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Xenoblade Chronicles X Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U
8.7/10 from 13 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U!

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Jargon said:
Hype is over, someone make a Game thread!

Done! I'll spiffy thus one up a but when I get back from out of state. Here for some sudden family business.

However, my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X is arriving tomorrow and I am stoked! The reviews have been generally positive. I guess the game lacks slightly in areas but they can be overlooked for the sheer density and fun this game has. Looking forward to diving into it next week. Hopefully when I return sunday.

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12/04/15, 03:09   Edit:  12/04/15, 03:12
Why not sign up for a (free) account?

Well thats fine. I wasn't really doing anything that required ONLINE, but yeah. Agreed, its kinda weird that it won't automatically or allow you to reconnect or re-try. You'd think that when you went to collect your division spoils, it could be like "trying online..." and then "oh, there we go, it reconnected!" and then you're good.

What Level are you? I think I'm like 17?
12/11/15, 02:50

Yeah I'm 17 or 18. I've wasted so much time just exploring or trying to reach places I don't even know if I can... or taking on missions only to spend like an hour trying to figure out how to get to and then getting sidetracked and just wandering around. It's like I make no progress every time I play
12/11/15, 03:11

Its weird. Sometimes I see a guy in the distance and he's like Lv48 or something, and I sneak by him because there is some treasure nearby, and its like a Lv1 Mechanical. What? Shouldn't it be like Lv3? I feel like they put stuff we can get by big scary stuff FORCING you to tip toe. Some of those caves are confusing, and I wish they were easier to find on a map. Is there a better way?

I found one cave that was outside of my comfort zone, died in there even while running away (big pet peeve of mine with this game; actual accuracy doesn't count at all? You can't hide behind or physically dodge ANYTHING.), and later on Kirsty had me go find it as a mission, but I'd already found it before so I didn't get to re-visit it via yellow marker on my map. Any idea how to get back?? I made a mental note of where my 2nd Cave was. I'm gonna clean that thing out SOON.

Also..what is progress?
12/11/15, 03:52
What class is everyone going as? I think I'm going to toward the Galactic Knight route as from the weapon description it sounds like I get a lightsaber. I want a lightsaber.
12/11/15, 06:21
@Brick What. Does this have anything to do with one of those 8 groups you pick at the beginning? I want a light-saber.

I think I picked the long-range weapon focused group though.
12/11/15, 07:13
The eight BLADE groups are the divisions, but you've also got classes which determine what weapons and arts you use in battle. You start off as a drifter, and then you get to develop different ones as you go along. Check your party menu and you'll find it.
12/11/15, 08:04

I'm top row. Can't remember the name, but I just advanced to the final one last night. Looks like a Metroid S!
12/11/15, 08:48
Currently running the Commando subclass, Partisan Eagle. So far it's pretty fun. Also registered as an Outfitter, so I'm expanding my available gear as quickly as possible. Speaking of Divisions...... Prospectors... are kicking all the other divisions' asses... combined I think. Every day so far they are far ahead of the rest, with Outfitters a very distant second. Madness.... madness.
12/11/15, 13:14
Everyone make sure you put this in your Game Database! Show it as being played. Right now it still shows Mario Kart 8 as most played and I HIGHLY doubt that. This game is Most Wanted! Change it up!
12/11/15, 13:42
Played a few more hours last night. I joined the division that is in charge of placing the probes. I like filling in the map and making things connected. I also went to the "big board" of side quests and accepted them all, haha.
12/11/15, 15:38

This for me as well. I am now a Pathfinder, and I LOVE ME SOME FINDING PATHS! :D

My interest in this game went from "eh" to "woo" very quickly now that things are finally rolling along and I'm getting to explore. What a great world to poke around in. Also jumping feels great. Long jumping, even better. :)
12/11/15, 16:10

What are the main duties for Prospectors? Is that Probe Placement as Lou mentioned?

How about Outfitters? What is expected of you?
12/11/15, 16:43

Pathfinders place the probes. That's why I picked it. Prospectors gather ore and junk. A noble cause that appeals to my collector-heart, but I thought Pathfinding combined the exploration of Curators nicely as well.

I don't remember Outfitters' job.
12/11/15, 18:00
@Mr_Mustache@J.K. Riki Outfitters are connected to the arms companies or whatever they call them. I think their job is to help develop new tech by investing miranium and stuff like that.
12/11/15, 18:21

Ah. I haven't seen this "miranium" yet! Geez, I feel like such a newbie still. Clearly there's serious depth to this game!
12/11/15, 19:33
@r_hjort Hmm, does the division affect what classes you can choose from? I want a light-saber.

I picked Interceptor as my division.
12/11/15, 19:37
@J.K. Riki

Miranium is what you get for placing those probes. You can switch them out on the GamePad to either get more revenue or bigger Miranium benefits.
12/11/15, 19:38
No, I'm pretty sure that's a separate deal. Have you looked at the class tree? You should be able to tell which class lets you use the light-saber. I think it's one of the classes in the lower branch of the tree, 'cause I think I tried it and felt it wasn't quite for me at the time.
12/11/15, 19:42
Double post just because:

Go to Main Menu -- > Party -- > Classes.

Your initial class is Drifter. From there, take the Enforcer route (the lower of the three) and once you master that you can become a Blast Fencer and later a Galactic Knight, both of which let you use the Photon Saber.
12/11/15, 19:50   Edit:  12/11/15, 19:51
I wonder if that is smart as an Interceptor who gets all of these long range advances though?

12/11/15, 20:05
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