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Splatoon Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Splatoon on the Wii U
9.14/10 from 33 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Splatoon on the Wii U!

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Splatoon is Nintendo's unique twist on the shooter genre. Shoot ink on both your friends and environments to win the match! Players can turn into squids and 'swim' through their team's ink color. Players can also use their team's ink color to slow down enemy movement. It's ink or be inked in this chaotic marriage of third person shooters, de Blob, and good ole fashioned paintball.

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06/12/14, 22:15    Edited: 06/12/14, 22:19
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It really shows that I've prioritized Earthbound Beginnings since E3. I play horribly right now. Finally managed to end up on the winning team, with more kills than deaths, but my score was awful. Didn't even hit 1K when I was using the Aerospray RG.

Welcome to Octopolis!
06/22/15, 19:28   

I will strongly suggest that if you wish your level to grow, you DON'T hop in with NW players right now. I did that as much as I could for the first week or so, and I lost SO much it really messed up my confidence. Big time.

I hopped out of "our room" and returned to "gen pop," and I IMMEDIATELY noticed differences. Stick with people around your own level until you get up around Lv12, I'd say, and go from there.

Good luck!
06/23/15, 08:12   

Thanks guys! I'm starting to get the whole load out mechanic and when to use your special or sub weapons. It feels so good when you go on a multi splatting spree! That doesn't sound right...
06/23/15, 17:11   
Echoes a lot of sentiments that I share and have read from others already: http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-ways-nintendo-will-save-us-from-awful-shooter-video-games/
06/23/15, 18:10   
Edited: 06/24/15, 00:36
Damn fine read. Sums up most of the reasons why I think Splatoon is such a brilliant game in both concept and execution.
06/23/15, 18:28   
Edited: 06/23/15, 18:28
FINALLY got a chance to play this today! I really like it! I could see myself playing this for a while... the skill ceiling seems really high, thanks to the acrobatic squid movement. Seems like the kind of game that you could get really, really good at and just decimate people at.

Haven't gotten to play online since my wi-fi is being wonky. Hopefully I can get that taken care of by tonight so I can play some games with you guys! My NNID is Secret_Tunnel.
06/24/15, 00:49   
Splatoon has sold over a million worldwide.

What great news!!
06/24/15, 04:34   
@carlosrox Well I wouldn't have predicted a million sales before the game launched, and I definitely wouldn't have expected a third of those sales to come from Japan. Good to see a big new IP getting its due and finding an audience in every territory.
06/24/15, 05:49   
What excellent news. I was pessimistic about it being a huge hit before it released as well because of the whole being on Wii U thing. Hopefully it has some legs... I'd love for Nintendo to consider releasing new IP more often when they have a good idea rather than turning games into spinoffs.
06/24/15, 06:03   
Those younger devs at Nintendo must be on to something.
06/24/15, 08:01   
After a couple weeks of not playing, I'm happy to report that I'm still pretty decent against general population... though I've noticed I'm not the best on my team as frequently as I used to be, and I occasionally run into a player who absolutely wrecks me over and over. I'm afraid of playing against you guys now.

Why did I go so long without playing? I crazy.
06/24/15, 12:01   
I could alternate Smash and Splatoon ALL DAY and never get bored. Throw in some Mario Kart 8 and here we have the best multiplayer trifecta in gaming today.
06/24/15, 18:58   
I think I need to take a break from Ranked battles... they fill me with furious anger
06/24/15, 20:00   
Man. That's a bummer. My brother keeps telling me ranked battles are super tense and frustrating which has helped me NOT even try them yet! I'm level 20 and have many hours in the multiplayer but still have yet to try a single ranked battle! I'm super intimidated! And I think the longer I wait the worse it gets. I'm pretty surgical with the better weapons in the game though so I shouldn't be scared.

I feel the same way except MK8 isn't really in my rotation unfortunately. I may have kind of exhausted that game, I dunno. I'd really love to get into it again but I think Smash and Splatoon are already more than enough.
06/24/15, 20:45   
I expected more people to rock the Luna Blaster, considering how many have seemed willing to adopt the other new weapons early on, but so far I've only come across one person with it. They were lethal though, had great aiming and could turn me into mush with one direct hit. Almost makes me want to learn how to use Blasters.
06/24/15, 22:21   
Edited: 06/24/15, 23:13
Give ranked a try! Think about it: You already are a C- and the only way you can go is up. If you lose, you just stay at C-.
06/24/15, 22:37   
I also really wanted to "get" the blasters but none of them seemed useful...til the Luna Blaster. That thing is AWESOME. 2 hit kill guaranteed (1 on direct hit), really good splash damage, and excellent painting. It also gets guys around corners really well.
06/24/15, 23:07   
carlosrox said:

It also gets guys around corners really well.

Lol, I noticed. Once I learned the squid with the Luna Blaster was trouble I tried to swim back behind corners to get away from them, but it didn't always work out the way I wanted to.
06/24/15, 23:15   
ploot said:
Give ranked a try! Think about it: You already are a C- and the only way you can go is up. If you lose, you just stay at C-.

Agreed. The ranked battles are a really nice way to mix things up. Just learn to not give too much of a damn over your rank. The truth is that you are going to find yourself placed on incompetent teams that ruin your chances of ranking up all the time, unless you happen to be a really skilled player who can pull the entire weight (and that's definitely not me). I was about to get back to a C+ last night, and then I got stuck on teams time and time again who I swear didn't even seem to understand the objective. Ah well.
06/24/15, 23:59   

Don't be scared... C ranked battles aren't too bad. Once I get my ranking back up to B-, though, I just get slapped around.
06/25/15, 00:05   
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