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Wii Fit U Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Wii Fit U on the Wii U
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for Wii Fit U on the Wii U!

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Wii Fit U, where fitness is fUn. No that's not their actual slogan, nor would it ever be a contestant for one, but from my own personal experience, Wii Fit has always been a fun and engaging experience. Where the series lacked in the past, challenge of keeping up your daily life with the game life, lack of variety over a long term, and ability to connect with friends,.... the new version for Wii U seems to be correcting all of this.

Join the Negative World Wii Fit U Community!
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Fun Fact: There's three tiers to how you can purchase this game. You can either...

A.) Demo the game Nov. 1st and buy a Fit Meter to secure the game for free. The Fit Meter costs $20.

B.) You can buy a Fit Meter and a disc copy of the game for $50. I believe that's on December 13th.

C.) You can buy the disc game, Fit Meter, and the Balance Board for $90 dollars, also December 13th.

For more information, check out Nintendo's webpage for Wii Fit U.

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10/29/13, 01:44    Edited: 11/08/13, 04:28
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Wii Fit U is getting an update today. Coming from Miiverse...

Hiroshi Matsunaga said:
Hello everyone, Wii Fit U director Hiroshi Matsunaga here!

We’re releasing a new Wii Fit U update (Ver.1.3.0) today!

The big news for this version is that we’ve added new courses for Fit Meter Challenge! There are twelve new courses each for Walking Challenge and Climbing Challenge.

The new Walking Challenge courses take you on exciting journeys through various countries, and there’s lots of interesting cultural and historical information to discover along the way.

We’ve also added exciting new Climbing Challenge courses, with more famous mountains and buildings from around the world.

Are you ready to tackle these new challenges? You’ll get something really fun at the end of each course, so do your best and try to clear them all!

Now I’ll tell you about another change we’ve made. If you’ve been using My Routines to put together your own training routines, you’ll know that up to now you’ve always had to use a controller to proceed to the next activity. Switching activities has been made automatic in this update, so now you don’t need to pick up the Wii Remote or Wii U GamePad every time. It should make My Routines much more convenient to use.

And one more new feature... When you choose to view your weight changes over one year on the Graph Screen, up to now you’ll have seen only an average weight for each month. With this update, you’ll be able to see individual dates! I think this will be an especially nice feature for those of you who were already training on Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus.

You can find out about lots of other changes too by visiting the Wii Fit U official site.

If the weather is good, I hope you manage to go out with your Fit Meter – and if it’s bad, have lots of fun training at home with Wii Fit U!
The My Routines button press finally being fixed/removed is huge.
06/18/14, 16:54   
I play Wii Fit U on a regular basis, so this is good news! I'm only on my second Fit Meter Challenge, but I'm glad that more courses have been added to the game.
06/19/14, 02:06   
I don't really understand the Fit Meter challenges... (or have I not done enough?) it didn't seem as fun/charming as the Personal Trainer:Walking ones. (where you were trying to guess the shape it was drawing... at least it gave you a little bit of suspense.
And I noticed last time that if I collect up all my steps and finish a whole course at once... I don't get the little trivia for the intermediate cities?

Oh good, I hate having to grab the controller again.
06/21/14, 07:25   
Hey, that's pretty cool with the controller thing. I'll have to get back into Wii Fit U now that my layer of belly flub is back with a vengeance.
06/21/14, 08:52   
heliumsky said:
I don't really understand the Fit Meter challenges... (or have I not done enough?) it didn't seem as fun/charming as the Personal Trainer:Walking ones. (where you were trying to guess the shape it was drawing... at least it gave you a little bit of suspense.
And I noticed last time that if I collect up all my steps and finish a whole course at once... I don't get the little trivia for the intermediate cities?

Oh good, I hate having to grab the controller again.

That sounds kinda neat. I just looked this up, and it appears to be a DS game that totally flew under my radar.

As for the Fit Meter Challenges, I think they're somewhat interesting. It's cool to see steps being converted into laps around the world, even if it is straightforward. Going back to what you said, I completed the Tokyo run in one try, and I don't remember getting any information about the city. Next, I started running in Hawaii and got some trivia after I hit a checkpoint. I'll probably check in more frequently so I don't skip over some trivia, especially if the course is short. My mom started off with Italy, so she's got a long road ahead of her! That course is more like a heroic quest.
06/21/14, 22:38   
Well, PT:Walking isn't really a 'game', more of a pedometer, but the interface is a lot more charming, and there's more options with the stats.
I like it, but it's annoying carrying around 2 pedometers now... I wish they'd consolidated the two somehow.
06/22/14, 03:02   
It's cool that they're patching Wii Fit U. These seem like smart changes.

Do you really still wear your Personal Trainer: Walking pedometer? Carry the Pokewalker for the hat trick!

I also had Walking: The Game. But I never really got into it. Exercise, I mean.

I've been keeping my Wii Fit Meter in my jacket, but I kind of wish that they HADN'T added new courses, because I want to finish them all and stop wearing it. Too bulgy! And, like the Streetpass Games, logging it into Wii Fit every week is starting to seem like a job.

