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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS
8.8/10 from 25 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS!

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Nintendo's favorite fighter franchise makes its first foray into the handheld world. Here is the place to post your impressions and discuss your favorite modes, characters, strategies and anything else related to Sakurai's baby.

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09/14/14, 01:35    Edited: 09/14/14, 02:34
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Saw people talking about moves in the news thread and figured it was time to start this. The game has released in Japan. The demo is out for select fans worldwide and will be releasing to everyone next week. Full release date is fast approaching on October 3rd.

3DS controls take some getting used to, especially with my broken 3DS, but I'm getting the hang of it and am doing well against the computer at the highest difficulty with all available characters. Assuming online works, I am somewhat afraid I won't be as competitive as I generally am in this series until the Wii U version releases.

Biggest disappointment of the demo is that Mario kept the FLUDD move. Crappy move from a crappy game. There's so many other, better things he could do given his huge history.
09/14/14, 01:44   
You should spruce it up a bit. One of the reasons I enjoy making game threads for us is by giving it screens, a header, links, etc etc. As a public thread it's something of a showcase for the website. Just one guy's opinion.

As for the game, and that I can only comment on the demo, I definitely enjoy the controls of this game so far. There was some skepticism initially when I tried the game over in June but those worries are truly gone. Where I'm at now is simply wanting more and more content... which the main game will deliver in a few weeks.

And viva la VILLAGER!
09/14/14, 01:57   
Edited: 09/14/14, 02:02

Villager is awesome. He's also a good character to help teach my wife to play because of his easy to use and effective save move. Here's hoping she sticks with it so I have someone to play with locally
09/14/14, 02:10   
I'll leave my instagram from yesterday here as well. It's fitting.

DrFinkelstein said:
The whole gang is excited for this Super Smash Bros. demo for 3DS. #SuperSmashBros #3DS #Demo #DryBones #HammerBros #ShyGuy #KoopaParatroopa #Mario #Boo #Nintendo #Nintendo3DS #eShop #clubnintendo #platinum #fun #thanksNintendo
09/14/14, 02:17   
I've checked into everything revealed from the Japanese players, and it sounds like this game is pretty basic Smash Brothers, comparatively speaking. I'm hoping that the Wii U version has a lot more modes and features, but until then, I'm not sure if I want the 3DS version or not. It's kind of tough to decide that not knowing what content will be in the Wii U game, but I have a feeling it'll be a lot better. Then again, I s'pose I could always sell the 3DS version once I get the Wii U one, so maybe I'll still go for it.
09/14/14, 02:18   
@Mop it up

I really think the Wii U version must be getting some big single player mode that the 3DS doesn't have. It would give them a big selling point on getting the Wii U version even if you already have the 3DS version and it would give them a way to fill a big, hype creating Direct closer to the time of its release.
09/14/14, 02:21   
Not to nit pick Jargon, though I always advise that we host our own images (as Zero gave at least -3s and down the power to do) so that if something changes or gets taken down, the public thread isn't affected. I'm trying not to get up in the thread you made so I'll leave this image here and you can use it if you'd like. It's hosted under my username but I won't delete it. Gave it a red background from the site's color scheme as well and cropped off the extra blank space on the left.

The text (replacing the [ with the ( and same for the end is below in case you want to copy it over easy.

09/14/14, 02:32   
09/14/14, 02:34   

Cool. I appreciate it. Hopefully others will too.

I wonder why they chose THESE characters for this art. I mean, I guess it makes sense. 8 returning fighters, most of them mainstream. Some key new ones, many of which mainstream enough. Still, it'd be cool if they had done multiple ones. Like a Toon Link one and such with other known characters. Switch out Pikachu for Charizard and Link for Toon Link. Mario for Luigi and Rosalina for Peach.
09/14/14, 02:39   
@DrFinkelstein I'm a bit surprised it doesn't include Mega Man and/or Pac-Man since they're both starters and - especially with Mega Man - it's kind of a big deal that they're in the game.
09/14/14, 02:46   
@Mop it up

And it's not like the Wii U art is much different. Mostly the same characters.
09/14/14, 02:49   
I just found out that they changed dedede's final smash

09/14/14, 03:42   
Edited: 09/14/14, 03:48
Hey guys due to the 3DS vastly out selling the Wii U do you think that Smash 4 3DS will out sell the Wii U version?
09/14/14, 04:40   
I'll probably switch shield/grab triggers when I get my hands on the retail version. The game is so buttery smooth. Bless Sakurai for getting it to run at 60fps. Love the 3D when you pause the game too.
09/14/14, 05:06   
Game is pretty incredible. Only tough part, right now, is the grab/shield feels off (like @MilotheMayor mentioned) but that can be fixed in the retail version.

The smoothness is a huge selling point for me. Love being able to toggle between 2D and 3D and get no hit. Though I do notice that when going back to the Home Screen while the game is running and shutting it down sends the 3DS into a dark state for awhile. Seems to be drawing in a ton of power from the system. Guess that new 3DS requirement isn't much of a joke.

I'm noticing that coins are being saved currently. I've got over 400 from my different sessions throughout the day, so possibly those will transfer over to the full game.
09/14/14, 06:14   
I got the demo from club Nintendo! Loving the game bUT I wanna change the controls to B attack and Y special. Pikachu feels a bit toned down especially the down smash and thunder. Mario feels good but fludd sucks I wonder if his custom moves will be good. Link is more buff feels good. Villager is strong but I hate his smash attacks. really like mega man actually he's really versatile has fast aerials and strong smashes. I just hate his f tilt. Game plays so smooth I'm so freaking hyped for the retail release!
09/14/14, 21:12   
Edited: 09/14/14, 21:13
Yeah, the game is pretty great, judging from the demo...but I can't wait to customize the controls to my liking.


09/14/14, 21:21   
@Sormon considering there are like 50million 3DS owners and only like 6 million wii u owners i'd say definitely.
09/14/14, 21:30   
I'm liking the game a lot more though even not taking the un-remappable buttons into account, it's hard to dial in attacks. Stuff like fast falling in particular seems a little on the tough side.

I won't get this right away but I will be interested to see how the online functions. If it works decently then my fears over the Wii U version will be greatly decreased. Still, with no voice chat it will be rough. I feel like Sakurai would want to get it working (hey, even Mario Kart had SOME kind of voice chat, even if it was terrible) but then again, I don't think Kid Icarus had any voice chat. I don't know how they are so absurdly behind with this stuff.
09/14/14, 23:28   
Yeah, it's crazy how there is only two 3DS games that have online voice chat...and only one of them is a Nintendo game. The system is clearly capable of VOIP, but Nintendo has next to no interest in adding it into any of their games.
09/15/14, 02:18   
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