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Super Mario Maker Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.1/10 from 22 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Maker on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Super Mario Maker is a new title from Nintendo where, for the first time ever, you will be able to create your own levels on your own console. The game released on September 11th, 2015.

Through Nintendo Directs, Nintendo Treehouse videos, and the Super Mario Maker website, there's quite a bit of information out now which is really showcasing how deep the creation tools are.

Four Main Themes To Choose From!
Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U

What's really incredible is the slew of classic objects found inside. When an item wasn't part of a previous or later game theme, Nintendo has taken the time to make new sprites to allow you to always be able to switch on the fly from theme to theme. Some classic objects include, Goombas, Monty Moles, Invisible Blocks, Flagpoles, and so much more!

The man who was alongside Miyamoto all these years with the Super Mario series, Takashi Tezuka, is the producer of this game. Koji Kondo, acclaimed Nintendo-music composer, is again the lead composer of this game. I can't imagine we'll see much, if any, new music but it's great that any new renditions of classic themes will be handled by the father of it all.

I am looking to collect data on Negative World's levels we create so if you post a level in the thread, I would sincerely and greatly appreciate if you filled out this brief survey about it so the submissions will be collected and we can ensure that your levels are played for a long time to come as part of the Negative World collection. To view the levels, simply click on the link above the survey.

Negative World's Super Mario Maker Levels List
(Be sure to add your own levels via the form below!)

Thank you for participating and have fun playing Super Mario Maker!

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Posted: 05/20/15, 01:41:20  - Edited by 
 on: 09/12/15, 05:06:14
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I really love this game. Along with Splatoon, I consider it to be the defining game of the console. Super Mario Maker and Splatoon have really justified the Wii U's existence for me.
Posted: 09/14/15, 08:17:09
Yet even more NW stages to try out! I'll hop on 'em tomorrow.

As for my stage, I created something relatively simple called "Stairway to Skyworld." I decided to tone down the difficulty, but attempted to make it seem like there's upward progression. Lots of masking withing the stages! It was a fun one to design if for that challenge alone.


Agreed wholeheartedly!
Posted: 09/14/15, 09:11:26  - Edited by 
 on: 09/14/15, 09:12:01

I feel like it's the kind of killer app that could have proved the worth of the Gamepad and really helped make the Wii U a bigger success if only it had been released a couple years earlier.

I know I've said this before, but I think Nintendo should release all their future hardware with Super Mario Maker preinstalled as a core feature. It would be a selling point. They could monetize it by selling item/enemy sets, themes, music, etc. to build with... make a mobile version of the level creator that can be used on phones and tablets and you can test it on the system either through Bluetooth or a quick internet upload. Am I brilliant? I'm brilliant.
Posted: 09/14/15, 10:00:02
Well, my hands hurt again. I gotta make it a rule to stay away from a) NSMB style levels b) that are underwater c) with spikey things that ENVELOPE the start screen. Thats two of the last three nights where I was just cursing everything. Sad times. And one of our own, how could youuuuu..

Not sure if its been addressed, and I don't want to go back and look on here because I'm SLEEPY, but Ploot's pre-Redux Tomb stage is no longer available, and NoName's level has either been deleted, or copied down wrong. Both of those should be removed from the spreadsheet dealio, as they will get you nowhere.

I've played and at least Star'd everything up through 9/12. And even though I was supposed to get more elements today, I had nothin'. Same old crap. I guess I should make something else, but I've already squoze all the blood from a stone I can.

NoName said:

I deleted mine, so if it can be removed from the list (sorry) so as avoid anyone potentiality waiting his/her time trying to access it, that would be great.

Yeah, what the heck, dude? Why? My body was readyyyyy.
Posted: 09/14/15, 11:23:57  - Edited by 
 on: 09/14/15, 11:26:49
Hey, I just played 100 Mario challenge on medium difficulty and the levels were surprisingly not bad! Think it just took awhile for Nintendo's algorithm to so what it's supposed to do, or did I just get lucky with some fun courses? Time will tell...
Posted: 09/14/15, 12:05:16

The "normal" course that sat at 15/16 of mine has STILL only been cleared by one other person, and I lost a good 150 lives on it, easy. Definitely 94 while in the constraints of the 100 Mario Challenge, and then an additional XX while trying to put it to bed. It was awful.

