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Zero's ongoing list of bannable offenses.
I will add to the list as necessary.

1. Ripping on Metroid Prime's scanning.
2. Calling Henry Hatsworth (awesome game) "broken".
3. Thinking that the Beatles Rock Band is not milking the Rock Band name just because it is a Beatles game.
4. Using Kirby to suck me up and then walk off the edge while playing me in Smash Brothers.
5. Comparing Lost favorably to Metroid.
6. Confusing Ostro with Birdo.
7. Posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
8. Not posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
9. Claiming you are undefeated in Ice Hockey but actually you just hit the reset button any time you are about to lose.
10. Thinking just because Nintendo does something it is ok for you to do it.
11. Not knowing why you were banned.
12. Anything that isn't on the list yet, but will be someday. Ex post facto applies here.
13. Trying to get around not being able to predict what will happen by predicting you will be banned... or... wait, does that make sense?!
14. Thinking Family Guy is on par with or, god forbid, better than Futurama.
15. Liking Baby Bowser in anything that isn't Yoshi's Island.
16. Making bad banana puns. Unless you pull off 3 in one statement, in which case it is ok.
17. Downvoting Resident Evil 4 in the games ratings.
18. Skies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tales. Do not disagree.
19. Acting like The Beatles Rock Band isn't milking the franchise just because it is The Beatles who are the most supercalifragelisticexpialidocious band ever
20. Editing Zero's Beatles hatin' posts.
21. Passing Zero in XP.


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11/19/15, 07:33   Edit:  11/19/15, 07:32
OK, I will continue to listen and keep an open mind about them, but I'm not too hopeful.

Yellow Submarine? I Wanna Hold Your Hand? Really?
03/24/10, 00:51
Well, one of the Beatle's greatest strengths is how eclectic their music is. If you don't like those poppy songs, they've got plenty of other songs that might have you covered. I would start with Abbey Road. That's my favorite of theirs and one of my top 5 of all time. It has a couple silly songs but the rest might be more up your alley.
03/24/10, 00:58
House of the Rising Sun is a super-old standard, dude. The Animals have a great version, but they didn't write it.

Also, Paul McCartney is probably the best rock bass player of all time, and one of the most musically gifted individuals ever. That dude oozes melody, and it's fairly difficult to sing while playing bass like he does. Ringo is also a very tasteful, musical drummer, very influential. You picked the best musicians in the group! And like Jargon said, their harmonies are generally very complex and interesting.

And an amateur musician can play almost any popular song, but the songwriting and chord progressions and genre-hopping of The Beatles were very influential.

By the way, I wasn't saying that The Beatles were good because they were accepted by the mainstream. I was saying that that fact makes defending them kind of uninteresting and redundant.

Anyway, you don't have to listen to more Beatles if you don't want to, but I'd recommend Rubber Soul if you do. (*see icon)

Isn't it funny that we all recommended different albums?

I dunno. I've rarely been disappointed when I've listened to the influences of my favorite artists. (Except Dylan, maybe.)
03/24/10, 01:40   Edit:  03/24/10, 01:56
Paul McCartney is not even close to being the greatest rock bassist of all time. The only reason people even say that is because "he's a Beatle". Someone like John Entwistle could run circles around McCartney. Entwistle pretty much makes every rock bassist look silly, especially someone like McCartney. That's not counting all the other great rock (and non-rock) bassists out there. Geddy Lee has been singing and playing bass for Rush for close to 40 years now. And he plays keyboards and bass pedals as well for Rush. Sting sang and played bass for quite awhile as well. So that pretty much means nothing.

As for RIngo, I'm a drummer myself and I try and keep up with what is going on in the world of drumming. He's a mediocre drummer at best. I could name so many drummers that are so much better than Ringo, it's not even funny. And isn't there a quote by Lennon when the Beatles were still together saying that Ringo wasn't even the best drummer in the band? LOL....not surprising. I've also heard McCartney would have to sometimes go and overdub Ringo's drum tracks with his own drumming. He doesn't suck, he's a functional drummer, he knows his way around the instrument, but he's far from great. If you want to see and hear what great drumming really is, I could post some YouTube videos of drummers past and present that would blow your mind.

Yeah, I know the Animals didn't write House of the Rising Sun. It's the best version of the song though, and their version of it is better than any Beatles song I've heard IMO.
03/24/10, 11:28   Edit:  03/24/10, 11:49
Paul McCartney is a better bass player than all of the people you listed. He's not technically showy, but his improvisation and sense of melody are unparalleled. The sound is kind of shitty in this video, but:

It also makes a pretty good case for Ringo, with a Keith Moon-esque turn.

Once again, I'm not talking about technical precision or speed or anything like that. That kind of stuff rarely works in the service of a song, anyway.
03/24/10, 17:11   Edit:  03/24/10, 17:16

I'd try and help you correct that link but I really wouldn't know where to begin.
03/24/10, 17:47
Zero said:
18. Skies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tales. Do not disagree.

Thats me banned then. Are you going to spank me with the ban stick Zero?
03/24/10, 18:47   Edit:  03/24/10, 18:48

Paul is definitely a very good bassist, especially on their early songs he really holds the band together, plus just like your boy Geddy Lee he sings, sings harmonies, and plays tons of other instruments, not to mention he's one of the most influential songwriters ever.

That said...


Saying Ringo is one of the two best musicians in the group is absurd and even he would deny that. He's a good enough drummer and to me his best quality is that he clearly was happy just doing his thing and didn't want to "make his presence felt" in every song like a Keith Moon or John Bonham (even though I love those guys, they led to way too much overdrumming in rock).

