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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Wii U
9.19/10 from 34 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Wii U!

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Every new generation a great dawn emerges where a new game in the acclaimed Super Smash Bros. series graces Nintendo's newest consoles… for the Wii U, that time is almost upon us. Nintendo is truly pulling out all the stops with this one. Here's the breakdown on what we can expect… (Learn more at the Super Smash Bros. website.)

1.) 45+ playable characters (new characters, returning fighters, or accessible via alt costumes)
2.) Releasing November 21st, November 28th, or December 5th depending on your region
3.) Tons of content; from trophies to levels to music tracks to items to pokemon to modes… it seemingly never ends!
4.) Customizable Move-sets
5.) Many control setups; Wii U Gamepad, standard Wii U options, Gamecube controllers, even your 3DS!
6.) Online capable (and encouraged)
7.) Check out Nintendo's 50 Things You Should Know about Smash Bros!
8.) Stages exclusive to the Wii U version. Some epic stages!
9.) Amiibo Support for all existing Amiibos
10.) Gameplay lands somewhere between Melee and Brawl

As you can see, there really is something for everyone, perhaps more than ever before. As I wrote this whole post up, I was listening to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl soundtrack and remembering the hours and days and weeks and months of fun I've had with that game. This will be no different and really will shake the Wii U community up in the best ways. Nintendo is on the eve of quite possible the most acclaimed game the console will have. This is a very exciting moment for Nintendo gamers. Speaking back on the music, you can listen to a bunch of neat samples from the upcoming game at the SmashBros.com Music Page. Be sure to check out Kapp'n's Song! It's a personal favorite of mine. The 3DS version is to have two-songs per stage but the Wii U version is meant to have that and more, even some songs from past games as well.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite images found on the official Super Smash Bros. website.

The release date in North America is November 21st and it was just moved up to November 28th in Europe. For all other regions you can expect December 5th. In the mean time, there's always the 3DS version which looks incredible in it's own right! You can discuss it in Jargon's thread here; Super Smash Bros. 3DS. We should aim to keep this thread focused on the Wii U version so that the 3DS discussion ends up in it's right place. Keep in mind that the Daily Updates are still being provided by Sakurai (for a few more weeks at least) and the best place to find and discuss those is Stephen's Super Smash Bros. News Discussion (Roster Spoilers) Now With Daily Images thread. I do my best to update that daily with the Sakurai posts.

Who is your main? What are you most excited for? Finally, be sure to have your friends added on your Wii U! I'll do my best to keep this thread updated with the various users who are playing this online.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The Negative World Roster
NW User Name - Nintendo Network ID - Nickname

DrFinkelstein - a00link - Stephen
ploot - realploot - Pauloot
deathly_hallows - ch_rls - ????
Jargon - Hendrik - Hendrik
chrisguy - chrisguy - ????
Ludist210 - Ludist210 - Lewis
GameDadGrant - GameDadGrant - ????
anon_mastermind - Mastermind85 - ????
VofEscaflowne - VofEscaflowne - ????
kriswright - kriswright - ????
Cryojin - Cryojin - ????
TheOldManFromZelda - OldManFromZelda - ????
Smerd - Smerd20 - ????
achhibbar - achhibbar - ????
Mop it up - Mop_it_up - ????
TheBigG753 - TheBigG753 - Greggy
Cubed777 - C77777 - ????
nate38 - VictorVonPlugman - nate
kgtennispro - kgtennispro - Kenny
chrisbg99 - chrisbg99 - Chris
Brick - Brick20 - Brick
pokepal148 - pokepal148 - ????
PogueSquadron - PogueSquadron - Jamie
Super_Conzo - Super_Conzo - ????
Beardednerd - beardednerd - Dave

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09/15/14, 00:22    Edited: 01/14/15, 13:34
Why not sign up for a (free) account?

What's your Nickname on there?
11/26/14, 05:46   
I'm going to get online for a bit before bed. Hope to see some of you online if anyone has a room open.
11/26/14, 05:47   
That Kalos League stage man....I love the music for it but hate the stage itself, lol
11/26/14, 06:41   
Do Omega version.

I'm surprised more people aren't just doing that for the crazy environmental hazard stages.

