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New Nintendo 3DS: Would you change your New XL 3DS for the regular sized one coming out soon? [poll]
Yes  (2/20 votes)
No  (16/20 votes)
Unsure  (2/20 votes)
I'll wait for the black one  (0/20 votes)
I would like to try it out first. I really like the size of the buttons and D-Pad on the XL and I would love to keep that. However, the XL is a very large portable and it's bulky in my pants. Plus, I really like the cover plates on the small version.

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09/08/15, 23:27  
Yes, I like the feel of the smaller one much better, I also like how portable it is, how much sharper the screens are, how much louder the speakers are, how much lighter it is, and how the controls feel.
09/08/15, 23:31   
Nope. Having just bought the NEW 3DS XL (finally, I have a 3DS) I am quite fine with it.

sirmastersephiroth said:
it's bulky in my pants

09/08/15, 23:42   
In a heartbeat.
09/08/15, 23:44   
I put not sure because it depends on two things: I need to see it in person and compare it to my n3DS XL and it also depends on how much life is left in the 3DS. I think the XL is built in a fantastic way. It feels great in my hands and it just looks great running games; however, it is a tad bit big. The regular 3DS is definitely too small for me. I want to try one of these out to see if the size is the sweet spot for me. On to point number two: 3DS just feels like a system that is on its way out the door. I would feel very foolish spending another big chunk of change when there is a looming new hardware announcement next year.
09/08/15, 23:46   
Never!! Bigger is better!
09/08/15, 23:48   
Having had access to the smaller model since last year, I can safely say 'No'.

That being said, I was always in favour of the smaller model for transportation purposes, I figured the XL would be too bulky. But only the XL released in that awesome metallic blue colour, so I took a punt on the larger one. It still fits in my pocket ok, and is lovely.

Would not go back.
09/09/15, 01:33   
The issue for me is really the D-pad. After using the bigger XL D-Pad, I don't know if I could go back to the smaller D-pad. However, I have not heard anywhere whether there is a size difference between D-pads.
09/09/15, 14:22   
The d-pads seem to be the same size, at least very close.
09/09/15, 19:49   

That's like an awesome yin-yang art piece right there. =)
09/09/15, 20:07   

Makes sense they'd be the same size. Why waste money producing different sized D-Pads? Universal Plug and Play is the wave of the future!! One size fits all! No Child Left Behind! Race to the Top!
09/09/15, 20:27   
Livin' large and in charge.
09/09/15, 21:15   
I use a man bag to transport my stuff so I can easily transport the XL.Hell I even bring a couple of games (Usually Smash Bros. and Pokemon) in there original cases with me.
09/13/15, 15:11   
@deathly_hallows these do look to be the same size. Now, bring the black version and I'm sold!
09/13/15, 19:42   
Personally, I'd think of that as a downgrade. I prefer the XL line. I prefer bigger screens on a smartphone too. People always made fun of me for my "huge" phone up until Apple started making bigger iPhone screens. Pft.
09/13/15, 20:46   
I think the poll results make it clear that we need to change the name of this site to "NegativeWorldXL."
09/13/15, 20:50   
Well, it seems I was sold on the white version. Who would have thought.
09/29/15, 07:16   
Never. Bigger is always better, at least thats what she said.

Seriously, I really don't understand prefering the smaller 3ds over the XL. Yes, I've read the reasons why some think the smaller 3ds is better, but in a few of those areas, those reasons really don't seem legit.

First, the XL is too big. Yes, the XL is bigger, but overall, not that much bigger. I keep my XL in my front pocket while working, I even keep it in the little blue cloth pouch from Club Nintendo and I didn't notice the XL being any less comfortable than the regular model.

Second, the XL's screens are so big that the image is all blown up and it looks all blurry, pixelly, ect. A while back when I owned both the regular and the XL(I still owned the regular 3ds cause I had not sold it yet), I was at my mom's and some kids that she watched owned 3dses and had their games with them. I compared SM3DL, LM and one other game that is escaping me right now, side by side on both units. I'm being 100% honest, I saw no difference in the quality between the units. If anything, I could notice that the jaggies were a bit more pronounced on the XL, but that doesn't mean jaggies didn't show up on the reg. 3ds. Same jaggies, just smaller. Without saying anything, I asked my mom and a couple of the parents that were there at the time to check out both units and tell me which screens look the best. Other than the size difference, they all thought they looked exactly the same. Afterwards, I told them some think the XL's visuals are blurrier, ect, ect. They checked out the games again, same verdict.

I'm not trying to change anyones mind. If you prefer the smaller 3ds, thats all that matters. Yes, I guess someone who has a small body frame might find the XL too big in their pockets, esp if they wear jeans, ect that are not loose fitting. I really feel the picture quality on the XL being way too blurry, ect., is all in your heads. I didn't want to state it that way, but I couldn't think of the word I was looking for. I feel that those who believe the picture quality on the XL to be inferior, are seeing something different, or at least truly thinking that they are, but I'm not buying it. Other than the jaggies being a bit more pronounced, I see no difference. I stand by that 100% so much, that I bet my life and my loved ones life on it. I have perfect 20/20 vision, so its not like I have bad eyesight.
09/29/15, 08:29   
@gamewizard65 Before I traded my XL in, I ran a few test and yes, everything looked less crisp on the Xl and sometimes blurry. Everything looks sharp as hell on my New 3DS. I love it so much. And it's soooo comfortable in my hands. When I wore it today to work, I could hardly feel it in my pants. I had to touch it a few times to make sure it was still there. It just feels so much better.
09/29/15, 08:37   
sirmastersephiroth said:
I could hardly feel it in my pants. I had to touch it a few times to make sure it was still there. It just feels so much better.

Man this is an interesting sentence to take out of context .
09/29/15, 10:19   
Shadowlink said:
sirmastersephiroth said:
I could hardly feel it in my pants. I had to touch it a few times to make sure it was still there. It just feels so much better.

Man this is an interesting sentence to take out of context .

Size DOES matter! Apparently smaller is better.
09/30/15, 01:32   
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