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How Should I Spend My $6.24 on the 3DS eShop? [poll]
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (GB)  (0/9 votes)
Shantae (GBC)  (0/9 votes)
Blaster Master (NES)  (1/9 vote)
Castlevania III (NES)  (1/9 vote)
The Mysterious Murasame Castle (NES)  (5/9 votes)
Ikachan (3DS eShop)  (0/9 votes)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)  (0/9 votes)
Harvest Moon (GBC)  (0/9 votes)
Save it for Picross e5  (2/9 votes)
I'm finishing the editing on the next episode of the Negative World Podcast, and I just bought Tappingo 2 for a mere $2.99 plus tax. This is leaving me with a whopping $6.24 left on my Nintendo Network wallet and with my 3DS already in the eShop, I'm in the mood for another handheld title. The question remains... which one!? Help me Negative World! (note I might wait to buy till more than just one or two votes come in so please do over the next day or two)

The Options!
1.) Kirby's Dream Land 2 - I've hated on the Kirby franchise before and while Kirby's Adventure was alright, it didn't blow me away. Still, the art on the eShop looks fun for Kirby's Dream Land 2 and I'm tempted for some reason.

2.) Shantae - I didn't back the new Kickstarter because I wasn't all too impressed with it, but then again I never even heard of the source material before. Perhaps I should drop the dough on a belly-baring gypsy girl who... runs around dodging enemies?

3.) Blaster Master - I've never played, and I stayed away from the sequel/remake/whatever. I hear this is an incredible game but I didn't really 'get' it when I looked into it once. Hell, I may have demoed it before and still didn't get it. Isn't it kind of hard too or is that a fallacy? Still, it's got great music.

4.) Castlevania III - The only thing I know about the Castlevania series is that it has great music and is apparently very hard. I think it was Anand or someone who was telling me that some entries are not as hard as others and are somewhat manageable. It might have been this very episode of the show I'm recording, though I edited a big chunk of it last week.

5.) The Mysterious Murasame Castle - If my memory serves me, this is that originally Euro or JPN-only NES game that's a bit like Zelda? Is it really as awesome as my brain thinks it's heard? From the screenshots it looks like it may not hold up the test of time... hmm... perhaps the votes will sway me.

6.) Ikachan - I had heard great things about this game from the maker of Cave Story. I LOVE Cave Story though I know this is quite different. I also heard it was pretty short, which can be nice some times but it was kind of a let down to hear.

7.) Super Mario Bros. 3 - Well, I've played this one so many times over the years. Still, maybe it would be good to have on the handheld?

8.) Harvest Moon - While I have the latest 3DS one still to play, I LOVE the Harvest Moon series, the older ones in particular. The original is stupendous and Harvest Moon 64 made it even better. Friends of Miracle Town is still my most adored in the series. Playing that during Geology classes helped that horrid night-class go by faster a long time ago. I've never played the GBC one though... is it any good? Should I get my farming on? How were the upgrades to your home and farm? I always found working towards those goals to be the most fulfilling.

9.) Save it for Picross e5 - So I posted last week in the Daily Chat thread that Picross e5 was being rated by the European version of the ESRB... meaning it should be a relatively upcoming title and I presume it would have a release in the USA soon as well... but I don't know when it's going to happen. Still, are none of these worth my time and I should just stick with my money for now?

Thanks to anyone and everyone who votes. I'm just in the mood for something different and part of me wants to try something totally unlike what I'm used to, hence many of the titles up there. That's why there's no 'Other' option. If you want to suggest something else, please vote for one of these but tell me about the other one also in the thread. I'm all ears!

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09/10/14, 04:22  
ludist210 said:

No idea, but mark Alabama off that list. It's 9% here.

09/11/14, 21:57   
Edited: 09/11/14, 21:58
@GameDadGrant I'm not sure of others, but my own account is set to Delaware. If anyone asks, I live in Dewey Beach. ;)
09/11/14, 22:19   
Reporting thread to IRS...
09/12/14, 01:27   
GameDadGrant said:
@Mop it up

What states are tax free?

NH where I am is, everything but food and gas is tax free here.

Also I had no clue about The Mysterious Murasame Castle, buying that now!
09/12/14, 04:36   
Edited: 09/12/14, 04:36

Whoa, long time no see. Some older posters showing up again all of a sudden...what's going on?!?

This is a good thing, though.
09/15/14, 17:24   
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