Haven't been back in the Challenges since!
Posted: 09/14/15, 12:07:28
So I need to delete Ploot's off, and NoName's.... I took care of MrsMustache's duplicate, and a redo for EponaEatsCarrots.

Is it just Ploot and NoName I need to correct?
Posted: 09/14/15, 13:15:06

Why not skip the level? I try not to do it on levels that are at least somewhat fun and seem like they are well done, but man... sometimes if I enter a stage and see a cluttered mess of nonsense, I skip right away. In fact, I get skip happy for a lot of reasons in that mode.

I called it a complete cesspool a couple days ago, but it seems to have improved a bit. Now it's more like a kitty litter box full of mostly poop but also various precious metals occasionally.

Sift through it, sir. Sift through it!
Posted: 09/14/15, 14:04:41

You played and didn't even beat mine Was it too hard?
Posted: 09/14/15, 15:14:05
Ha I noticed that Ploot and someone else here happened to give the first map I made on my bro's account a like. Did you know that was my stage, or is the world really that small? Glad you liked it!

I seriously just gave myself 2 hrs sleep for work. This game is stupid addictive and makes time fly by like crazy. Wow.
Posted: 09/14/15, 15:20:53
Hmm...I've been playing since Friday, but I've only unlocked a little bit more content and I got a message last night that more won't open up for me until tomorrow (underwater template). The game is fun, but unlocking things is a bit frustrating.
Posted: 09/14/15, 16:00:06
Edited my Green Thumb Lakitu level but already submitted it to the form... is it possible to just edit out the code to C996-0000-0036-C021?
Posted: 09/14/15, 16:32:58
New level! It required a lot of tweaking to get the Lakitu position just right so they don't trigger at the wrong times. Not an overly difficult stage, but can be challenging at times and requires a bit of exploration to reach the goal.

Star Fox Underground Adventures!
Posted: 09/14/15, 16:50:51

Spam spam spam. Ploot Tells all a few pages back. Use all ur new items once and just fill the grid with bricks or something. Soon a truck comes - then repeat
Posted: 09/14/15, 18:45:11
I was working at it when my in-laws came over. I forgot to go back! I'll beat that sucker today.

I got the info from here! Now I can play ALL of the levels on each account you have used. DUN DUN DUNNNN.

You can unlock everything in about a half hour, but I've said it a billion times in this quick-moving thread. I'll send you a PM to be sure you get the info!
Posted: 09/14/15, 18:45:26

I reuploaded it though so there's a new code which I posted above. Here it is again C996-0000-0036-C021

There was one thing I only really noticed after I uploaded and it kinda bugged me. Plus I made a few extra tweaks to guide the player in certain areas. I noticed in the final area, someone had died waaaaay off the intended path which kinda made me laugh. It should be easier now but still provide the same challenge and maybe a bit more excitement
Posted: 09/14/15, 18:51:04
I don't need your steeeeeeenking code! I follow you... Always....
Posted: 09/14/15, 18:59:27
Are we all following eachother? I figure that's an easy way to keep up with everyone's levels.

Once someone plays your stage just go to their user page and hit Follow. Made things easy for me and my bro. Though, it seemed like he couldn't access my new stage until I sent him the code??

Edit:@ Ploot
Ahhhhhhhhh, k k. Yeah, hit the follows people!
Posted: 09/14/15, 19:16:30  - Edited by 
 on: 09/14/15, 19:20:29

Again, my pride. I've beaten every level thats been put in front of me so far, no matter how dastardly.

NO, I'm not challenging you guys to make something un-clearable.

carlosrox said:
Are we all following eachother? I figure that's an easy way to keep up with everyone's levels.

I've become a List Snob. If you're not on The List, I probably didn't play it. So long as everyone keeps making things and putting them on the NW List, I'll get to it. And when I get to it, and its someone new, I follow them.

EDIT- ..and it appears you haven't uploaded a single thing? What the heck, mannnnn..
Posted: 09/14/15, 20:52:54  - Edited by 
 on: 09/14/15, 20:54:28

That's going to get rough, torturing yourself with some of these awful levels little kids make. Haha.

I know I am still missing some of you from my list, but I'm getting there! I spend too much time in the editor.
Posted: 09/14/15, 21:18:17
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