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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS
8.8/10 from 25 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS!

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Nintendo's favorite fighter franchise makes its first foray into the handheld world. Here is the place to post your impressions and discuss your favorite modes, characters, strategies and anything else related to Sakurai's baby.

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09/14/14, 01:35    Edited: 09/14/14, 02:34
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All you Americans and your damn feet measurements :P
10/11/14, 02:58   

Ganondorf. He's a monster. I got the bag up to 150-ish% and nailed it. There's a challenge that requires you hit the bag like 3300 feet. I probably could have done it with Shulk or Ike as well.
10/11/14, 06:01   

Was the final hit (the one that sent the bag flying) a charged up smash hit, or was it one of his special moves, like the "Warlock Punch" or something?
10/11/14, 17:09   
I tried out the Music Player during my biweekly exercise session. Pretty cool! Some good tracks. But, man, the audio output of the 3DS is just WAY too low. I hope that the New 3DS can push more volume.
10/11/14, 17:18   
I sorta figured there'd be more guys playing Smash around the clock. Am I just not fried coded with you guys are does Negative World really care that little about online gaming?

EDIT: Fried coded. lol. I'm not even going to change it.
10/11/14, 17:38   
Edited: 10/11/14, 17:38
Hmm, now I want a fried or coddled egg.

*Anand shuffles to kitchen to fry/coddle egg*
10/11/14, 17:41   

If you coddle an egg, you'll just spoil it.

10/11/14, 17:51   
Anand said:
I tried out the Music Player during my biweekly exercise session. Pretty cool! Some good tracks. But, man, the audio output of the 3DS is just WAY too low. I hope that the New 3DS can push more volume.

If you haven't yet, make sure you go to the Settings in SSB and turn up the music volume. It's on 70 (out of 100) as default.
10/11/14, 17:55   

I have not used Online once yet with it. Been too busy to focus on the online-nature. Solo modes and local multi have been my bag. I'll find online eventually.
10/11/14, 17:56   
B-but online! 1v1 FOR GLORY!!! It's what owns my life right now.

The only thing better is with Friends.
10/11/14, 20:14   
@kriswright Mmm, fried cod...

Maybe people are just waiting for the Wii U release to really delve into online play, which is what I'm doing.

Though, this game didn't break my record for "Most people online playing the same game" like I thought it would. So far, the most I've seen is 6, and my record is 12 for Animal Crossing.
10/11/14, 20:34   
I really wish there was a way to enable custom movesets but not custom attack/defense/speed.

There are so many great moves you can unlock, that'll never see much use. Especially since I've now seen that Ness can get PK Freeze
10/11/14, 21:00   
Good matches with Kenny and VofE this morning. Too bad I'm terrible online...
10/11/14, 21:11   
I've been able to hold my own against randoms online. Surprisingly, my Mario skills don't help me win most of the time, but my Toon Link skills that carried over from Brawl remain undefeated.
10/12/14, 00:39   
Nintendo Smash tournament going on now: http://www.twitch.tv/nintendo

It makes me happy to see customizations are allowed, especially since I've now discovered that you can completely turn Ness into Lucas with specials
10/12/14, 01:09   
Edited: 10/12/14, 01:11
Anyone around to play a few online matches with me? I have a room ready and everything, so show me your moves!
10/12/14, 03:56   
Sure. I checked your profile and I'll add your FC. Mine is in my own profile. Let's hop on the NW chat for better communication. See you there!
10/12/14, 05:32   
Auggh, when did everyone online get so GOOD? I was bustin' skulls just last week and now everyone I fight is a total pain in the butt.
10/12/14, 06:43   
Just spent the last 15 minutes working on getting 4024.9 ft. in the Homerun contest because I thought you needed to get over 4000 for some reason for one of the challenges.

Ah well, at least I didn't spend more than that, though it did increase my frustrations about smashes not always coming out with the circle pad, heh.
10/12/14, 07:40   
For some reason I often have problems doing smash attacks to the right. I just don't get it!
10/12/14, 09:07   
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