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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Wii U
9.19/10 from 34 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Wii U!

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Every new generation a great dawn emerges where a new game in the acclaimed Super Smash Bros. series graces Nintendo's newest consoles… for the Wii U, that time is almost upon us. Nintendo is truly pulling out all the stops with this one. Here's the breakdown on what we can expect… (Learn more at the Super Smash Bros. website.)

1.) 45+ playable characters (new characters, returning fighters, or accessible via alt costumes)
2.) Releasing November 21st, November 28th, or December 5th depending on your region
3.) Tons of content; from trophies to levels to music tracks to items to pokemon to modes… it seemingly never ends!
4.) Customizable Move-sets
5.) Many control setups; Wii U Gamepad, standard Wii U options, Gamecube controllers, even your 3DS!
6.) Online capable (and encouraged)
7.) Check out Nintendo's 50 Things You Should Know about Smash Bros!
8.) Stages exclusive to the Wii U version. Some epic stages!
9.) Amiibo Support for all existing Amiibos
10.) Gameplay lands somewhere between Melee and Brawl

As you can see, there really is something for everyone, perhaps more than ever before. As I wrote this whole post up, I was listening to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl soundtrack and remembering the hours and days and weeks and months of fun I've had with that game. This will be no different and really will shake the Wii U community up in the best ways. Nintendo is on the eve of quite possible the most acclaimed game the console will have. This is a very exciting moment for Nintendo gamers. Speaking back on the music, you can listen to a bunch of neat samples from the upcoming game at the SmashBros.com Music Page. Be sure to check out Kapp'n's Song! It's a personal favorite of mine. The 3DS version is to have two-songs per stage but the Wii U version is meant to have that and more, even some songs from past games as well.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite images found on the official Super Smash Bros. website.

The release date in North America is November 21st and it was just moved up to November 28th in Europe. For all other regions you can expect December 5th. In the mean time, there's always the 3DS version which looks incredible in it's own right! You can discuss it in Jargon's thread here; Super Smash Bros. 3DS. We should aim to keep this thread focused on the Wii U version so that the 3DS discussion ends up in it's right place. Keep in mind that the Daily Updates are still being provided by Sakurai (for a few more weeks at least) and the best place to find and discuss those is Stephen's Super Smash Bros. News Discussion (Roster Spoilers) Now With Daily Images thread. I do my best to update that daily with the Sakurai posts.

Who is your main? What are you most excited for? Finally, be sure to have your friends added on your Wii U! I'll do my best to keep this thread updated with the various users who are playing this online.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The Negative World Roster
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09/15/14, 00:22    Edited: 01/14/15, 13:34
Why not sign up for a (free) account?

That ignores a key feature - customization. I've got a Palutena with a pretty specific moveset and I prefer my attacks to be mapped to x and y rather than a and b. It sure would be nice if I could simply scan in my amiibo at someone else's house - or at a tournament, say - and have that all set up for me.
11/24/14, 18:47   

Eh, unless you travel to different places constantly then okay... but even then, it takes a couple of minutes to set up the custom moveset? It would be a nice feature but it's still not that big of a deal.

Plus you could always use the 3DS setups for that, no? Bring your 3DS and transfer it over. Of course you'd need the 3DS version but at least it would save you those two minutes
11/24/14, 18:57   
Edited: 11/24/14, 18:57
Been unlocking more characters, so that's cool (including two last night during Survivor Series; thanks GamePad!). I didn't check missypissy's spoiled out challenge, but the "its a bitch" could apply to SO MANY challenges so I'm just assuming that I did it and felt the same. Falco vs. Game & Watches was abysmal, Wii Fit Trainer vs. Warios was horrific. Advanced and flagged 'em both though. And many others that ripped my hair out. Yack.

I think I have 50 challenges done? 40? 30? I can't remember. Its a solid, round number. Are you guys (specifically Fink) looking at the hammers as a way to BYPASS challenges that you can't do? That never even occurred to me, and as stated before, I don't like that implementation of it. I was thinking of it more as a "hey, lets see what challenges are AROUND this square so I can go after them." That said, I did get a bit worried about the prospect of not being able to meet some of these Devil Level (my words -- and it rhymes) challenges. I went back and finished one of the challenges legit that I unlocked via hammer so I felt better about that one.

--Why am I SO MUCH better with Ike than anyone else? Some characters I can't do a damn thing with, and then I get Ike in there and its like I'm out for a Sunday Drive. NO, I don't think My Ike can crush Your Anything (as I generally stink at Smash Bros.; I'll get online eventually), but its a world of difference out there.

--Oh, and my Homerun Champ is Ganondorf. I seem to recall Bowser being one of your best options in the other games, but I remembered (and not a second too soon!) how freakin' rad I was with my choice way back in the day. Pretty sure I cleared 2000 ft. here.
11/24/14, 20:26   
I've always viewed the hammers as a way to knock out something I know I'll never be able to do. Like beat All-Star Mode on Hard, no heals, in 30 seconds using Pichu while only grabbing from your left. A couple of the ones I see now, near the top of the list, look like great candidates for beating with the hammer.

That's also my homerun champ, over 3200 feet currently.

