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New 3DS: How do you feel about the lack of a smaller New 3DS for the U.S.? [poll]
Disappointed  (11/38 votes)
Don't Care  (22/38 votes)
I'll wait to see if they announce it later on  (5/38 votes)
I'm pretty disappointed. I was super hyped for the New 3DS coming out here and already planning on what plates to buy. Now, I have to rethink what I'm going to do. I guess I'll buy the XL version but I was really hoping for the chance to buy the small one just like EVERYONE ELSE GOT.

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01/14/15, 21:25  
I was kind of torn between the n3DS and n3DS XL, but it looks like NoA has made that decision for me. Still disappointed though.
01/14/15, 21:28   
I was going to get the XL anyway, so it doesn't bother me. It sucks for people who really wanted it though.
01/14/15, 21:31   
I always prefer the smaller version of handhelds. So I'm disappointed.
01/14/15, 21:32   
I was caught in the middle of the two and was not sure which one to get. I am actually happy nintendo decided for me.
01/14/15, 21:33   
Don't care. Can't stand small controllers or handhelds.
01/14/15, 21:37   
I have an XL so I was actually considering getting a regular NEW 3DS at some point. If I'm going to have two systems then I'd want them to be different, plus the faceplates look nice. However, that wouldn't have been for a while when I could get one cheaper, so maybe the regular model will still come later.

I do think it's a strange decision though; has the XL really outsold the normal model that much here in the states? It doesn't come with an AC adapter either which is stupid, that'd make it tougher to sell my XL if I got a NEW one.
01/14/15, 22:03   
I doubt I'll ever upgrade from my launch 3DS, but if I were going to, I'd get an XL for sure. So I really don't mind not having the smaller one available.
01/14/15, 22:03   
I'm disappointed, I wanted the smaller version because it's more pocketable, and it has nice medium-sized screens, the original 3DS screens were too dinky, but the XL looks too lo-rez, the New 3DS seemed to split the difference and be basically perfect.

So yeah, super bummed.

Also: faceplates.

It's weird NA is suddenly being treated like a second class citizen, aren't we the biggest market? C'mon, 'Merica! We deserve the best of everything!
01/14/15, 22:06   
I've never owned a xl version of ds or 3ds. I like the smaller versions :( I'm just going to hold out for the smaller version.
01/14/15, 22:16   
Edited: 01/14/15, 22:22
01/14/15, 22:18   
Wait, the only one coming to NA is the XL? REALLY? This sucks. I like my portable gaming systems to actually be portable IE fit in my pocket. XL does not. Ug.
01/14/15, 22:30   
@Zero Get larger trousers.
01/14/15, 22:37   

The XL is pretty sweet. I rebelled against the larger one for ages but was lured by the sparkly blue of the New XL. I think even your monster hands can handle it.

Admit it. The Monster Hunter 4 version calls to you.
01/14/15, 22:44   
My pants are fine! Besides it wouldn't help unless the pockets were larger.

Every once in awhile I "joke" with Shirley about how I'm going to start wearing a fanny pack around. She is never very pleased with this idea but hey, Nintendo forced my hand. Bringing the fanny pack back into style it is.
01/14/15, 22:45   
Heck I'm just worried about the thing fitting in my bag, it's huge! (is it even bigger than the current XL?)
01/14/15, 22:45   
Edited: 01/14/15, 22:46
same size, i believe. fits perfectly in my jacket.
01/14/15, 22:47   
Get cargo pants, or whatever those ones with larger/more pockets are called. Though, are you wearing skinny jeans or something? The XL fits in most of my pockets if I ever want to go that route, even if barely so and the contour is obvious that it's in there.

I really don't feel like the XL is that big. The PSP/Vita is still wider than it. And at least it isn't like the monstrosity that is the GamePad.
01/14/15, 22:59   
I can't wear cargo pants everywhere I'm a working professional. I also don't have money to buy an entire new wardrobe just because Nintendo of America is oddly limiting lately.
01/14/15, 23:01   
I admit I wear skinny jeans, and nothing fits, I ain't proud!
01/14/15, 23:03   
Pretty disappointed, to be honest. I wasn't even going to buy the standard unit, as I really want the XL model, but it never hurts to have options and I really feel for all the Nintendo fans out there who wanted the normal SKU.

Nintendo really astounds me, sometimes. Today is certainly one of those days.
01/15/15, 00:41   
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