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Would you buy a console if it ONLY had Nintendo-published games? [roundtable]
But Nintendo gave it Gamecube/Wii/Wii U-level support? A console consisting entirely of Nintendo exclusives, at the rate of 7-9 per year, with the occasional VC release and eShop original?

Just curious. If you knew that, say, the Wii U would have absolutely ZERO third-party support, would you still buy it/have bought it, knowing that?

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Posted: 01/08/14, 20:18:13
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The only reason I buy a Nintendo console is because it has its awesome library of games. Now actually allow me to rephrase that. I only buy Nintendo home consoles because of its stable of games. Its handhelds usually get great support, and most of my favorite handheld (DS) games are from third party. On home consoles though, it's another story. Nowadays most third party games either play or look better on other consoles, or are just not even available on Nintendo consoles. I honestly think that at this point it is impossible to expect most major multi-platform games to come out on Wii U or any Nintendo console for that matter. You'll either have to have another console or game on steam (I recommend the latter) unless you absolutely have to have Halo or the next masterpiece of modern storytelling that is the Uncharted series.
Posted: 01/09/14, 01:24:04

To each his/her own.
Posted: 01/09/14, 01:35:12

Allegations? Good grief, dude. Do you just read all my posts as if I'm shouting them while wagging my finger or something?

Dial it down a little bit.
Posted: 01/09/14, 01:47:03

Side note; what's up with that phrase? Is there such a thing as 'good' grief? And if so, why would anyone want it?

But it seems only to be uttered when there is actual grief, which is not good, so why describe it as such? If anything, grief should be worse than good. But maybe better than bad.

Which reminds me of log, for some reason. (It's better than bad, it's good!)
Posted: 01/09/14, 01:52:43  - Edited by 
 on: 01/09/14, 01:56:13
Mr_Mustache said:
kriswright said:
not obscuring my motives


Oh, wow, took me a minute. Haha, nice catch.
Posted: 01/09/14, 02:08:27
YES, because it wouldn't be much different than our current situation. 3rd parties are so spoiled, they need to make better games! No ports.
Posted: 01/09/14, 02:16:50
ploot said:
That's what I buy Nintendo consoles for nowadays, so yeah. I do have a few third party games, but I generally buy cross-platform titles on my computer.
Same. It will end up with at least 15-20 great exclusives by the end of its life that will more than justify the purchase, anything beyond that is gravy.

I will always get at least one other console to satisfy my gaming needs, I cannot get that from just a Nintendo console. I will never not buy a console that plays Nintendo games, even if that's all there was, but I could never restrict myself to only playing games on that system.
Posted: 01/09/14, 02:50:12

Apparently that's how you read my posts if you didn't see that "allegations" was more than a little tongue-in-cheek.

The internet is dumb.
Posted: 01/09/14, 04:48:56  - Edited by 
 on: 01/09/14, 05:03:09
Of course I would! Is this a rhetorical question?
Posted: 01/09/14, 04:51:33
Look at my name and picture. That is all the explanation you need.
Posted: 01/18/14, 05:32:35

Explanation for what happened to my stash of red cordial?
Posted: 01/18/14, 05:44:01
I can't stand red cordial actually. Much prefer lime.
Posted: 01/18/14, 05:53:43

Lime doesn't explain that icon like red does.
Posted: 01/18/14, 06:00:35
The cocaine does though.
Posted: 01/18/14, 06:10:54

Ah, touche.
Posted: 01/18/14, 06:12:38
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