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Give your money to the NW in the form of a donation! [community]
A couple of users were asking about donations, so I set up a donation button through Paypal.

You do NOT need a Paypal account to donate, it also accepts credit cards. What you do is click on the button, put in your donation amount (USD) and then if you are going through Paypal sign in and complete it, if you are using a credit card hit the credit card link near the bottom left. The actual transaction is done on the Paypal site, so you don't have to worry about Negative World stealing all ur credit cardz.

It costs me about $75 a year to keep this site up, not a whole lot, but I do make dirt at my day job, am paying for grad school, and still live with my mom at 30 so every bit helps. Also, the web designer spent a lot of time and work to implement skins, navigation layout, make the site work quick and neat, and implement the options you asked him, all this instead of doing a paid professional site. I'm not going to grub for money though, you either want to donate or you don't. No pressure.

So clicky clicky the button below!

PS. As this is a free site and I want it to be free and equal to all, donations will NOT get you into the lower levels. Sorry. But we will give you our unrestrained love... that is a fair trade, right?!

URL to share (right click and copy)
02/10/10, 07:23    Edited: 02/20/11, 18:05
More donations pouring in. Thanks everyone!
11/29/10, 22:54   
I must note that I tried to donate some time ago, but failed. I thought I could be all sneaky like by buying an AMEX gift card credit card thingy and donate using it via PayPal anonymously. However, despite my attempts to donate at the full card value, and every imaginable increment lower, the card was rejected. I've never had issues using such cards online, so perhaps it is a safety feature of PayPal not to accept payments via gift card credit cards. Either way, I shall try again in the future using an alternate method. While I do not post an incredible amount, I like Negative World and its culture (and a good number of its inhabitants), and would like to not only pay for my usage but support its existence.

In regards to your comments below... I usually try and speak in general terms so as not to box my comments in too tightly, hence my saying "a good number" as opposed to "all" or even "most").

That being said, I do have a hit list (kind of, sort of, not really). But rest assured that you aren't on it. Not that I'm relevant enough for it to matter!
12/01/10, 04:28   
Edited: 12/02/10, 03:52
A good number, eh? My insatiable desire for gossip is getting the better of me!

Am I on the hit list??
12/01/10, 06:08   
I donated for the first time like a week ago. I <3 negative world.

I much rather donate spare money to NW than waste it on stupid things like I usually do.
12/18/10, 10:23   
DungeonO said:
I donated for the first time like a week ago. I <3 negative world.

I much rather donate spare money to NW than waste it on stupid things like I usually do.

Oh hey we think alike
12/28/10, 00:22   
Thanks again everyone!

It's due to your generous donations that we were able to do important things like move to a better server and fun things like the Mega Man haiku competition!
01/03/11, 01:57   
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