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Star Fox Zero Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Star Fox Zero on the Wii U
7.54/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Star Fox Zero on the Wii U!

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Star Fox Zero is out! And apparently we had a thread about it for like a year now!

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06/18/15, 13:08    Edited: 04/23/16, 05:58
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I'm actually more interested in Star Fox Guard than Star Fox Zero. Is that weird?

Oh, hey, Guard isn't in the database. I'll go take care of that.
04/25/16, 21:10   
Online co-op and/or multiplayer would be awesome for this series. Imagine! Teamplay, objectives, races through rings, deathmatch, etc!

Star Fox NX should do it, it'd be perfect.
04/25/16, 23:02   
Bought this over the weekend, but only had a chance to play for an hour or so.
It was both fun and frustrating, the controls have been a struggle for me - the walker in particular.
I have faith I'll get better, and get more consistent enjoyment out of the game.
04/25/16, 23:41   
Tip I just learned: on-target mode (holding down ZL) is invaluable in the walker against bosses. It enables easier strafing.

It's basically Z-targeting.
04/25/16, 23:50   
Haha I remember making this by mistake and trying to get rid of it unsuccessfully. My baddddd.
04/26/16, 00:06   
I must be a weird one in the bunch but wow, I really love the control setup for this game. Is it ideal? Maybe not for some people, I can understand that. But it just gives a strange sense of satisfaction how it all works together I think and really makes some missions feel so exciting to play.
04/26/16, 04:08   
What the...

04/26/16, 04:53   
Oh my God, in the special stage accessed through Titania, have you guys tried doing barrel rolls? It's fucking hilarious.
04/26/16, 06:54   
VofEscaflowne said:
I must be a weird one in the bunch but wow, I really love the control setup for this game. Is it ideal? Maybe not for some people, I can understand that. But it just gives a strange sense of satisfaction how it all works together I think and really makes some missions feel so exciting to play.

Exactly this. That part at the end of the training when you fly off to the Great Fox? It's beautiful! Just, the FEEL of that ship is amazing! I absolutely adore the greatly extended boost AND break options! And turning sideways to turn quicker? Feels amazing.

The feel of these controls is just great. I was feeling it by the end of the training (though obviously I wasn't perfect)! Shame some people take hours to "get it". I think I mentally understood going in that the controls were gonna be a certain way.

ps. Press X to U Turn. Just...press X...
04/26/16, 07:20   
I was chuckling through the whole thing.
Also, during the cutscene after Peppy beats the boss, he gets one last Barrel roll in.
04/26/16, 11:13   

That was surprisingly well made with some nice bits of humor thrown in. I hope there are more episodes coming!
04/26/16, 13:27   
Yeah I dunno, not feeling it. I can play the game, sloppily, flying into stuff, not effectively dodging projectiles, but I can't play elegantly, the way I'd like to play. If I ignore the bottom screen I can play much better, but I feel like I'm missing out on the intended experience. The game seems to recognize that players won't be able to dodge fire etc. effectively while not looking at the TV because the health bar is very generous. Maybe I should stop trying to play this as well as I can play 64 or Assault and just embrace the sloppiness. Something about it rubs me the wrong way though.

The guy at Game Explain said it took him many hours and many play-throughs to perfect the controls, maybe that's part of the problem, I'm so busy with work I don't have many hours, I have like a single hour, and when I sit down I want to have fun not struggle. Maybe this weekend if I can devote an entire day to committing the controls to muscle-memory I'll be able to get over the hump and reach that moment of zen everyone keeps talking about when you become one with Fox.

EDIT: Jim Sterling really laid into this game, he called it a "toilet fire" lol, someone is even more impatient than me!
04/26/16, 16:27   
Edited: 04/26/16, 16:33
Played for about an hour, through the first four stages (just finished the Gyrowing mission at Zoness). Underwhelmed so far, but it sounds like I'm just scratching the surface.

I kinda agree with @deathly_hallows and wish I could switch to SF64-style controls for the Arwing, but the game is easy enough so far that I can be kind of awkward and still do fine.

@Zero That was...weird. And weirdly hilarious.
04/26/16, 16:38   
Edited: 04/26/16, 16:55
I really wish there was a way to turn up the music volume in this game. As Peppy would say: "It's Quiet. Too Quiet."


I actually did feel a little wound up after playing Star Fox Zero for a few hours. I played Fire Emblem Fates afterwards and the change in pace felt weird!


I agree for the most part. The Arwing is so much fun to control, but I think those smooth controls don't translate as well to the walker. I'm still trying to get used to it, but it feels clumsy to me.
04/26/16, 22:54   

I'm actually loving the walker. Also Gui pointed it out on Twitter but if you hold down ZL, you can strafe while using it. Helpful to give it extra mobility.
04/26/16, 23:16   
Is there supposed to beat any sort of hint at all as to how to get some of the medals? I'm missing one in the normal path in the first stage but I have no clue how to get it.

Also what's the generally best way to play? I see that you can get bonus hits for charged shots according to the manual but I struggled to hit the 300 hit requirement for the medal in that stage. Then I see someone who got over 400? Regardless, it's a fun game to replay. Just beat it the other night and really had a blast with it.
04/28/16, 18:44   

I think I know which one you're missing and my recommendation is: look it up. IGN's guide is pretty good.

I have NO idea how anyone found the medal in the first spiderbox. The thing's EMPTY until you actually go inside it, and there's no reason to!

So yeah, because of that medal specifically, I don't feel too bad checking a guide.

As far as high scores go, this video helped/inspired me. It shows that you get more hits when you don't even let the charge shot lock on. It also shows that it's possible to let almost no enemy escape you. Of course, learning the level is 90% of the battle.

04/28/16, 19:54   

Ohh, I didn't realize you could shoot ships after they were about to blow up. I saw that in the manual but didn't quite understand what it meant.

Also you mentioned getting upgrades after beating the game. Am I missing something? I never got anything.

EDIT: Also found the last medal in the first stage before checking out your spoiler. I knew there had to be something there
04/28/16, 19:57   
Edited: 04/28/16, 20:10

I've replayed the first mission numerous times and I didn't find that hidden medal. I haven't been able to get 300 hits, either. It's such a fun stage to blast through, though.

By the way, I tried that strafing technique with the walker. It helps!
04/28/16, 20:11   
Edited: 04/28/16, 20:19


I actually read where it was, looked inside the containers, saw they were empty and thought there was a mistake somewhere.

You're weird for finding it on your own.
04/28/16, 20:12   
Edited: 04/28/16, 20:43
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