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What is your favorite post-N64-era console mainline Zelda game? [poll]
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker  (14/39 votes)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess  (14/39 votes)
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword  (11/39 votes)
I feel like all three of these Zelda games fall into this similar spot where they have their fans and they have their haters and it all kind of averages out to them being considered "not quite" up there with the best Zelda games (I'm talking consensus-wise, obviously individuals will put one or many of these are the top of their lists.) I guess you could say the same about Majora's Mask, but it seems to be a bit more loved overall around here

These three are also all really close in our ratings, at 9.29/10(Wind Waker), 9.27/10 (Skyward Sword), and 9.24/10 (Twilight Princess). So I'm interested in how they will stand against each other in a head to head poll. And I didn't include any cop-out answers for Communists who are afraid to put one above the others... you have to pick one or go home.

I also didn't include Four Swords Adventures because that's really a different thing there. And I didn't include Link's Crossbow Training for the same reason and also anyone insane enough to vote for that is insane and should not be allowed to vote anyway.

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01/28/14, 18:23  
Jargon said:

I agree more dungeons would not have solved Wind Waker's problems.

But I don't think Skyward Sword was guilty of being a dungeon tour. There was a lot of emphasis on the areas leading up to the dungeons, which would have been perfect if they'd just been connected together and allowed for more freedom to explore.

And if they didn't focus on tasks that have you running around trying to collect a bunch of shit before you can enter the dungeon. That's the kind of thing I hate about the recent 3D Zelda games. ALBW was a shorter, more replayable, and better game for not doing this to us.
01/30/14, 01:29   
Edited: 01/30/14, 01:30
Even though I'm only through the second dungeon on SS, I think its safe to say, TP is my favorite. Not that I hate WW. Once I finesh SS, I will vote in the other poll. I just hope SS doesn't end up being my favorite, esp since I already voted.
01/30/14, 10:26   
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