I'll take John/George over Paul/Ringo any day, by the way.
03/24/10, 19:18
@Cube191 I don't know what you are implying there sir... but it's probably a bannable offense.
03/24/10, 19:29
Ok, then im banned, but im not going to say why.
03/24/10, 20:40
Yeah, it was pretty hard to clean up. It worked, so I just left it.

John is probably my favorite Beatle, but I think Paul is a much better instrumentalist. I like John's playing, but it's a bit crude and sloppy. George really evolved into an interesting player towards the end and in his solo career (love his slide style), but his early solos are pretty rough, man. Kind of rough, and kind of Carl Perkins ripoffs.

I really like Ringo. Like you said, I think he played for the song. Always in the pocket, and his fills and patterns are super-tasteful. Stuff like Ticket to Ride is pretty classic, and he acquits himself well in the harder stuff, too (Helter Skelter, Tomorrow Never Knows, ...). Remember, Ringo was added later because the other Beatles were impressed by his drumming (and because Pete Best kind of stank). A lot of drummers actually cite him as a big influence.

I love Keith Moon and John Bonham. Keith's playing was crazy, but in a way that benefited the songs and propelled them (unlike always-out-of-the-pocket Ginger Baker). I didn't think Bonham was very ostentatious or showy. His sound was just HUGE. Stuart Copeland had a cool style, too. I always like Jim Keltner, and Fred Maher's playing on Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend album was brilliant, in a Ringo-ish way. Who else, who else...
03/24/10, 22:11
I'm a big Dave Grohl fan (as a drummer, not as lead man of the "competent rock" group Foo Fighters). Chad Channing Nirvana just doesn't have the same bite.
03/24/10, 22:23   Edit:  03/24/10, 22:24
Yeah, Grohl's a good drummer.

Drummers that I dislike: Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchell, Bill Ward, Lars Ulrich (the last two, mostly for their drum sound).
03/25/10, 02:42
No, that video you posted doesn't make much of a case for Ringo. Average drumming for a pretty bland song IMO. The bass was pretty good though. Just so you know though, technical precision is a big part of what being a great musician is all about. Beatles fans constantly give these guys a pass for being average musicians because they're fans. Your claim that McCartney is better than Entwistle is very, VERY misguided and I'm going to prove it to you. Entwistle is widely regarded within the rock bass community as arguably the greatest to ever pick up the instrument. Here is a small reason why:

And for good measure, I'm going to post a video of Cliff Burton (Metallica's original bass player) who IMO is a very respectable 2nd to Entwistle:

And for the cherry on the sunday, here is video of Victor Wooten. This guy is not a rock bass player, but he's one of the best in the world, and this video is one of the most impressive things I've seen from any musician:

So yeah, McCartney falls pretty short as a bass player IMO. He's may be a great songwriter, as was Lennon. But being a great songwriter and excelling at your indivudual instrument are two very different things. Don't get me started on Ringo though. He's average AT BEST.
03/25/10, 15:14
Bass solos, eh? I guess you and I have different tastes. I'm not much for instrumental wankery. And a lot of that seemed like wannabe guitar. I did enjoy some of the Cliff Burton solos, but I generally think the bass and drums should support and propel the song. Which Paul McCartney does very well.

But, yeah. We're not going to agree on anything, because we look for very different things in music.

(I liked that Wooten video, but it doesn't have much to do with the discussion.)
03/25/10, 16:52
If you call those videos "instrumental wankery" (lol), yeah we're definitely not going to agree. In fact, I don't think anyone who actually plays bass and who appreciates true excellence on the instrument would agree with you either. If you don't like bass solos, go listen to Metallica's Master of Puppets album or Rush's Moving Pictures album or just about any album from The Who. It kind of sounds to me like you're in a little bit of denial about this. There's tons of evidence to support what I'm saying.
03/26/10, 01:00
It's not about evidence. I prefer soulful, melodic Motown-style bass that works in the service of a song and creates a massive, rubbery groove. I have all the albums you mentioned. (I don't hate those bands. I just prefer other bassists.)

I also play bass. And I'd rather play like James Jamerson and Paul McCartney than Geddy Lee and John Entwistle.

As far as the wankery comment... I mean, they were four-minute bass solos. I enjoy the odd bass solo in concert, but doesn't that sort of define 70's-esque wankery?
03/26/10, 04:22

I'm not criticizing your taste or preference in music, I'm criticizing your claim that McCartney is the greatest rock bassist ever or that Ringo is anything but an average at best drummer. McCartney is not and I posted those videos to kind of show what real amazing bass players are capable of. And no, I don't think a good bass or drum solo (provided that it really is good and worth listening to) constitutes wankery. Metallica has had bass solos in their concerts since forever through all three of their bass players. Neil Peart from Rush has been doing drum solos at Rush concerts for even longer. If you have someone in your band who can pull off a good solo like that, why not?
03/26/10, 06:39

Personally, I think bass and drum solos are boring, and I say that as someone who can play both instruments (although I'm much more experienced as a drummer than a bassist). And lots of people agree with me. Sure, they're showing off their skills with the instruments, but they're just not nearly as appealing as other types of solos, for pretty obvious musical reasons.
03/26/10, 06:43

I would question then what kind of solos you've been listening to. Go watch that Victor Wooten video I posted and honestly tell me that's boring. Cuz I can tell you that many, many people love a well done solo like that. That Wooten video has over 1,100,000 hits on YouTube. Neil Peart is probably the most celebrated drummer in the history of rock and arguably the most influential drummer to come along since Buddy Rich. A significant part of that is because of his amazing solos at Rush concerts. His solos are usually one of the big highlights of the show. Cliff Burton's bass playing defined Metallica's sound. It's no coincidence that Metallica slowly started to veer away from that sound after he died.
03/26/10, 07:02   Edit:  03/26/10, 07:04
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