogerman review and half of the podcasts.
06/12/16, 19:37   
Edited: 06/12/16, 19:38
I agree that it's not the role of the posters to make everything work safe, I even said that!

I just think generally speaking like... this is a Nintendo site. It's a site dedicated to a fun, generally family-friendly company. We can try to keep it generally work safe, right?

But I do think the responsbility for determining what that means lays on me more than the users, and I honestly don't have the most clear vision sometimes other than telling people to "use good judgment", which of course is a semi-meaningless statement since judgment is relative. I could try to make more clear standards for what is "acceptable" to post, but I feel like I'd just run into the same problem the US government did when trying to create clear standards for smut in the 70s or 80s or whenever that Larry Flint stuff went down.
06/12/16, 19:42   
Edited: 06/12/16, 19:47

Yeah, my station airs Cheaters, and one of our subchannels has "Lingerie Fighting Championships" and another show dedicated to bodybuilding ("Angles: Health and Fitness TV") with a focus on women. We show "worse" stuff AT work than what I posted. Maybe I should've made that evident earlier, to let folks know where I'm coming from. And no, I don't work on a porn set. Conversely, I'm aware that some people here work in churches, legit.
06/12/16, 20:03   

Pssh... Like I read what you post.
06/12/16, 20:16   
I just realized that all the fun I had playing Mario Party was actually not fun at all! The North American version is CENSORED!!!!

These original voice clips are hilarious.
06/13/16, 09:22   
Edited: 06/13/16, 09:22

Haha, what the heck? That seems remarkably out-of-character.
06/13/16, 16:48   

HAHA! Thats awesome. Now I know why Koovaps and Anand are always in Japan -- AWESOME STUFF.
06/14/16, 01:55   
@ploot With all the recent spoofs of game music, I'm not 100% sure this is real or just someone playing a prank. The voices in the original Mario Party were so bad that I could see someone being able to imitate them exactly.

If it is real, it sounds so weird to hear them utter a phrase like that. It makes things sound a little too serious for the world they're in. I would have it removed for that reason alone.
06/14/16, 20:28   
@Mop it up

I've heard these a couple years ago, so I'm pretty sure they're legitimate. The real question is, is that still Charles?
06/14/16, 20:32   
@TriforceBun Ha ha, I've always wondered that meself. It sounds like they didn't want to pay the "big bucks" and just got some amateur(s) to voice Mario, Luigi, and Wario. If it is Martinet, then why did the voices end up so bad...?
06/14/16, 20:35   
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