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Yoshi's Woolly World Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Yoshi's Woolly World on the Wii U
8.92/10 from 13 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Yoshi's Woolly World on the Wii U!

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This game is coming out very soon, and it looks gorgeous. Nintendo UK released a new trailer that sold me on it.

Plus cute amiibo functionality. Can't forget that.

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06/12/15, 18:04    Edited: 06/12/15, 18:05
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So cute! Day 1!!!!

The Amiibo thing scares me though, will they decide to make the yarn Yoshi's scarce? That will REALLY annoy me. Hopefully they make plenty so everyone can get them.
06/12/15, 18:17   
Edited: 06/12/15, 18:18
This looks excellent, pre ordered since last E3.
06/12/15, 18:20   
Looking Yoshi's Island-worthy, preordered mine too. (just the game)
06/12/15, 18:58   
This is the Yoshi game I've been waiting for...
06/12/15, 20:00   
I also have a copy pre-ordered. I really haven't been excited for a Yoshi game in a while, but Yoshi's Woolly World looks wildly fun and creative.
06/12/15, 20:06   
I like when they showed the Inkling amiibo costume they used a part of the game that made it look like Yoshi was "inking" in a windmill propeller.

This game looks really, really polished. Can't wait!
06/12/15, 20:49   
Good-Feel did an outstanding job with Kirby's Epic Yarn, IMO, and this looks even better. Epic Yarn meets Yoshi's Island. Definitely a must-have game for me, but I'm not sure I can afford it at launch.
06/12/15, 20:57   
06/12/15, 22:22   
I can't believe I haven't pre-ordered this yet. So 1-click at Amazon and BAM.
06/13/15, 01:11   
I've always felt that Kirby's Epic Yarn would have worked better as a Yoshi game, so it's interesting how they've made this. I hope the co-op is as good.
06/13/15, 22:17   
Alright, I think I'm going to have to preorder this now. Who cares if I can pay food and other trivial stuff, right?

I don't know who the composer is, but from what Tezuka is telling us, he's gone to great lengths in order to do the game justice, just like the rest of the team. They learned how to knit, and he learned how to play the guitar to better be able to write the soundtrack, and not only that but he also set out to write different songs for all the stages! The discussion about this starts at about 20 minutes in, and you can hear one of the songs in the background.

EDIT: Here! Just listen to that slide guitar and piano!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty it hurts!!!! I need a soundtrack rip right now!!
06/21/15, 12:42   
Edited: 06/21/15, 12:56
I'm on media black-out for this game, I've known since day one I'm going to buy it so I don't want a single stitch to be spoiled!
06/21/15, 16:13   
It's going to be a loooong summer for you if I get my hands on this next week and it's as good as it looks. I might not be able to shut up about it.

Seriously though, what is with the long wait for the US audience?
06/21/15, 18:05   
I hate you right now.

Yeah that game looks unbelievable. I'm mega hyped for it. It seems part Yoshi's Story (which I do love, just needed a slightly different vision), part Yoshi's Island, part Super Mario Bros. It looks SO damn good. After the Direct and I was so delflated, I had little interest to watch 2015's Treehouse stuff. Then after I got over that and paid attention to the GAMES at E3 and what we'll be playing this year on Wii U, the smoke settled and I started watching all the vids. Shit looks amazing. Even after seeing a lot of YWW I thought I'd been jaded. But somehow, seeing the first Treehouse footage perked me the fuck up and I thought instantly "wow, the fuck?".

Can't wait to have it in my hands.
06/21/15, 23:39   

Fills a gap probably.
06/22/15, 00:03   
"Right now"? Isn't that a constant thing?

Yeah, it's hard to get enough of this game's footage. The game seems to have come a long way since I saw it last, and even then it seemed great. I love that about Nintendo; Even though things may change during the course of development, it's practically always a matter of improvements. I never have to fear they'll show off something and then downgrade it as they go.

I'm glad Tezuka gets more time in the spotlight thanks to games like this as well. I love Miyamoto's work and respect the man's genius immensely, but it seems Tezuka's role in everything is constantly downplayed in favour of Miyamoto's, and that sucks. More recognition for Ten Ten!

Yeah, I guess, but how different are our respective release schedules anyway? Oh well, I guess I'd better just be thankful and shut up about it, or maybe Nintendo will hear me and delay Project Zero a few months or something.
06/22/15, 00:20   
Edited: 06/22/15, 00:21
I really hope that it will finally be up to the quality level of Yoshi's Island. It has been under development quite a long time for a platformer.
06/22/15, 00:34   
That's quite a lot to live up to, but I think it will sweeeet. According to Tezuka in the Treehouse video, a third of the levels were designed by Nintendo's own level designers (the Super Mario team, I think?), so there is potential for greatness here.
06/22/15, 00:41   
Edited: 06/22/15, 00:41
I actually didn't own Yoshi's Island. I rented it several times. I remember really liking it but NOT how people on the internets seem to. I definitely didn't get it like others did. I haven't even played it basically since it came out either. I'd love a damn VC release for that one.

I never fully understood why it was put on such a pedestal. Maybe that's good for me.
06/22/15, 01:04   
You can get the GBA version on the virtual console. It's not quite as good as the original but it has some extra levels.
06/22/15, 03:24   
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