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Zelda shootout! [roundtable]
So I have a pet theory, regarding the wildly schismatic nature of the Zelda fanbase: People probably aren't disagreeing on the relative qualities of each game. My theory is that they just have different priorities, so they prefer different entries. I mean, is ANYONE going to say that Wind Waker has better puzzles than Twilight Princess?

So let's rank every Zelda game (that we've played) in these key categories:

1) Combat:

2) Puzzle Design:

3) Overworld (exploration):

4) Dungeons:

5) Mini-games and sidequests:

6) Controls:

7) Graphics:

8) Music:

9) Economy:

10) Game Balance (puzzle challenge vs. combat challenge vs. economy):

11) Flow:

12) Length (Too short, Just right, Overstayed it's welcome):

13) Story (and characters):

14) Overall Grade:

If I missed any key categories, let me know. I'm thinking we can assign a score of 1 to 5 for each (5 being the highest). If you desire, you can explain your rating briefly.

Keep in mind, the 1 to 5 scale I'm suggesting is RELATIVE to other Zeldas, not all other games. So a 1 means that it would be among the worst in that category in the Zelda series. 5 means one of the best. I'm going to use .5s for the overall grade, too, but only for the overall grade.

And you don't have to do them all at once. Feel free to tackle one or two at a time. Then, at the end, maybe some statistics nerd (*cough*Zero*cough*) can compile the results and check the deviation in each category, or whatever.

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Posted: 05/03/14, 16:22:16  - Edited by 
 on: 05/03/14, 16:36:02
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Lots of polls and Nintendo battles lately!

Know what we haven't had though? That's right. ZELDA SURVIVOR POLLLL

…Hm, actually, that's pretty much what the Nintendo March Madness poll turned into, isn't it?
Posted: 05/06/14, 02:54:12
@TriforceBun Would this Survivor Poll just choose ten of the Zelda games, or would it include specific aspects of Zelda games?

@TriforceBun It's just a remix of the title screen, which is decent, but nothing spectacular. The credits sequence is one of the better ones in a Zelda game, though.

Also if you haven't played the HD version yet, the music has been improved too. Molgera sounds better than ever!
Posted: 05/06/14, 03:38:45  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/14, 03:39:36
@Mop it up

It'd probably have to just be the games themselves. So the main ten would be the most popular ones--the 5 3D Zeldas, LttP, probably LoZ1, LA, ALBW. The last slot might have to be determined by a (singular?) "preliminaries" poll determining the most popular of the less-popular titles: Zelda 2, OoA, OoS, FSA, TMC, PH, ST.

I haven't played the HD one yet (waiting for Mario Kart) but I greatly look forward to it. I think calling it a mix of just the title screen is selling it short though! It seamlessly integrates the Outset (Aryll's) theme, Zelda's Lullabye, and the Hyrule Overture into the song as well, and the whole thing just sounds so rich and mmmmmm. Which I guess still technically makes it a medley of sorts, but those are all-too-rare in Zelda games anyway, if you ask me.
Posted: 05/06/14, 03:45:05
You slackers! T-Bun dashed off a comprehensive list in, like, fifteen seconds!

V_s said:
I guess for me Lore would kind of fall into the Story/Characters category. I DEFINITELY should have had an "Items" category, though. Ah, well. It's probably too late now.

V_s said:
Can you explain to me what you mean by "Flow"? Are you just asking about the pacing?
Pretty much, yeah. Overall and moment-to-moment. Also, a measurement of how well all of the game elements are integrated into a cohesive whole. (So I might hypothetically give Metroid Prime, say, a ONE.)

That would fall into overall Game Balance.
Posted: 05/06/14, 03:56:24  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/14, 05:06:26

Yeah yeah I didn't follow the guide. This was easier for me anyway when it came to ranking and you can always reduce the totals down to something out of 5. Also Majora's Mask got a six on some categories because it's that good in those ones. No contest.
Posted: 05/06/14, 08:47:07  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/14, 08:48:06
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