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SteamWorld Dig Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS
8.54/10 from 15 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS!

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Why does this thread not exist yet? Luckily I didn't spend too much time digging... for it before I realized it needed to be made.

This game is pretty damn fun. It's weird because it's gameplay is based almost solely on excavating actions but the way you level up in a similar Metroid fashion is pretty awesome and there's a strong compelling drive to just keep digging down. The fact that you can't undo things and that the game remembers your every move is fascinating and brings a stress to me that I both love and wish I didn't have.

I also have a dread that I am missing too much or whatever... but it's tricky because the game is apparently randomly generated from what I heard. Also, I feel like while I might miss something on occasion, I am getting quite a bit of stuff. Now that I have dynamite, the TNT shouldn't be nearly as big of an issue.

This is available for the 3DS but I am playing it on Steam actually via my iMac, Darwiin Remote, and my Classic Controller Pro. Loving it quite a lot.

Who else plays this?

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01/04/14, 07:11   Edit:  01/04/14, 07:16
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Glad you liked it. I just beat it too.... my third time this year... but my first on 3DS. Took me about 6.7 hours or so. Died five times. Carelessness just like your run. I don't think I went to nab every gem this time but I did max out all my upgrades and such.

I may Triple-Dip on Wii U... if there's a discount then it's even more likely.
07/31/14, 05:35
Just beat this tonight - really enjoyed it. I was going to pick it up on Wii U but then Humble Bundle came along. (why do developers give their games away dirt cheap so quickly?!)

Looking forward to more games in the series now, especially a proper Dig sequel. I do love my digging games. Buried treasure, gyar!
10/10/14, 01:04
So I FINALLY started this game up. And, two days later, promptly finished it. Man, you guys were right. What a great game. The pacing was awesome, and I really enjoyed how you essentially created the world over the course of the game. It's impressive that everything was so persistent, to the point where you could almost screw yourself by digging improperly. Almost like a persistent, more structured, single world version of Spelunky.

I'm very impressed by these devs. It's probably too soon to jump right into Heist, but I'm anticipating it even more now.

If I didn't hate tower defense, I'd give Steamworld Tower Defense a shot, as well!
01/05/16, 23:08
Am I on time to this party? Surely six or seven years is still "fashionably" late, right?

Well anyway, rather than make a whole new thread about a game that released before anyone had ever heard about worldwide pandemics or Donald Trump, I'm posting in here to discuss SteamWorld Dig (Switch). As many have noted already, it's a great game! I'm glad I finally took the plunge yesterday and started it up. I think I bought it years ago when it was on sale. But slowly I've been chugging through the old backlog and I'm determined to not buy any new games for a while (both due to finances and due to it being really stupid to buy more when I have so much already sitting unplayed).

At first I wasn't sure if I'd like the game because digging took SO LONG, but it really felt good and a pay-off when you upgraded the pick and were slicing along like a knife through hot butter. I can't wait to play more later tonight after work. Tempted to forgo work and just go play, lol.

I also like that the game doesn't really hold your hand, but also doesn't overwhelm you. I don't feel like I'm incompetent, but I do feel like I'm exploring and learning on my own, no training wheels. I'm not sure if that feeling keeps up throughout the game, but so far I'm really DIGGING the experience! (Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho)

From what I see in this thread it isn't a super long game, but also never overstays its welcome. I appreciate games like that these days.It feels cozy in a sense, because it doesn't overwhelm with extraneous stuff. You've got a town with a population of three (which made me laugh reading the sign) and it WORKS. Three is all you need there!

Really excited to continue!
09/27/22, 16:24
@J.K. Riki

Hey, better late than never! Enjoy!
09/29/22, 02:58

I did!

Finished the game today, just around 6 hours. What a fantastic experience. It made me want to buy Steamworld Dig 2 immediately, ha ha. (Perhaps at some point, but will wait for now.) Though I don't have super high hopes, because honestly I can't imagine how they could top this one. It was just too brilliant, with excellent pacing. But even if it is half as good, it will be fun.

Also I poked around and looked at the other two games, which aren't Digs? Some Card RPG and a tactical shooter or something? Weird!
10/03/22, 03:58   Edit:  10/03/22, 03:59
@J.K. Riki
Dig 2 is good as well; it's more polished and probably more balanced, but I think it also loses something in the chase for going for "bigger and better." I'd recommend playing it still, but I preferred the first overall.
10/03/22, 06:01
TriforceBun said:
@J.K. Riki
Dig 2 is good as well; it's more polished and probably more balanced, but I think it also loses something in the chase for going for "bigger and better." I'd recommend playing it still, but I preferred the first overall.
I totally agree with this. I love Metroidvanias, but Dig 2's foray into that particular platforming niche hampers the relative simplicity and almost arcade-like approach of the original game. There's something simultaneously cosy and claustrophobic about the first game and how it keeps you going down into the darkness, just one more time, just one more time. Dig 2 is great, but it's a different experience by design.

Steamworld Dig 2 has El Huervo, though.

EDIT: Damn, not sure what's up with my language in this post, but whatever.
10/03/22, 18:41   Edit:  10/03/22, 18:42

Yep, that's what I figured would happen. I'm still looking forward to giving it a whirl, but I wager I will eventually just want to play the first game all over again! :D
10/04/22, 05:16
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