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Adventure Time: the SECRET of the NAMELESS KINGDOM Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Adventure Time: the SECRET of the NAMELESS KINGDOM on the 3DS

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Adventure Time: the SECRET of the NAMELESS KINGDOM on the 3DS!

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Has anybody checked this out?

After last year's "Explore the Dungeon" game, I was a little skeptical going into this one, but I am quite happy I've given it a chance!

The game plays very much like a top-down Zelda game, complete with puzzles, side quests and dungeons.
The script is very "Adventure Time," and all the text is voiced by the show's voice cast. Nice!

It may look somewhat similar to last year's game, but it plays quite differently.

I'm only an hour or so into the game, but I'm impressed. It wears its "Link to the Past" and "Link's Awakening" inspiration on its sleeve, and has been a fun time so far.

Also, it's on sale right now on the eShop for 32% off!

If I have anything bad to say about the game so far, it's that it doesn't use the 3DS 3D feature, but I think that's to optimize the framerate. The previous slog of a game chugged.

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12/26/14, 05:58    Edited: 12/26/14, 06:09
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Hm. Might check this out. I enjoy a good Zelda-like game. And Hey, Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!? was enough fun to give plenty of good will for some future game that came out later.
12/31/14, 03:58   
HIKWYSOG was a nifty Zelda 2-ish game indeed! They took a misstep with the next game, but this one is pretty good.

After some time with it, it's definitely a little rough around the edges (and for some reason Tree Trunks' voice actor is different) but it's not too shabby.
12/31/14, 05:33   
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