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Which do you prefer? ALBW or SM3DW? [poll]
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (18/33 votes)
Super Mario 3D World (15/33 votes)
For those of you who have played both, which do you prefer? A Link Between Worlds or Super Mario 3D World?

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Posted: 12/02/13, 07:20:21  - Edited by 
 on: 12/02/13, 23:01:23
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WHY should it have followed on a console? Besides the Carlos rule?

You still haven't answered this.
Posted: 12/30/13, 01:39:01
Why not? Why switch it to another console when the fanbase played it on a certain console first? Besides Nintendo being random?

I think Metroid 2 on Gameboy was idiotic as well.

And consoles never got Super Mario Land 2 or Tetris 2.

And you also know how I feel about consoles being able to realize more potential than handhelds, ie it's a vicious cycle of "any portable game could be better on a console, so what's the hold up?".

And the Wii U's future. All that stuff.
Posted: 12/30/13, 03:03:58  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/13, 03:04:34

That's ridiculous. By your logic, they should be releasing it on the SNES, because that's the 'certain console' the fanbase played it on first.

Considering the game was built around the 3D effect and the verticality of the dungeons, there's a reason they chose to put on 3DS from the start. It did stuff the WiiU couldn't do.

The WiiU will get it's own Zelda soon enough. Expecting all development to be console only 'just because' is silly.
Posted: 12/30/13, 03:55:03  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/13, 03:59:29
carlosrox said:
And you also know how I feel about consoles being able to realize more potential than handhelds, ie it's a vicious cycle of "any portable game could be better on a console, so what's the hold up?".
Pokemon. Checkmate. A Pokemon RPG on a home console would never work. Get rid of the superiority complex. Handhelds are just as good as home consoles.
Posted: 12/30/13, 04:04:24
But SM3DW is a console sequel to a handheld game. Following that built-in audience logic, shouldn't it have been on the 3DS then?

Not that I disagree that the Wii U should get more support, but still.
Posted: 12/30/13, 07:32:24
But 3D Land shoulda been a console game first ;)

Why wouldn't it work?
Posted: 12/30/13, 13:18:51
carlosrox said:
But 3D Land shoulda been a console game first ;)

Posted: 12/30/13, 13:58:48
You are asking me, the resident Pokemon expert and guy who has Poke in his username why a Pokemon RPG (A traditional one, not Colosseum or XD like) would not work on a home console.

Shadowlink, mind if I borrow the image?

Posted: 12/30/13, 14:40:21

.....Actually, we've been screaming for a console Pokemon RPG for years. They could really do something amazing with it if they put some effort in. I had some really cool ideas for that ages ago on the old NW site. Then Zero binned it all. Jerk.

I don't really see why it wouldn't work though, although there would have to be some changes to be sure.
Posted: 12/30/13, 14:48:23  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/13, 14:50:15
Which is exactly what Colosseum and XD were. You CANNOT have a traditional Pokemon RPG like X and Y however because of the simple fact that they wouldn't work. The series started as 'Pocket Monsters' and will continue to be that. Look at O Powers for example and the level of local interaction that feeds off the game. Then you have to account for the different game feel you get when comparing a home console game to a handheld game. Sure a lot of the modern Pokemon game is Online Interaction, but I feel, as many other people on the internet feel, that games like X and Y would never work on a home console without completely destroying the foundation of what Pokemon is.
Posted: 12/30/13, 14:59:48

But why? Sorry, but there's no more foundation to the viewpoint 'It wouldn't work' than there is to Carlos's belief that 'Game X should be on a console not a handheld'.

I haven't played Colosseum or XD, but I'm assuming they were similar to the Stadium games on N64, in that they focused purely on the battling side of things. What we need is an adventure. A quest. A fully fledged 3D open world Pokemon. It can be done and it'd make all of the money. All of it.
Posted: 12/30/13, 15:14:44  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/13, 15:15:32
I'm not 100% sure that a console Pokemon would be a success, in fact I'm not even like 20% sure, hell I'm zero sure! Just because a game or franchise is popular on one platform doesn't mean it would be popular on another. The idea of a "pocket monster" is pretty reliant on said monster actually fitting in your pocket, take away the pocket and you've changed a key component of the magic elixir of ultimate success and riches that is Pokemon.

