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Wii U owners: How much do you use Miiverse and why? What do you like/ dislike most about it? [roundtable]

I love Miiverse. I think Nintendo really nailed it when they included this online community feature on day 1 of Wii U's launch. I regularly post on Miiverse and have really come to appreciate the recent addition of tags to post stuff like impressions, questions for other users, brag about your accomplishments, and more! (There can even be game-specific tags like Pikmin 3's creature photography). The fact you can easily attach screenshots is pretty awesome, and it's easier than ever to post since you can use a USB keyboard on the Wii U or access the web browser version on your computer. I've also been able to interact directly with game developers themselves! In short, I've found Miiverse truly has enhanced my game playing experience.

However, I notice that there's a wide range of activity use among everyone on my friends list. Some of you post on Miiverse regularly, others hardly at all.

Do you post on Miiverse often? Do you prefer to just browse through and see what people are saying about certain games? Is Miiverse lacking something you want, which in turn leads you to use it less often?

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11/05/13, 17:34
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I use it a decent amount, checking in on people, posting when I think of something clever to say or am particularly pleased with a gaming moment. Sometimes I'll ask for help but its pretty hit or miss if I get any useful replies. I also like to watch the Wara Wara plaza from time to time and check out the most liked Art Academy works.

My big complaint is the lack of a search function. For example, if I wanted to see posts about a certain Mario level, I couldn't search by the right tag unless I happened upon a post with that tag already or made my own. It'd also be nice to just globally search to see if anyone has said anything about, say, a certain character in a game or something.
11/05/13, 17:48
I use it quite often when playing a game. From just sharing my thoughts or screenshots, it's convenient that it's easily accessible for this. I do think there's still a few improvements that could be made to it. Loading it up is still not as fast as I wish it could be so wanting to post a screenshot but having to interrupt the gameplay can be annoying at times. Maybe if there was an option to take a screenshot and then add it to Miiverse later would be better. Also, the Activity Feed is still a glitchy mess. Not only is it incredibly slow to load, it'll often not load several posts and force me to reload it. I don't understand why they haven't fixed this yet as it's been that way from day one.

I am glad that they do update it frequently and that Nintendo hasn't just given up on it like they have before in the past. I look forward to when they add an option to also post gameplay clips.
11/05/13, 17:50
I love Miiverse! I tried to draw posts as often as I could at first, but have neglected it a bit recently. That's all on me though, and not the service. I also find myself less inspired to post by some games than others. Lately I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed 3, and it just doesn't feel like it gives me much posting material.

I check Miiverse every day, though.
11/05/13, 17:50   Edit:  11/05/13, 17:52
I usually post in-game whenever I do something or I beat a game, but every time I boot up, I check my stream to see what my friends are doing. I'll "Yeah" posts and answer questions.

I think it's a good feature. I've been playing through Toki Tori 2 and I've been reading in that community (though never asked for a hint). A lot of people get stuck pretty easily, but active users are quick to help them out. It's cool...having a screen shot of where you're stuck helps too.

I just wish Capcom would allow for screens of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...
11/05/13, 17:51
Yeah, the Toki Tori 2 community is pretty sweet when it comes to help! I never asked for hints either, but when I beat the game I was afraid that I might have missed out on some content, and asked about that. Didn't take many minutes before someone came along and helped me out! Miiverse is a thing of beauty.
11/05/13, 17:56
I spend a lot of time on the Earthbound community. I enjoy hearing about people's first time experiences with the game especially. I'm not as active on the other communities I favorite but I do check them from time to time. Overall I really enjoy it though, while I agree in principle, I think Nintendo needs to give us a better way to communicate with them when they moderate. An actual response is much better than some canned one that doesn't allow us to explain what was meant by the post before it was removed.
11/05/13, 18:07
Have you had posts removed? I've seen people have their posts removed a few times, but never managed to catch what they did that caused their posts to be moderated. How little does it take for them to mod you?
11/05/13, 18:47
Hardly ever really. I think if maybe I had my close, real life friends on Miiverse, I'd use it.

For the most part I feel like it's too detached from the games. If someone sends me a message or replies to my post, I wouldn't mind the option of having an overlay pop up telling me that I have a new message. I also think it generally takes too long to get into Miiverse. I know this is apples and oranges, but if I'm playing a game on a phone and I want to text someone, it takes a split second to jump to my messages. It'd even be cool if maybe the game would stay persistent on the TV, allowing me to post on Miiverse really quickly. Some games do this but it'd be cool if it was a system wide feature.

