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Zero's ongoing list of bannable offenses.
I will add to the list as necessary.

1. Ripping on Metroid Prime's scanning.
2. Calling Henry Hatsworth (awesome game) "broken".
3. Thinking that the Beatles Rock Band is not milking the Rock Band name just because it is a Beatles game.
4. Using Kirby to suck me up and then walk off the edge while playing me in Smash Brothers.
5. Comparing Lost favorably to Metroid.
6. Confusing Ostro with Birdo.
7. Posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
8. Not posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
9. Claiming you are undefeated in Ice Hockey but actually you just hit the reset button any time you are about to lose.
10. Thinking just because Nintendo does something it is ok for you to do it.
11. Not knowing why you were banned.
12. Anything that isn't on the list yet, but will be someday. Ex post facto applies here.
13. Trying to get around not being able to predict what will happen by predicting you will be banned... or... wait, does that make sense?!
14. Thinking Family Guy is on par with or, god forbid, better than Futurama.
15. Liking Baby Bowser in anything that isn't Yoshi's Island.
16. Making bad banana puns. Unless you pull off 3 in one statement, in which case it is ok.
17. Downvoting Resident Evil 4 in the games ratings.
18. Skies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tales. Do not disagree.
19. Acting like The Beatles Rock Band isn't milking the franchise just because it is The Beatles who are the most supercalifragelisticexpialidocious band ever
20. Editing Zero's Beatles hatin' posts.
21. Passing Zero in XP.


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11/19/15, 07:33   Edit:  11/19/15, 07:32

Thread derailed.
02/24/10, 06:16
Zero said:
I can get into King of the Hill, but it seems like such a DIFFERENT type of cartoon. Whereas the others are just straight up Simpsons clones. Well, Futurama is. Family Guy clones the Simpsons, takes out all of the depth, and adds in a bunch of pointless chaos. And American Dad is just a less funny Family Guy, which wasn't even that funny to begin with.


But I actually agree with JKR about KOTH. I don't even dislike the show but I just don't see the humour in it. Not even sure if it's supposed to be really funny either. It seems like a decently entertaining show (I've watched several episodes over the years and always thought it was an ok show) but I just don't find it funny.
02/24/10, 08:57
The Simpsons used to be so much more than it is now, though... I watched a new episode last week for the first time in... like 10 years, and it was dreadful.

Pull the fucking plug on this corpse.
02/24/10, 09:09
For #14, I will always leave open the option of adopting you as my son and putting you in my will!

02/24/10, 14:24
anandxxx said:

Like Shakespeare, The Simpsons, at its best, is a show for both highbrow and lowbrow comedy fans. King of the Hill is only for highbrow comedy fans. (And Family Guy is only for lowbrow comedy fans.)

Well I never found any Shakespeare at all funny either, so I guess I'm not highbrow enough for that stuff. Again, it's entertaining (Shakespeare and KotH) but just not comedy to me.

I think Family Guy has its moments, but for the most part it's a show that would have done very, very well to cram all its jokes into one (MAYBE two) seasons and be done. It doesn't have enough to keep going, because of the randomness it relies on. American Dad was one of the worst things I've ever watched in my life.
02/24/10, 17:45   Edit:  02/24/10, 17:46
Hinph said:
The Simpsons used to be so much more than it is now, though... I watched a new episode last week for the first time in... like 10 years, and it was dreadful.

Pull the fucking plug on this corpse.

Now that is QFT! Homer has turned into a slapstick idiot when he started out as just a dumb everyman. It was so much better when he wanted porkchop night and dreaded when Marge's sisters came over. They come up with the craziest stuff for the family to get into now. The first ten years where good, but it has been all down hill now...
02/24/10, 18:22
Hey, Gomer Pyle impersonations are timeless, right?

You know, 'highbrow' probably wasn't the best word to use. Subtle is probably better, but it doesn't fully explain what I mean.

I'm not saying that people who don't like King of the Hill aren't discerning comedy fans. I'm saying that only discerning (character-driven) comedy fans could like King of the Hill.

Anyway, I don't really like Shakespeare that much (except for some of the comedies, I guess). That's just what people always say about him. That he used to include ribald gags for the unwashed masses in the cheap seats and clever puns for the nobles at the front of the theater.

There is Rome, and room enough!!

As far as King of the Hill, I would suggest the school dance/gout episode or the "that's my purse!" episode (out of context, but it's after Bobby accidentally takes a women's self-defense course in response to bullying) of King of the Hill. If you don't find those funny, then you probably won't find the show funny. (That latter example might seem to go against what I said earlier, but that stupid-seeming premise leads to a lot of character-driven humor in the actual episode.)
02/24/10, 18:23   Edit:  02/24/10, 18:31
I laughed pretty hard when Bobby was on ritalin and he said, "There's some milk in the fridge that's about to go bad....and there it goes." Also, I like Dale's "Pocket sand" and "Squirrel Tactics". Maybe that makes me part of the unwashed masses, lol.
02/24/10, 18:46

Funny you should mention the "That's my purse" episode. I saw only parts of it when it aired, and I found it very entertaining because of the ending. That's why I don't hate the show, it's got good story telling ability. I just don't relate with the characters and style, I guess.
02/24/10, 18:56
Well, the character designs are pretty hideous. I think that might be intentional, though.

But the characters themselves really resonate with me. They remind me of quite a few people I know. Especially Peggy.
02/24/10, 19:15
And then I banned you all for dissin' my damn Family Guy. :|
02/25/10, 01:27
02/25/10, 02:20
02/25/10, 02:39
New one added. And you best respect.
03/05/10, 22:35
JKR, if you can, check out A-Firefighting We Will Go from season 3 of KOTH. I dare you not to laugh at it. I find this episode is a great one for getting people hooked on KotH--the show's a lot funnier when people have a good grasp of the cast, since it's almost all character-driven humor.
03/05/10, 23:58
Good news everyone! (end Futurama ref)

Yesterday I sat my butt down and watched two King of the Hill episodes on Adult Swim. I cleared my mind of preconceived notions and told myself that I would ignore the art style I don't like and the animation that's honestly sub-par. And it worked! I am now a fan. The two episodes were where Bobby had his 13th birthday and also where he got a summer job being a golf caddy. Great stuff, and I might not have laughed out loud but I was grinning like an idiot a bunch of times. I can certainly see the appeal now, and I can't wait to go watch more. Maybe it's kind of like Monster Hunter where you need to go into it without expecting a hack and slash game (except in this case not expecting another version of the Simpsons).

03/06/10, 00:23

Actually, it's too late. The show has already been canceled. I think it outlasted everyone's expectations, though.

That reminds me. I have to go rent Extract.
03/06/10, 02:35
Great to hear it! A couple of solid S5 episodes. Joseph planting a wet one on Minh (Kahn Jr's mom) always gets me.
03/06/10, 22:32
New one added for Anand.
03/11/10, 04:08
I feel like each forum goes through the same stupid arguments over and over again, one most definitely being concerned with The Beatles.
03/11/10, 04:10
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