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02/14/10, 20:10    Edited: 04/01/24, 19:27
I tried to make a Game Thread for the Fire Emblem smartphone game, but I was unable to do it. I don't think we have Game Threads for Miitomo or Super Mario Run, either. Is this a bug? Or maybe a feature?
02/07/17, 03:05   
Har har...seems like a bug to me!
02/09/17, 21:05   
Ironclad gets a game thread but Super Mario Run doesn't. Seems fair to me.
02/10/17, 21:10   
Some of these ads suck balls, and disallow you from typing in the box.

You'll be typing, and then some ad will be loading, and you'll have to physically X it out.
Happens way way way too often.
03/01/17, 01:35   

Ah, so that is what was happening. I thought I was going crazy, not being able to type.
03/01/17, 07:18   
I was wondering if it was just me. Obviously this is an issue, I'll have to contact Google and see what is up. Ads shouldn't be able to effect site usage.

I've noticed you can't click those ads too and they don't really look like anything, so it might just not be loading them correctly or something?

Hmm, on a side note Stache would love this, my Adsense is showing me a bunch of lingerie ads now. Considering it tailors ads to what you search for and I certainly don't look up lingerie on my work computer, I'm confused.
03/01/17, 15:44   
Edited: 03/01/17, 15:46

You're right -- I DO like that.

What kind of Lingerie specifically? Victoria's? Frederick's? Shirley's? Something else?
03/02/17, 01:17   
Has the implementation of a more "works skin" work skin been brought up again? Gimme!
As it is, the work skin still looks like it's a Nintendo message board.
03/02/17, 03:25   
To be honest I don't have time for a huge overhaul, but maybe if someone were to look it over and try to pinpoint a few quick fixes that would make it better serve its purpose that could be managed.
03/02/17, 17:40   
*turns on Work Skin*

HA! Yeah, looks pretty Nintendoughy. I'm a book!
03/02/17, 22:17   
Oh god those stupid failed ads that stop you from being able to type are back.
03/31/17, 17:48   
Firefox is telling me not to login to Negative World because the connection is insecure.

05/16/17, 23:26   
@Secret_Tunnel It's doing that on any site that doesn't use "https," whatever that means. It started months ago from one of the updates. I'm not sure if it actually means anything, or if it's just Firefox being extra careful.
05/17/17, 03:20   
I've freeloaded here long enough and I got my credit card now, (fucking finally!!) so I'm more than happy to make a generous donation.


(Not right now, but very soon, I promise)
07/18/17, 23:00   
Edited: 07/18/17, 23:01
It'd be nice to have a way to search and embed uploaded NW images into our forum posts. Maybe a dynamic result box when you type in keywords. Then when you click a result it puts in the needed markup into your forum post.
10/25/17, 18:52   
Maybe this is a boring question, or one that you might not want to discuss publicly at the moment for whatever reason, but: How's the site doing financially at the moment? Like, does keeping it running cost more than you get back or is it staying afloat?
04/24/18, 18:40   
Honestly... not sure.

Somewhere early 2017 traffic fell hard almost overnight due to a code error that basically resulted in most of the site being not listed on Google anymore and I wasn't really paying attention to things day to day so this went on for months and months and months (until somewhere in late 2017?) before I noticed the problem. I fixed that a few months ago and things have risen a fair amount since then but still nowhere near the peak before the fall, the damage was done, probably will never get back to near we used to be on Google rankings, especially since there isn't much new content coming out nowadays.

I'd have to look at the numbers but roughly speaking the site costs about $100? a year to run? I think? and at the max it was bringing in maybe $500? a year but now it has to be much lower due to the above mentioned stuff.

Looking at Adsense it looks like for the last few months it's been like $3-5 bucks a month (back at the peak it was bringing in like $30 a month or more on average) so...

Realistically, probably not quite covering it at the moment? Though I'd have to check the two other sources of income, donations and Amazon affiliate stuff. I get a donation here and there, sometimes a big one, so maybe it is being covered?

Whatever the case whether the current situation will be the case longterm or not is hard to say since the "fix" to the above issue is relatively new, but it looks like we're kind of evening out now and will not be anywhere near the peaks before the issue so I'm guessing this is about the new norm. Hard to rebuild Google's trust in you I guess.
04/24/18, 19:14   
Edited: 04/24/18, 19:16
Ah, I see. So I guess some extra donations wouldn't hurt then. Not that they ever would. Just thought I'd ask since you don't really bring this stuff up very often, I don't think, so I seldom think about the state of things. Wouldn't feel right if you put all that effort and time into the site only for it to end up in the red while we're hanging around, posting to our hearts' content.

Speaking of posting, it would be cool if we came up with something that could draw some amount of extra traffic to this place, but I haven't got much of an idea as to what that should be. Not that I've given it any thought. Perhaps we can come up with something that could ride the wake of something E3 related this summer.
04/24/18, 19:31   
I honestly find it tough to predict what kind of content here will go bigger. I can say what doesn't... the same stuff you find on bigger sites. So like, as much as a Zelda or Mario review is cool, it's not going to be that viral hit. But some Kris Wright thingy about some old music cd or something, that can go big. On the other hand my top 10 Metroid games thing got huge, though that doesn't feel super unique? Mostly because it got big on Reddit or something?! But maybe it is unique-ish?

Here is a link to the most viewed content on NW

The game discussion pages are probably mostly getting views from us, since they get a lot of traffic and posts here on the forum itself. But everything else is probably from Google and going viral-ish and the likes.

My basic plan is to try to create unique content, but then, I also just do whatever I feel like without worrying much about the numbers.

And lately I mostly just work on my game and ignore making new stuff for the site. Sorry, priorities!
04/24/18, 20:00   
It's not like this place needs to compete with the big news sites or anything either, right? Maybe we could capitalize on the fact that there are so many indie devs here? Do some type of exclusive content related to that? Weird roundtables or interviews or something.

I had a few things that I wanted to do, but work tends to get in the way of me being creative these days. I hate adulting.
04/24/18, 20:05   
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