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SteamWorld Dig Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS
8.54/10 from 15 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS!

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Why does this thread not exist yet? Luckily I didn't spend too much time digging... for it before I realized it needed to be made.

This game is pretty damn fun. It's weird because it's gameplay is based almost solely on excavating actions but the way you level up in a similar Metroid fashion is pretty awesome and there's a strong compelling drive to just keep digging down. The fact that you can't undo things and that the game remembers your every move is fascinating and brings a stress to me that I both love and wish I didn't have.

I also have a dread that I am missing too much or whatever... but it's tricky because the game is apparently randomly generated from what I heard. Also, I feel like while I might miss something on occasion, I am getting quite a bit of stuff. Now that I have dynamite, the TNT shouldn't be nearly as big of an issue.

This is available for the 3DS but I am playing it on Steam actually via my iMac, Darwiin Remote, and my Classic Controller Pro. Loving it quite a lot.

Who else plays this?

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01/04/14, 07:11    Edited: 01/04/14, 07:16
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The pickaxe is pretty useless once you get access to the drill. It's pretty much my main digging tool
01/06/14, 00:46   
Yeah, once I got the Drill that was my digging tool 90% of the time. The only exception was when I needed to dig across a chasm or something the Drill couldn't reach, and then I'd use the Mega Buster.
01/06/14, 00:53   

I had no clue about it's usefulness initially. I didn't use it unless I had to drill something for the fact that I didn't want to use water, not realizing now just how available it really is. I dig it.
01/06/14, 01:17   
Finished the game. Took a bit under 5 hours. Pretty good game. It definitely feels like it gets a bit better as you get more powered up and such. End was cool.
01/23/14, 05:16   
Edited: 01/23/14, 05:16

Great to hear! Did you get all the upgrades and loot or was this a standard run through where whatever happened happened?

That ending was pretty cool. I didn't really expect a more traditional boss battle for the ending. It wasn't too hard IMO but still challenging enough to be loads of fun.
01/23/14, 13:43   
@DrFinkelstein Nah I just basically kept moving forward, explored a decent amount but didn't feel the need to get everything. And I totally expected a traditional boss battle the way everything kept pointing to something "big". What I honestly didn't expect was that it would be done so well considering that um... the other player / enemy interactions are not the strong point of the game.
01/23/14, 18:04   

They may not be strong points in the game but I didn't find them weak either. They just 'were'. So I guess I didn't expect the finale to be weak but I sure didn't expect how strong and fun it'd be. Pleasantly surprised.
01/24/14, 00:29   
Now that Steamworld Dig is on sale, I bump this!

This is a pretty cool game. It's got some Metroid to it, but it feels like a fresh take on the formula. Surprisingly, the randomly-encountered environments work pretty well for this type of game.

If you're on the fence, I'd say go for it. $4.50 is a paltry sum, and this is a genuinely interesting title with a good amount of care put into it. Check it out, yo.
03/15/14, 07:17   

Another satisfied customer! I'm glad you dig it!
03/15/14, 14:19   
Played about a half hour so far. I dig it!
03/15/14, 21:07   
All done! Took about 5 and a half hours for me to finish with all upgrades (minus one, I died a lot and didn't feel like grinding for the last health boost). All in all, a strong, tightly-designed game with a simple but satisfying story. Now I'm doing it all again, but trying to go faster!

However, is it true that there's no real post-game content? If so, that's a bit of a shame--I think this is the kind of game that can lend itself really well to that sort of thing. Oh well, there's always going for gold medals, which I'm attempting now.
03/17/14, 23:40   
Picked this up on sale and "dug in" last night (har har). So far, so good! I'm just made it to the Old World, and it's getting more interesting. Worth the $4.49 plus tax I paid for it.

Ladders are my best friend. I screw up tunnels a good bit, but they let me go back and dig up more gems.
07/18/14, 17:31   
Yeah, this might actually be my favorite eShop 3DS game of last year, in retrospect. Now that it's on sale again, I'm once again recommending it to those who haven't gotten it yet. Bypass that Whopper for a day and pick up Steamworld Dig!
07/18/14, 17:45   

It's the best eShop game I've played this year for sure. At first, I wasn't sure about it...the style didn't grab me. But I watched the trailer again and figured, "why not?" I'm glad I gave it a chance.
07/18/14, 18:09   

Shovel Knight?

SteamWorld Dig is really great, though. I'm looking forward to the sequel!
07/18/14, 18:22   

I played Shovel Knight on Wii U. SteamWorld Dig is the best 3DS eShop game I've played this year.
07/18/14, 18:36   
I hope the sequel has more bosses, and is longer.
07/18/14, 19:11   

Alright, so long as you played Shovel Knight, that's all that matters. That game is rad.
07/19/14, 20:18   
Shovel Knight and SteamWorld Dig wrestle for number one in my heart, they are both fantastic, in very different ways. Shovel Knight is definitely the larger, more ambitious title, but Dig just has so much damn charm...

I think my next goal in gaming might be to platinum Dig on the Vita, because... why not?

I'm definitely going for all the feats in Knight, but hey... some of them are hard as hell, beat the entire game without falling into a single pit? HELLO!
07/19/14, 23:16   
Finished this over the weekend, and I really liked it. Took me a little over 6 hours, and I got every upgrade, gem, and orb. I think I had twelve deaths, mostly just being careless.

I'll be double-dipping on Wii U when it launches (especially if 3DS owners get a discount, as Image & Form stated they'd like to do).
07/21/14, 17:08   
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