So for me right now, it's kind of an "out of sight, out of mind" kind of thing. I don't really feel compelled to go to Miiverse, but if it came to me a little more I'd be more likely to use it.
11/05/13, 19:23

A couple times. One was in regards to a guy getting the Sword of Kings in EarthBound in 2 or so battles and I called him a jerk because he did it so fast as a joke. Since Nintendo doesn't allow for anything but generic responses I wasn't allowed to explain what I meant by it and how it was a joke. The other time was pointing out the immaturity of some idiot ranting on how the Legend of Zelda needs to "grow up" and games like TWW as "kiddy litter". I didn't even bother responding to their message since it would just have been a waste of time.
11/05/13, 19:34   Edit:  11/05/13, 19:36
Ah, I see. I guess it's good that they crack down on stuff that could be interpreted as insulting towards other posters, but it wouldn't hurt if they paid more attention to context, from the sounds of it.
11/05/13, 19:37
Honestly, I've barely used it. I didn't really "get" it. I found it hard to figure out what to do with it and then I just never bothered going back to it. I only have a couple of people on my friends list, so maybe that's part of the problem, but my first impression was that it seemed like a big mess that I didn't know how to make sense of or why I'd want to bother. I never gave it a chance for a second impression.
11/05/13, 20:58
I used it a bunch at first, but lately I'm just too busy to spend my gaming time on not gaming.
11/05/13, 21:17
It's okay.

I would never go there to use it as a gaming forum, I'd much prefer to come to some place like this when I want to talk about games. When I turn on a gaming system, it's going to be to play something. If it is integrated into a game such as NSMBU then I might make a couple posts from the prompts, but I don't actually boot up Miiverse to post. I check out the activity feed sometimes to see what people on my list have said, and shoot a "yeah" at anything I think is good/funny, but I don't post that way. I also like how some of the popular games appear on the main menu, it's nice to see what's popular and what people are saying about the games. Sometimes it can even result in funny out-of-context quotes, such as "I just beat my wife!"

It is nice to know that the community is contained within the Wii U, and therefore I know that everyone posting has the system and so there won't be any outside trolls popping in like what can happen on forums. I hope they never make a way to access it without owning a Wii U. Miiverse has shown me how most people who own a Wii U seem to enjoy it, which gives me hope that the Wii U can recover from its sales slump because it seems to be a product people enjoy if they give it a chance.
11/05/13, 21:36
I think that's a big part of it for me too. The six posts I HAVE made to Miiverse were from within NSMBU, but even then, I found that it was just interrupting the limited time I had to play the game with waiting for things to load and so I stopped doing it.
11/05/13, 21:37
It's pretty awesome, but I usually don't post unless something amuses me (or prompts me). If it were quicker (or if I were less impatient), I might use it more often. The service itself is great, though. Positive vibes, all around.
11/05/13, 23:40
@Anand That's the thing too, it's SO SLOW, probably doubly so because of my crappy Internet.
11/05/13, 23:41
I don't own a Wii U, but from the outside looking in, Miiverse is a bigger draw than any game on the system so far. I went over a friend's place last weekend, and we spent almost an hour just looking through talented sketches and making fun of dumb people.
11/06/13, 00:25
Depends on the game. I had a lot of fun with WWHD and taking selfies with Link and writing the posts as letters to his grandma. I've asked for help with a Red Ring location in Sonic Lost World. I've bragged about a fast time in Rayman Legends Challenges App. And when I'm at work or at home on my laptop, I use the Miiverse website to check posts from my Wii U friends and reply or Yeah them.

But really I just view it as a kind of fun, throwaway distraction. I wouldn't care in the slightest if it suddenly vanished.

And I agree with Chris that the lack of communication with moderators is annoying. I had a post where I complained that the last boss in Ninja Gaiden 3 was poorly designed and annoying to fight and I got it removed because of a spoiler. I didn't go into ANY details about the boss. So is the fact that there is a last boss period a spoiler? What the hell.
11/06/13, 00:45

Ninja Gaiden 3 has a last boss!? Thanks you ass.
11/06/13, 01:02
I used it a lot more early on than I have lately.

Everything is so watered down with tons of people STILL begging for Follows and terrible posts that its become "YouTube 2.0." I still write messages to friends in there (though again, not as much as before), and I do read some stuff SOMETIMES.

I avoid spoilers like crazy though, sooo..makes reading Game Threads pretty tough.
11/06/13, 01:04
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