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Final Fantasy Explorers Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.5/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Final Fantasy Explorers on the 3DS!

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Taking Final Fantasy elements and throwing them into a game that is heavily influenced by Monster Hunter, you get Final Fantasy Explorers. Mixing in online co-op play and a ton of objectives and challenging Eidolon battles, it's bound to be an addicting title to play together with friends.

I just got this today and basically made it a blind purchase. I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan so I was always curious and Monster Hunter also has its place in my gaming tastes. Seems like a great game to add to the 3DS library so far but it would be fun to set up some online matches with people here! Anyone else picking this up? The game is officially out tomorrow (January 26th) so post here if you do!

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Posted: 01/25/16, 22:14:42  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/16, 22:42:12
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@VofEscaflowne That might be why I remember not liking that game!
Posted: 02/24/16, 20:45:50
ITT: @Mop it up expresses dislike of violence on Chocobo. (Chocobos?)

Actually, that brings up a good question for me. What is the plural of Chocobo? Is there an "s" at the end, or not?
Posted: 02/24/16, 20:59:06
@GameDadGrant I'm not sure about more recent games, but the ones PSX and prior used an "s" to make it Chocobos.
Posted: 02/24/16, 21:05:23
Chocobos it is, then!

....I'm gonna go kill several of them now so I can get some of those large bird feathers. Wait...large = big.

Big...bird...feathers? Hold the phone. Are we really sure we're slaying Chocobos and not ANOTHER yellow-feathered large fowl?

Posted: 02/24/16, 23:53:28
8 star quests unlocked! I still suck! *crawls back into hole*
Posted: 02/27/16, 02:09:24
I attempted to take down Bahamut today. Solo.

I got completely stomped! I may need some help taking this guy down this weekend. Anyone up for some explorin'?
Posted: 02/27/16, 02:28:42  - Edited by 
 on: 02/27/16, 02:29:05

Sure! Depends when though. Lemme know what time you want to set it up. I'm not available at night until at least 10pm ET tonight and tomorrow though.
Posted: 02/27/16, 03:27:19

Yeah, I'm usually best late at night, too. Though tonight might be tricky; we are having friends over and there's a 99.5% chance I'll be hammered by 8:00. I'll post here if I'm sober enough for a "Take Down Bahamut" quest.
Posted: 02/27/16, 20:35:06
I like how my Sage looks with his new gear now. He's such a beast. I think Ultima was doing around 30k damage with the Tonberry Karma activated

Spiffy rainbow shot!

Posted: 02/29/16, 06:27:35
Here are some pics from my recent adventures!!

Here's Rocket and me taking in the nice view. Bix (Mop it up) was there too... PIC.

And here's the chronicle of last night's quest with GameDadGrant...
PIC 01
PIC 02
PIC 03
PIC 04
PIC 05
Posted: 03/02/16, 11:28:05
@NinSage Why are you two so awkward? I thought you got along fine!

Also, you play this too much, I'll never be able to catch up with you!
Posted: 03/02/16, 22:41:27

LOL! That was amazing!

In other news, I dressed up my avatar like Cloud today.

Posted: 03/05/16, 18:35:45
Anyone wanna do some quests tonight? Or maybe this weekend?
Posted: 03/11/16, 20:46:15

Maybe Saturday night, feel free to text me when you wanna play. But, Sunday night for sure!! You'll know where to find us
Posted: 03/12/16, 10:15:34
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