It would be cool if your 3DS automatically downloaded your steps to Wii Fit U. But I don't think that it keeps a record.

Walking. Yep.
06/24/14, 02:54   
Finally bought the Fit Meter..after downloading the Wii Fit U trial version months ago. It's cool that the deal was still honoured.. It updated the software first, then told me I had to register a meter to enjoy the game again - after a few miss tries (couldn't sync/lost connection) I figured that it was better if I put them both (the wii u pad & meter) flat on a table to make it work. Voila.

Took it everywhere with me today.... almost 7000 steps after 3pm... Not bad.

Apparently we are supposed to do over 10,000 steps per day (along with eating well etc) for us to lose anything on a consistant basis. I'm hoping that adding a hard work out will help me get over that hill...

Yep. Walking just became a job.
09/15/14, 04:24   
Your Gym accepting new memberships?
09/15/14, 04:41   

I sure hope so. I saw that nobody was left too when I played last week. I don't know if they delete you after inactivity or what but please do join! I don't know how much it really does anything but still, it's good to have people doing this.
09/15/14, 04:49   
I lost my Wii Fit Meter and had to leave the balance board with my niece while moving to Guam, so I'm afraid my Wii Fit days are over for now. But I got my money's worth for the price of the meter and a used balance board for sure.
09/15/14, 06:48   

I'll put in the nw gym code in soon.

I still can't do those push up side plank (strength training) ones... hurts like hell..
09/17/14, 05:18   
Well... I just dropped my Wii Fit Meter in the toilet. Oops. I'll turn it on in a couple days and see if it's working. Glad I dropped like damn near 90,000 steps in my last upload. The battery was pretty low so maybe I'll buy a new one someday and solve two problems.
10/29/14, 00:24   
Hey healthy NWers!
I have decided to start experimenting with yoga to strengthen up my back, and it feels pretty darn good after a few sessions.

I am using an old copy of Wii Fit + so I was wondering if it is worth the upgrade to Wii Fit U?
My only gripe at the moment (and it's a small one) is the slow transition from one excercise to the next.
I also enjoy navigating with the pointer, it slips right in my pocket. Do you have to use the Gamepad in the new version?

I'm mostly interested in not having to swap out discs and reverting my console to Wii mode... but am I £30 interested? Hmmm.
Advise me people.
01/27/15, 12:00   
Edited: 01/27/15, 12:00

The biggest issue I have with U is that it is indeed still too slow between exercises (I think I made a pretty large post about it on page 5 of this thread). But it does add some cool (and sometimes strenuous) new poses and it ultimately succeeds in its goal of making exercise fun. However, it's a little hard to recommend over Wii Fit+...while it's definitely an upgrade and there are some solid new features, it still has some of the same issues as before.

You don't really have to use the GamePad except for turning it on and in a few games, you can stick with the Wiimote for most exercises. However, you can do off-TV play using the GamePad, which is a great feature if you want to, say, exercise while watching TV. The Fit Meter got me more excited to take walks and stuff too, and I was in the best shape of my life after doing this for a few months (unfortunately, since stopping, I've gotten a little pudge in the belly). Also, sometimes something as simple as changing discs and waiting for the game to load (in Wii mode) is enough to deter one from playing it, so consider that benefit of a digital copy.

So I guess that didn't really give you a definite answer. What do you guys think?
01/27/15, 17:25   
Weird timing, I actually read through this thread on Friday after seeing that the BB + Fit Meter + Game bundle was $48 on a deal site. I was seriously considering it and probably would have made the purchase if the deal timer hadn't run out before I made up my mind. I've played a tiny bit of Wii Fit at a buddy's place, and it was kind of enjoyable. I liked the waiter game with the Gamepad, that was neat.
01/27/15, 17:31   
Went back and read your page 5 post. Totally get what you're saying. I'm surprised that they didn't address this issue. It has been a genuine complaint since 3 games ago! Couldn't they speed things up in an update?

Ima try and get a routine down and if I stick with it, I'll take the plunge for the HD upgrade. Hadn't considered the fit meter, is it worthwhile?

And yes, digital is essential for something like this. (For me anyway.)
01/27/15, 23:00   
I use Wii Fit U a lot, I love it, and the meter is really cool, although it's a little big and kind of annoying, I wish there was an option to wear something smaller on your wrist, or to sync data from other devices like Jawbone Move or Fit Bit. Still, I use it when I go for long walks and it's really helpful.

I say yes it's worth it to use the fit meter and avoid Wii mode, but man... I hate Wii mode, and these days I hate waiting for discs to spin-up as well, I want thing fast fast fast! This new generation has made me really impatient.
01/28/15, 02:58   
Edited: 01/28/15, 03:08

Wait until you feel the magic of a Solid State Drive.
01/28/15, 03:19   
I know! That's what I'm talking about! Both my computers are solid state, I don't play games on em... but damn Photoshop opens in like 2 second when it used to take more like a whole minute back in the old days.
01/28/15, 03:25   
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