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Third a Party Amiibos: Who would you like to see? [roundtable]
I would love to see:

Mega Man
Shovel Knight

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11/15/14, 21:20
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I'll consider amiibo a failure if they never produce a Boogerman.
11/16/14, 22:16
It's a shame we didn't get Assassin's Creed: Unity, 'cause then we could have gotten Amiibos looking like this.

11/16/14, 22:22

What the hell is that?!


This is Simon Belmont:

I don't know what the hell that other thing back there is.
11/16/14, 22:48   Edit:  11/16/14, 22:51

That... looks like the guy who's about to fire his laser.
11/16/14, 22:52
That's Ubisoft's quality control in action. Is it just on my end or is that image link broken now? Ubisoft! They're after me!

EDIT: Nope, now it's working again. They're crafty little blighters.
11/16/14, 23:07   Edit:  11/16/14, 23:08
I will point out, before we leave moneybags behind this whole thing was his idea.

11/17/14, 00:41

To be fair, Simon did get another re-design during the Lords of Shadow games:

Though I'm not sure if that's really any better. Of course, the overall "problem" with Simon as an amiibo is that the Castlevania games rarely feature the same protagonist in each installment. Simon is just one of many Belmonts, and other than old-school Nintendo nostalgia, why choose him over Richter? Or Trevor? Or Christopher? Heck, it's arguable that Simon isn't even the most popular Castlevania character - many would say that Alucard is favored far more.

Maybe Dracula himself as an amiibo would work better to represent the classic Konami franchise.

Anyway, my pick is for Ryu.
11/17/14, 03:17
I agree with Rusty from Steamworld Dig.

Banjo-Kazooie would blow my mind... but of course we won't see that.


That's a pretty hilarious idea.

I'd also love Captain Viridian.
11/18/14, 00:09
Obviously Layton and Phoenix Wright too. Not sure how I forgot them. I'd love if they have some representation in Smash.
11/18/14, 02:40
12/08/14, 01:45

I love it.

I'd like Radd Spencer from Bionic Commando and one of the Smash TV guys.
12/08/14, 02:07

I second (and third) Banjo-Kazooie. OH MY GOSH I WOULD BUY TWO.

And if they were in Smash Brothers? Shut up. Just shut your mouth, this moment deserves complete silence and joy throughout the Earth.
12/08/14, 02:14
Did I miss it, or did we not already mention the Black Mage from Final Fantasy? Or maybe Mog? That'd be cool.

Cactuar is not allowed.
12/12/14, 15:47

They were always one of my number one picks for potential third party SSB roster additions. And after seeing Duck Hunt... I can see how well the pair would work together.
12/12/14, 17:28
I say they try to revive Earthworm Jim. I'd be really interested in seeing his move set in a Smash Bros. setting.
01/13/15, 06:49   Edit:  01/13/15, 06:50

Dave! Welcome to the forums! All that candy and the chips and what not was delicious and the family loved it. How are you and your new budding family?

As for Earthworm Jim, I missed the boat on that years ago and never really played it but it certainly would be interesting seeing him in Smash and as an amiibo.
01/13/15, 13:31
Hey Stephen, glad to be here! I'm glad that all the treats went over well.

It's too bad that you missed out on Earthworm Jim. It's probably available on VC somewhere. Check it out, you'll see what I mean about his move set if you do.
01/14/15, 01:23
Toon Link, the 80s one!
01/14/15, 02:31

I know he has a gun of some kind and whips his head around. I used to watch my cousin play it a bit. Were the games all that hard?
01/14/15, 13:35
@Beardednerd, @DrFinkelstein

Earthworm Jim was pretty cool. His games are available on DSiWare, XboxLive, PSN, and Wii Virtual Console. I seem to recall the original was brutal. Very challenging. But it's been a while since I've played it, so my memory may be foggy.

It's only a few bucks to download, so I recommend checking it out. If only for nothing more than a history lesson, or to satisfy curiosity.
01/14/15, 14:30
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