That Omega thing was a stroke of genius.
11/26/14, 13:29   
Edited: 11/26/14, 13:30

The problem is I've been doing too much Omega to the point where I want more variety

Omega's great for 1 vs 1 matches, but at least for me it kinda gets dull when doing 4 person FFAs with friends, especially with items.
11/26/14, 16:56   
That's whats great about Kongo Jungle 64. Awesome level.

I don't feel like I'm really feeling any improvement with the LAN adapter. We'll have to see if anything changes now that I've used Wii U as a DMZ host. Downloads from the eshop seem to be just as fast. About 1Mbps, but an online speed test put it at 10Mbps. I guess it's bottlnecked by the USB. Maybe I just have good wifi and have too high expectation for online Smash? I'll have to do a speed test between wifi and the LAN to see if it's better. I read I could run a proxy server with my PC but that sounds like a huge chore and I don't want to have to keep my PC on all the time.

Edit: Actually downloads off the eshop are coming in at like 1-2 (maybe 3 sometimes?) Megabytes per second which is great, unless the download status ever skips a second or two and looks faster than it is. I guess my wifi was probably just fine. Will update later.
11/26/14, 17:13   
Edited: 11/26/14, 17:39
Are you getting a green connection symbol when connecting with friends?
11/26/14, 17:59   

I only seem to get green connection with Canadians You and Griptor are the only ones I've noticed as green. Everyone else is yellow... and red ones, stay away!
11/26/14, 18:18   
Edited: 11/26/14, 18:18
Did my first online match and it was fairly smooth. Started out with a bit of input lag, but about 10 seconds in everyone felt like normal. Had some jackass Kirby doing the "float to the top, down B, repeat" cycle but oh well.

Nearly won 20,000G in bets last night but apparently lost connection to the fight with TEN SECONDS left D:
11/26/14, 18:24   
Huh. Maybe not related to Smash anymore, but I'm getting virtually the same speeds over Wifi as I am over a USB Ethernet adapter. Is the speed capped on the Wii U or something?

My ping is generally 13-16ms, which is the important part I think. I guess I'm just left to believe that the wifi on this thing stinks, and the LAN is bottlenecked by the USB. Still, wifi or not, I think the performance on Smash is probably the same as any other P2P fighting game right?
11/26/14, 18:50   
nickname: Smerd

There ya go Fink
11/26/14, 21:13   
I was really hoping to be able to just dump all the custom stuff I got from the 3DS version and go from there.
11/26/14, 21:55   
missypissy said:
Started out with a bit of input lag, but about 10 seconds in everyone felt like normal. Had some jackass Kirby doing the "float to the top, down B, repeat" cycle but oh well.

I had a friend that used to do that in Brawl. Sidestepped him like a matador and hit him with a charged side smash.

And I was playing as Link so I had the extra range from the second swing. Took him by surprise ever single time.
11/26/14, 22:43   
I spent a good chunk of my son's nap time today running through Pit and Palutena's secret conversations on Palutena's Temple.
Some of that stuff is hilarious.
11/26/14, 22:50   
Oh, my online name is just Lou. I wonder if I can change it to OldManFromZelda? I'll have to tinker.
11/27/14, 00:33   
Gotta hand it to Nintendo. Ordered the GC Adaptor midday Monday, arrived this morning. 3 days from order to delivery (from Melbourne no less) is pretty damn good. Much better than the 5-10 days they were quoting.
11/27/14, 01:38   
So you guys seriously have online matches that feel identical to local matches? I guess I've gotten close but even with the LAN adapter there's an ABSOLUTE difference Between online and local. It's basically night and day. Not a horrible night (to have a curse), but a night no less.

Am I doing something wrong? My ping is like 14ms, and my Wii U is clocking in at 7-14Mbps down and 6Mbps Up, which is basically I think the best the LAN adapter is capable of.
11/27/14, 02:47   
I don't know why nobody else is answering you, but yes, I have, and I generally do when I play my Smash rival every other night. But I've said it a billion times now.

I do get the delayed games when I play people randomly, but they are usually few and far between.
11/27/14, 06:17   
I forgot how brutal looking Charizard's down throw is.

11/27/14, 06:43   
@ploot What the heck am I doing wrong then? I get 50Mbps down and 50Mbps up from Verizon Fios. My ping is under a frame if we're talking in that way.

I haven't played any of you one on one, but playing strangers always gives me a different feeling experience then local. Is there something with the net code that just makes gameplay smoother with friends?
11/27/14, 06:52   
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