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SteamWorld Heist Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
SteamWorld Heist on the 3DS
9.15/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for SteamWorld Heist on the 3DS!

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SteamWorld Heist Review (Nintendo 3DS) (9.6)  by  

Image & Form's newest game, SteamWorld Heist is coming to the 3DS next week! As a huge fan of SteamWorld Dig, the excitement is in the air. I hope to have a review up by launch as I've been lucky enough to receive a review copy. I can't speak on the actual game until then, so I hope this thread can be used for everyone else's hopes for the title. Who is picking this up at launch?

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12/04/15, 06:24   Edit:  12/09/15, 06:01
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I liked Dig, but I hear this one plays differently, so I don't know if it's for me.

Oh wait, the review is out, I guess I should check that out.
12/12/15, 01:01   Edit:  12/12/15, 01:04
@Mop it up

It's different in the gameplay style sense. However progression is so similar (which is a good thing) so there's a lot of greatness through that.
12/12/15, 04:41
Not that I've beaten it but I already can't wait to start a new game at a higher difficulty and try out different characters or challenges. This game is just pure fun and you can tell that the devs put a lot of care into it. Definitely one of the top games I've played this year and my 3DS GOTY.
12/12/15, 16:29
Just beat it! So, so good. Challenge felt just right at the Experienced level... and there's still 2 difficulties above it! Must be pretty challenging!
12/14/15, 19:46

What was your overall time? Congratulations!
12/14/15, 20:13

Close to 19 hours but I nearly got all stars and probably spent more time than necessary listening to the music in the bars
12/14/15, 20:31
This game is great!


Yeah. I started out on the Experienced difficulty level and I'm enjoying it far. It's challenging, but reasonably so! I haven't even seen the first boss yet and I've lost gallons to some tough missions. Trying to collect all of the optional loot can be risky, but it's a feat that feels great when accomplished.
12/14/15, 20:39

Image & Form touts 20 or so hours in the main campaign so that seems right. My 17 hour run was on an easier difficulty though I'm replaying it now on Experienced.
12/14/15, 21:10

Yeah it's a good campaign size and counting the extra difficulty levels and new game +, I'm definitely satisfied. Also, does new game + actually add anything or is it simply replaying the game? I mean it seems pointless since you can redo all levels... so am I missing something?
12/14/15, 21:34

So far I'm afraid you're right… except you keep your characters and hats which I guess is cool. I do wish I had not done New Game + and just kept my original file. But ah well.
12/15/15, 04:06

Yeah but you keep everything by not doing new game + which is why I'm a bit confused why it's even there. Would be nice if there were maybe tiny differences in the story since that black hole acts as some sort of time portal.

Speaking of which... I wonder where the game will head next with the revelation that humans are still alive? Also that Moon character in the final area, I thought she had some resemblances to Rusty but then I noticed in the ending cutscene, Rusty is there! Or someone that looked like him anyway.
12/15/15, 04:16
Downloaded it last night. Very excited. I was paralyzed by indecision when it came time to choose the difficulty setting. I ended up choosing Experienced, but then it turns out you can adjust before each mission. Already: nice job, I&F.
12/15/15, 19:16
I'm playing on "Regular" and it's pretty easy, I might kick it up a notch or just wait for new game +.

One thing that's kinda weird (and maybe because I'm playing it on "easy"), is that I never have to buy anything from the vendors, I keep getting plenty of water and new weapons from looting. It's not like Steamworld Dig where I essentially bought everything as soon as I could afford it.
12/15/15, 19:26
Hey, I finally started this today. Damn it's satisfying.

I'm playing default difficulty but I've already died because of my failure to grasp the sniper caveat (shoot BEFORE move only, dumb-ass.)
12/17/15, 15:24

That's only certain guns. Look for better ones!
12/17/15, 16:49
@Guillaume @Super_Conzo

That said, I kept with that mechanic for Piper the whole game. Very satisfying but the better sniper weapons helped a lot.
12/17/15, 19:47
Something that I really like about this game is that every playable character stands out. Each member of Piper's crew has a unique approach to battle that gains depth as they level up. I find myself changing my party from heist to heist since each bot has so much to offer.

Their designs are awesome, too!
12/17/15, 20:19
I love the visual design of everything, one thing I'm curious about is if on consoles they will zoom out and show you more of the map or if they'll keep the zoomed-in view where they characters are relatively large on the screen (which I love btw, these guys are so friggin' smart about how to design for handheld, every detail is considered and even the UI is so clean and beautiful, the opposite of something like Monster Hunter which just crams the screen full of tiny text almost impossible to read).
12/17/15, 20:54
Just picked this up. So far, it's a lot of fun! I'm not sure why I was hesitant about this one going in--I loved Dig and the Fire-Emblem-meets-billiards gameplay is surprisingly compelling. Definitely a contender for 3DS GOTY! Don't miss it.
12/22/15, 16:41

Billiards, with a little bit of Worms when you get a weapon with arcing projectiles.

Can I just say: I know they're caricatures, but this game may have the widest cast of female characters with the most varied body types I've seen in a long time? And they're frickin' sexless robots! I dunno if it was a conscious effort, but it's pretty cool to see.
12/22/15, 16:47
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