As for Ike, I think his overall power (much like Bowser) is something that really helps against the overly defensive AI. Missing an attack with him will leave you open, but the majority of the AI doesn't respond with an offensive flurry.
11/24/14, 22:28   
@VofEscaflowne its more about being invested in that exact fighter. Nintendo wants us to feel like the Amiibos matter and that leveling them up has a purpose. If that is the case, then it would be damn awesome to be able to fight as that exact Amiibo fighter. I bought the Villager Amiibo because I thought I was gonna be able to customize a fighter and actually use it and then transfer the level to the figure, not just scan the figure and it is only AI controlled. I guess that is my fault for not reading into exactly what they do.
11/24/14, 23:50   
Is there still a lot of music to unlock in this game? Looks like the majority of it is pretty much there from the start, huh? Guess you unlock it all this time by completing challenges instead of it falling from the sky.

It's also starting to look like they ignored one of my favorite pieces of Nintendo music again, which is a bummer.

Remix that shit already and honor the great Hip Tanaka. Peace be upon him. At least they relabeled the Overworld Theme to the proper title this time.
11/25/14, 03:01   
There seems to be at least 100+ songs to unlock cause the full soundtrack is what, 467 songs or something? And I checked early on and I was around 340 or so I believe.
11/25/14, 03:04   
Dang, that's still quite a lot. I guess I'm going to have to get a lot better if I ever hope to see even a third of those.
11/25/14, 03:17   

I'll concur on the Skyworld theme. I've never even heard it in it's proper context but I think it's rad. It's got a great remix potential.


Unlocking squares because I just can't do them, no matter how hard I try, is totally the sole reason I would want to use hammers. I could google if I really wanted to know what a square had as a requirement. That doesn't concern me. Plus the in-game method is to just do squares around it. It's just nuts cause some of these challenges are so specific and so challenging that I just don't see why if we can bypass some, we can't truly choose which we want to bypass. It feels a little arbitrary.

I accidentally had some of those in the top row spoiled for me and hammers or not, I just don't see how I can accomplish that. I'm just not that incredible in Smash with those characters. Maybe I could learn but I never felt like Smash could be learned like Mario or Zelda could. Perhaps I'm wrong.
11/25/14, 05:08   
Edited: 11/25/14, 05:11
So here's a funny story. Today I've received a package in the mail, confused at what it might be. Before opening it, I Google the address and find out that it belongs to one of Newegg's facilities, so I open it up and find Super Smash Bros. for Wii U inside. After seeing it was from Newegg I then remembered that I pre-ordered this game a long time ago, for $5 off. I figured I could just cancel if I found a better deal, but I guess I can't cancel if I forget! Oh well, since Newegg is tax-free and free shipping, it's still a decent deal compared to anything I would have gotten at a retailer.

Short story shorter, Smash is in hand, but I can't try it out until later tonight.
11/26/14, 00:50   
DrFinkelstein said:

Smash Tour makes total sense when you spend some more time with it. Everything is happening for all four players at once so it can feel overwhelming but it's actually pretty fun and tricky. Hope you spend more time with it when you get your own copy.

Totally will, I look forward to it. Sure didn't make sense being dropped into it with no explanation, though!
11/26/14, 01:23   
@Mop it up

Haha, nice! Similar situation happened to me with Mario h Luigi Dream Team. Welcome to Smash Wii U gaming!
11/26/14, 01:58   

So this just happened! Took care of two challenge boxes!

Defeat 8 or more in Cruel Smash (in general).
Defeat 8 or more in Cruel Smash with Lucina.
11/26/14, 03:28   
Really, really loving this game's multiplayer. Even managed to kill a few hours with single player today too. Not to mention, My Music is great... I'll probably just leave my Wii U on all day playing Nintendo music whenever I'm working in my room.

My only complaint is that Event Mode needs to have a quicker way to restart. Such a potentially awesome mode, but getting hit once and having to back out, wait, then select the battle again and wait makes doing the "take no damage" challenges particularly annoying.

Thinking of learning to play competitively. Any tips or resources?
11/26/14, 05:01   
Is it just me....or is Smash Bros All Star Mode next to impossible on even the easy setting??

This calls for a different strategy... I never strugled in Brawl like I do here... because here you have one life..and you fight a group of them and I die more times falling off the damn levels (crumbling floors/rising platforms to the top of the screen/rushing water that throws you off/f-zero racers hitting you etc etc) then anything else.. I'm tired of starting over..ARG. I got every all star trophy with some practice in the previous game but after several attempts on EASY, I have yet to get one here with any of my favourite characters.

I have a feeling they want you to level up your 'player' with equipment to have a fighting chance. I'm just left scratching my head... and the game flashed this at me:

Back to the drawing board...
11/26/14, 05:02   
Edited: 11/26/14, 05:04

I don't know about the WiiU version, but I took on the 3DS version the other day and cleared it on Easy first try. I only used one of the items too. Easy mode should be what it says on the tin.

I suppose my character was a little bit enhanced (+7 all stats) but that's not a huge amount...
11/26/14, 05:16   

Well 85% of my deaths were environmental but I'm still getting whipped a bit more then usual. My characters were all on default settings - plus 7 doesn't sound like much but it could have made a difference. Anyone else have experience in this mode on one/both versions?
11/26/14, 05:30   

Impressive! It took me forever to get just one!
11/26/14, 05:31   
Internet mostly behaving today, so gonna get online some more. Will look for rooms, and may set up one in between some other matches.
11/26/14, 05:39   
Right, I should have everyone on the list added/requested but just in case my nnud is pokepal148.
11/26/14, 05:43   
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