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Splatoon Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Splatoon on the Wii U
9.14/10 from 33 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Splatoon on the Wii U!

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Splatoon is Nintendo's unique twist on the shooter genre. Shoot ink on both your friends and environments to win the match! Players can turn into squids and 'swim' through their team's ink color. Players can also use their team's ink color to slow down enemy movement. It's ink or be inked in this chaotic marriage of third person shooters, de Blob, and good ole fashioned paintball.

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06/12/14, 22:15    Edited: 06/12/14, 22:19
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I just played for a little while and got to level 5, so fun!

The world is so damn charming. It's delightful. I'm so happy to be in a NEW Nintendo world. Nothing against my man Mario but... if this would have been another Mario game I don't think I'd want to play it. The gameplay is great, but it's the world that makes me smile constantly.

I wish the central hub was a bit bigger with more to explore, I also wish you could interact with other players ala Destiny or something. BUT even just chatting with the NPCs is hilarious and fun, all the shop owners are AMAZING, haha.
05/31/15, 21:48   
Well, I definitely just had my fill of being miserably defeated over and over again by Theresa and Hjort. Hrmph.
05/31/15, 22:22   
Who is Theresa? I've been on Hjort's team so far....

Is 'Lou' TheOldManFromZelda or is that a coincidence?

Why don't people go in NegWorld chat during matches?
05/31/15, 22:31   
Edited: 05/31/15, 22:35
Sorry for bailing just now; My battery was flashing red, so I'll be back once it's charged again.

I'm so disappointed that we always ended up on opposing teams. The august update can't come soon enough.

I don't think I would be able to keep updated on the chat at the same time. But I can try next time. Theresa used to go by Osmicow on the old IGN Wii Lobby. She had an avatar pic of Miyu from Star Fox 2, I think. Only really got to know her during my stint at Nintendo Enthusiast.

EDIT: Will try to send out some friend requests when I'm back online. It's fun seeing familiar names come up when I get splatted!
05/31/15, 22:40   
Edited: 05/31/15, 22:44
Are you all trying to upgrade a ton of gear (aka switching periodically) or are you trying to find the 'right' gear and stick with it?
05/31/15, 22:59   

Yeah, what's the deal with the game seemingly favoring putting friends on the opposing team? I thought maybe the odds were just against me.

I'd rather cooperate with friends, not fight against them!
05/31/15, 23:00   

I don't think I've been on a team with Guillaume more than like once. I'm always separate, even when others join and I can be their teammate. WTF
05/31/15, 23:04   

Yeah, I think I was put on his team about twice in the over ten times we played.

We had a little more luck when we all played yesterday, but there were four of us.
05/31/15, 23:21   

I switch every so often to upgrade stuff, but also match stuff together to see what looks good AND helps my character.
05/31/15, 23:21   
It is weird. I could pracitcally only be sure to play on Theresa's team once Kris joined, when the servers got too busy pitting me against him to care about the rest.

I'm trying to find good gear. Primarily what looks good, but right now I'm so happy with the perks I have that I'll probably end up sticking with that for some time.
06/01/15, 00:03   

I just checked Nintendo's server status. True Fact: 70 percent of system resources are allocated to making sure Hjort and Kris are on opposing teams.
06/01/15, 00:15   
I'm going to be obsessed over this game all summer.
06/01/15, 01:11   
I'm almost surprised how this game explodes with character. It gets me very excited for the future of not only new Nintendo IP, but new entries in the classic series. Now I'm really dying to see what they do with Metroid.

E3 can't come soon enough. It is clear as day how much love Nintendo put into Splatoon.
06/01/15, 01:22   
MilotheMayor said:
I'm going to be obsessed over this game all summer.
06/01/15, 01:35   
carlosrox said:
E3 can't come soon enough. It is clear as day how much love Nintendo put into Splatoon.

What's really great is that this is a product of young Nintendo staff too. It gives me hope that the Nintendo spirit will live on as a lot of key people at the company start to retire.
06/01/15, 01:53   
This game has that "spark" that has been missing from a lot of Wii U games so far imo

Overall, Nintendo's efforts have been fairly conservative, so most of their titles have felt like solid 8/10 efforts rather than modern classics to me. Very excited what this development team does going forward.
06/01/15, 02:05   
One thing I love about this game is how important it makes you feel. "If I only hadn't died in that last moment, we would have won it all. I've let them all down!" Those cases where you end up in a game where one of your teammates idles are really obvious.

I can honestly say that this is the most fun I've had with a multiplayer game since the Goldeneye days.
06/01/15, 03:26   
MilotheMayor said:
This game has that "spark" that has been missing from a lot of Wii U games so far imo
It's always fun to get a new IP from Nintendo and it happens oh so rarely, something super cool and unique, love it!
06/01/15, 03:55   
Just finished a slew of great matches with Hinph, Infinity_Wave, and VofEscaflowne. Against VofE, we had a match where my team won with a mere .1% better percentage. Holy crap! We both exclaimed that in the chat. I thought my team was out. One drop made the difference.
06/01/15, 04:01   

In this generation alone:

Pushmo series
Dillon's Rolling Western series
Steel Diver series
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

and we also got Tomodachi series for the first time in NA this generation.

Is there any video game company that releases more new IPs than Nintendo?
06/01/15, 04:04   
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