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Are you buying a new 3DS or 3DS XL? [poll]
Yes, 3DS  (6/39 votes)
Yes, 3DS XL  (20/39 votes)
Yes, both  (2/39 votes)
No  (11/39 votes)
I'm pretty excited for it! I'm getting the small version and a few faceplates.

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08/31/14, 04:08  
I probably would if I didn't have an XL, but I really like my XL and the benefits aren't quite enough for me to upgrade.
08/31/14, 04:10   
Usually this would be a no, but my 3DS died and I need a new one so... for sure. Probably the normal size one. I like carrying my 3DS in my pocket.
08/31/14, 04:15   
Really wished there was an uncertain option. It's just too soon to tell. Price and what games will use it (a la Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS) will determine it in the end. I abstain from voting. However I would probably get a XL again even if that means I missed out on the cool colored buttons and face plates. At least on the XL the letters are still in color. Are the screens a little bit bigger on the new XL?

I have a perfectly wonderful Zelda Edition 3DS XL from last November so...
08/31/14, 04:18   
Edited: 08/31/14, 04:20
At this point I'd say no but if more games come out that require the new one then I might upgrade.
08/31/14, 04:23   
At this early juncture, my vote goes to the new 3DS - manly because of those colorful buttons (the swappable faceplates seem pretty nifty, too). But every time I look at my 3DS XL, and think of how small the current 3DS screens look in comparison, I wonder if I'll be satisfied. The new 3DS XL just looks kind of boring. Though, the colorful lettering on the buttons is a nice, fun touch.


The new 3DS XL's screens are the same size as the current XL's screens. Only the littler version received a slight boost in size (3.52 to 3.88 (top), and 3.02 to 3.33 (bottom)).
08/31/14, 04:29   
Eventually a XL. Bigger is indeed better. But I don't know if it will be at launch. Might wait for a special edition. Like a Zelda one or Xenobalde one. Also, I might buy Xenoblade at launch but not the 3DS depending on if it comes with anything special.
08/31/14, 04:43   

Then there's even less of an incentive for me. Upgrading is simply not necessary at this point I think. I guess we'll see how I feel when the release is, plus when we know what games will make use of it.
08/31/14, 04:43   
I was always going to buy it. C-stick alone is worth it, imo. My criticism for Nintendo's asinine decision to leave out a second stick is well documented, and I didn't want to bother with the frankenstick. Now I'll put my money where my mouth is and buy a 3DS XL with one. It does feel a little cheap that they decided to do so after staunchly denying that they would add one but I'm willing to pardon Nintendo this time. Now we can finally get a solution which should have been there in the first place. Now I might actually consider some games like Kid Icarus... On the other hand, I will actually be able to enjoy Monster Hunter 4. I was/am looking forward to this game, but I have to admit that I had my qualms about the camera control.
08/31/14, 04:51   
New 3DS XL please.
08/31/14, 05:42   
For the purpose of this poll, I voted "no" since I don't plan to get one. However, if there is some sort of super sale on it, I might be tempted. I would probably go for the regular one even though I have an XL now, simply because of the faceplates. No idea why there aren't any for the XL also.
08/31/14, 05:45   
I'll get the XL, probably the day it launches.
08/31/14, 05:52   
Yeah, I'm sure I'll end up with the new XL... improved 3D viewing, extra battery life, and the second circle pad seem worth it.
08/31/14, 06:59   
I'm definitely upgrading, but not sure if I'll go 3DS or 3DSXL yet.
08/31/14, 07:38   
DrFinkelstein said:
Really wished there was an uncertain option. It's just too soon to tell.

I knew I missed and option. Sorry about that. I was in a hurry when I made this poll and didn't want to forget to make it.

Tranquilo said:
I was always going to buy it. C-stick alone is worth it, imo. My criticism for Nintendo's asinine decision to leave out a second stick is well documented, and I didn't want to bother with the frankenstick.

I agree. This should have been included from the get go. When I reviewed the 3DS at launch, I expressed that I was hopeful for camera controls once I tried the the motion sensor. After playing Zelda, I was convinced that it could work, but then other games like Resident Evil and Nano Assault showed me that a second stick was still a necessity.
08/31/14, 08:18   
I still haven't decided for certain exactly which one I'm going to buy, but I'm leaning towards the XL, for that awesome blue colour so I voted for that.

Perfect choice to replace my launch Aqua 3DS.
08/31/14, 13:05   
Edited: 08/31/14, 13:06
At the moment no, but if I did I'd get the smaller version. I'm a sucker for the SNES colours, and I need the system to be around the size of my current 3DS to fit in my pockets and bag.
08/31/14, 13:29   
Well, I'm the lone wacko "both" vote. My collector mentality likes owning all variations of hardware. Especially after learning the faceplates are only for the little guy, they seem "different" enough to get both, though I imagine I won't get both immediately. Right now, I'm leaning New 3DS first, then the New XL down the road a bit. Man, I'm dumb.
08/31/14, 16:37   

You're supposed to blame it on your kids.
08/31/14, 16:48   
I'm buying the Super 3DS.

Also for people annoyed about having to upgrade, think of this more like a Game Boy Colour than a DSi.
08/31/14, 17:04   
I voted "no", but it's more of a "not anytime soon." I've already got a regular 3DS, and just got an XL last fall.

I would be open to getting a New 3DS XL down the road, but it'll be at least a couple years.
08/31/14, 17:58   
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