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Final Fantasy Explorers Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.5/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Final Fantasy Explorers on the 3DS!

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Taking Final Fantasy elements and throwing them into a game that is heavily influenced by Monster Hunter, you get Final Fantasy Explorers. Mixing in online co-op play and a ton of objectives and challenging Eidolon battles, it's bound to be an addicting title to play together with friends.

I just got this today and basically made it a blind purchase. I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan so I was always curious and Monster Hunter also has its place in my gaming tastes. Seems like a great game to add to the 3DS library so far but it would be fun to set up some online matches with people here! Anyone else picking this up? The game is officially out tomorrow (January 26th) so post here if you do!

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Posted: 01/25/16, 22:14:42  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/16, 22:42:12
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I'll be on later tonight. There were rumors earlier in the week that Tom F. Zelda would also be available. More on this story as it develops.
Posted: 02/05/16, 22:27:30
Tried to play with Lou from like 8-9 last night. Nothing but disconnects. I think we did one quest? Gave up for a bit. Came back at 11pm and played with randoms until like 3:30am -- not one connection issue.

So weird. I'm really thinking that ~7-9 is when all the people in this complex are using the internet and it just becomes unstable. *shrug*
Posted: 02/06/16, 19:36:25  - Edited by 
 on: 02/06/16, 19:36:44
I'll just keep this thread going....

Went over to Lou's house tonight. Brought Amy, my 3DS, and our Retron5. Amy played Dragon Warrior Monsters on the Retron while Lou and I played FFE with some randoms. We did a small handful of quests before I had to get a sleepy Amy home.

Played a little more when I got back home. I've finally unlocked the job-specific armor from the promotional materials. EEE!! I can't wait to get like half of them! They all look so cool!

Btw, the surprises from those CC (don't wanna spoil it for those who haven't gotten 'em) have blown my mind. This game has a ton of depth to it. I feel like many reviewers and gamers have missed the boat simply because the game doesn't tip its entire hand in the first 8 (or even 20) hours.
Posted: 02/07/16, 08:05:54
Ugh, I missed out on playing yesterday because...well, it was my son's birthday. So my day was spent doing kid-birthday stuff. Parenting getting in the way of gaming again!

I hope to put some more time into it today. My current goal is to nab Sephiroth's outfit. Shiva, I'm gunning for you...!
Posted: 02/07/16, 18:40:04  - Edited by 
 on: 02/07/16, 20:04:39
Anyone wanna play some tonight?
Posted: 02/08/16, 02:25:51

I actually want to play tonight, but my internet kinda sucks right now. I'm not sure why, but my connection has been slow here in the house all day. It actually took almost five minutes just to load the site.
Posted: 02/08/16, 03:53:37
Finally got the Sephiroth outfit I was gunning for! Boo yah. Lookin' sharp, ready to rock!

Posted: 02/08/16, 06:52:30
Got my White Mage gear last night. I love my cute cat ears and tail!! ... don't judge me.


Nice!! You should totally summon Meteor. It's totally a good idea with no negatives I can think of.
Posted: 02/08/16, 08:22:33  - Edited by 
 on: 02/08/16, 08:22:48
I still don't have the job specific gear aside from the Blue Mage. I've been playing most of the game with Marsh so I've been holding back on progress but I'm way too ahead in levels for where I am I think. Just hit level 70 yesterday
Posted: 02/08/16, 18:04:06

Yea, Blue Mage unlocked first for me too. Interesting.

Are we even 3DS buddies? What's your name on the 3DS?
Posted: 02/08/16, 18:43:40

I use my real name which is Fabien. I don't think we're friends on there though!
Posted: 02/08/16, 19:08:42
Man, I thought the Thief was a bit on the weak side when it came to melee but there's something weird going on with mine. Unless if it's my monsters that have some sort of hidden power but I took out Alexander in under a minute somehow Which was a bit annoying really cause I wanted to break the components off for items
Posted: 02/08/16, 20:14:02

I've heard from other players (from IGN's podcast, now that I think about it) that Alexander was a really easy boss. Which is kind of disappointing considering what a powerful Summon it was in previous Final Fantasy titles.
Posted: 02/08/16, 21:22:43  - Edited by 
 on: 02/08/16, 21:23:02

Yeah but I still never took him out THAT fast with my other characters. He does also have one attack that generally seems unavoidable and WILL kill you if you're unprepared for it. But all of his other attacks are so easy to dodge that it's not like you won't be. Still, healing spells are a must, that's for sure.
Posted: 02/08/16, 21:31:52

How well leveled are your monsters? I've found that after getting my "squad" up to Level 12 or 13, taking down Shiva (to collect those precious Jenova Cells!) took significantly less time, each time I faced it.

Or who knows, maybe Alexander is weak to thieves?
Posted: 02/08/16, 21:46:26
Maybe Alexander is just weak to physical (and maybe dark magic?) attacks? As someone who can't really attack physically and whose best offensive magic is Holy and Water, I don't feel particularly strong versus Alexander. But, yes, the consensus seems to be that Al is the easiest Eidoleanzuwhatsis ..... I still don't know half the terms in this franchise. What island are we on? Amatrosa or some such thing? =)
Posted: 02/09/16, 19:43:10

I think it's Grindingland.
Posted: 02/09/16, 19:53:04

No, I'm pretty sure it starts with an A like...... ohhhhh I see what you did there! =)

I feel like this game is a slip'n'slide compared to all the grinding I did in MH3 and MH3U. I loved those experiences, but, I'm loving this care-free romp much more. At least for now; we'll see what the future brings. Cat ears, ftw!
Posted: 02/09/16, 20:13:11
Is anyone even still playing this?

Though I beat it yesterday with Marsh yet it still feels like things are just starting haha. Getting quite difficult in some battles with the post game stuff! Very cool battles too!
Posted: 02/15/16, 05:49:39

Played with Grant, Mop it up, and Rocket in the NT chat last night. You should come by sometime!
Posted: 02/18/16, 19:54:37
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