That said, if you took a game like X/Y and straight up ported it to the Wii U, in better resolution with enhanced textures and lighting etc., that wouldn't be a huge investment and it would be a good way to test the waters. Call it Pokemon Z Ultimate or something, maybe release it at the same time as Pokemon Z on the 3DS and see what happens.
Posted: 12/30/13, 15:51:50  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/13, 18:05:57
@deathly_hallows @Pokefreak911

You guys do realise that the 'Pocket Monsters' part of Pokemon is an in-universe descriptor for the fact that the trainers keep these monsters in small balls in their pocket right?

The original release may have been built around the Gameboy and trading in the school yard or whatever, but we've progressed from that. Like Pokefreak admits, online is a more than viable substitute.

The game used to be centered around portability from necessity. That necessity no longer exists. Now all you have is nostalgia and tradition. Those aren't reasons enough to keep it confined to a portable platform any more than 'Link to the Past was on SNES' is a reason to put ALBW on WiiU.
Posted: 12/30/13, 16:14:55  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/13, 16:15:30
Just finished ALBW. Tons of fun, a great Zelda game!

But I voted 3D World. It was somehow even more fun, especially with a second player, and it felt more inventive and challenging.
Posted: 12/30/13, 16:50:30

I'd say in Japan the portable aspect is bigger than ever, but not much in the rest of the world. They'd also have to update the mechanics of the game if they want it on consoles. X/Y with better looks would get murdered on Wii U (review wise) because of how basic the gameplay is. Online would also need to be beefed up, maybe even get a semi-MMO feel to it (maybe like Destiny/Borderlands with drop in and out friends) or else don't bother putting "my first RPG" on the Wii U.
Posted: 12/30/13, 17:34:36
The pocket also refers to your pocket, just like the trainer you carry around your monsters with you everywhere you go, that has always been part of the appeal, it's an intimate relationship between player and game.

I'm not saying it would be an utter failure, I just think it would be really different from the established formula and there would be no guarantee of success. I, for one, would have zero interest in Pokemon on console, it's not the kind of game you sit in front of the TV and play, it's the kind of game you take on the train and grind through battles. Of course, I feel that way about a lot of games, JPRGs especially are well suited to handhelds.

If Nintendo wants to spend a lot of money on an RPG for Wii U they might be severed by a new franchise, something that is as suited to the Wii U as Pokemon was to the Game Boy.

Bah! I haven't played a single minute of 3D World so that makes me the perfect authority on the subject, and ALBW is a million times better!
Posted: 12/30/13, 18:24:43  - Edited by 
 on: 12/30/13, 18:28:38

Tetris 2 came out on a console! On NES!
Posted: 12/30/13, 23:09:22
I wouldn't be opposed to a proper Pokemon on Wii U. Sure, the Pokemon and trading aspect is quite big, but I think that Nintendo still thinks of Pokemon as their handheld trump cards and one of the main reasons as to why people buy it. Honestly, you can't fault their logic since Pokemon has always been a huge seller and the handheld division has been a haven for Nintendo in the past. Specially with the threat of tablets/smartphones, Nintendo needs to retain a killer IP for it's handheld portfolio.

Now you can make a case for Wii U needing a lifeline and Pokemon very well being it, and you would make a compelling case. Nevertheless, I don't think Nintendo thinks it would be worth sacrificing 3DS for a few Wii U sales (relatively speaking) because let's be honest, most people who buy one version won't buy the other. Furthermore, the portability aspect is quite big, being able to bust out your 3DS and play while in school or the bus is a big deal. As a personal anecdote, for weeks all I heard about from young adolescents while on the bus ride home was Pokemon related.
Posted: 12/31/13, 00:16:44
@carlosrox Let's all be honest with ourselves for a second though... no way would Link Between Worlds have ever come to fruition as a console game. Console gamers are oddly fixated on AAA graphics and orchestrated music and epicness and blah blah blah. That is why we get the Zelda games that we get on consoles on consoles, and the Zelda games that we get on handhelds on handhelds.

Don't blame Nintendo, blame dumb gamers who expect everything on consoles to be some AAA epic.
Posted: 12/31/13, 00:31:40
I was going to continue the discussion, but my Handheld buddy DH has done more than enough. Points have been stated.
Posted: 12/31/13, 01:25:48
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