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F-Zero X Discussion (Nintendo 64) [game]
F-Zero X on the Nintendo 64
8.64/10 from 23 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for F-Zero X on the N64!

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Just got this off Club Nintendo... I only rented it back in the day so not too many memories.

The game is great! The music is killer, love that double bass and the insane guitar riffs. Gameplay is such a big step up from the SNES game, it's actually fun to play now.

So, I was wondering about the drifting mechanics. When do you guys use the slow drift as opposed to the quick, sharp turns? Is it better to do the spin move of ram sideways with L/R for wrecking other vehicles?

Does the game still run at a decent frame rate in multiplayer?

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06/25/13, 23:01    Edited: 06/25/13, 23:04
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Ovals, huh? Intriguing.
07/02/13, 01:30   
@GameDadGrant Correct me if I misremember, but isn't there only one track for Death Race? And that track is just a simple loop? This was a cool concept for a mode, but way too limited, if I have this right.

The best thing about this game is easily the X cup, they should have brought this back for GX because it's a really neat and unique concept.
07/02/13, 01:47   
@Mop it up

Hmm, can't actually recall now, ha ha! I think you might be right...I'll have to go back and check now.

07/02/13, 04:41   
@Mop it up
Did you really unlock the X Cup, even though you disliked the game? Man, it was such a pain to unlock.

But seeing 29 AI cars bite it on the first turn of an X Cup track completely justifies the effort.

I played AX once. And then the next time I went to the arcade, it was gone...

Have you played Mario Kart GP??
07/02/13, 05:44   
Edited: 07/02/13, 05:46
@Anand Yes. I got this game way back before I had a lot of options, so I played everything that I had. And like I said, I didn't find the game difficult until the Master Cup, which does gets ridiculous with the CPU racers. I can't remember if I beat any cups on Master. I'm not saying it's easy, but after learning the tracks it was doable without much trouble.
07/03/13, 02:40   
The X Cup was interesting but like half of the races just ended with all of the computer AI flying off of the edge.
07/03/13, 03:05   
@Mop it up
I think that you had to have beaten everything on Master to unlock the X Cup. The easiest way to beat Master was to eliminate key competitors.
07/04/13, 14:38   
@Anand I looked it up to be sure, and you're misremembering. You unlock the X Cup after you beat all the other cups on Expert.
07/05/13, 07:06   
@Mop it up
That smells like insubordination. And insubordination is grounds for a ban.
07/06/13, 05:03   
Edited: 07/06/13, 05:03
I've been playing this! The Mario Kart 8 DLC is fun, but at this point I'm so good at that game that I need something harder to get my sick kicks.

I've been wanting to get into F-Zero GX for a long time, but my poor old Gamecube controller's sticks aren't as tight as they used to be, and not being able to play it in HD is unpleasant. But F-Zero X on the Switch is the first ever HD F-Zero game, and I have the N64 controller for it! And it's great! I love the sense of speed. This seems like the kind of game that would feel awesome to get good at.

I've just been sticking with the Blue Falcon set at default speed/acceleration. And I haven't messed with any of the more advanced racing techniques either. Anything I should check out?

I was going to ask a more specific question about drift turning vs. tilt turning, and in the process of looking up what those techniques are called, found this beautiful diagram from the instruction manual!

...except I think there's a typo, the R + -> should be labelled as a slide turn, right?
03/19/22, 20:54   
@Secret_Tunnel That is helpful, I was having trouble figuring things out myself. I could have sworn these games had the instruction manuals included in the N64 Switch Online app, but I couldn't find it last time I checked.
03/19/22, 23:50   
F-Zero X was great though I feel like it's one of those things where GX came along and was so amazing I never really went back.

Though it did have one thing GX didn't have, the hilariously broken random course generator that would often create courses the computer AI couldn't handle and everyone would just fly off the edge to their deaths.

03/20/22, 02:05   
I've been playing the Switch release of this game, but man. The Switch Lite analog stick is NOT a good substitute for the N64 controller. I might have to pony up the dough and get the "trident" pad for Switch. Even the Pro Controller feels weird with this game.

Secret_Tunnel said:
But F-Zero X on the Switch is the first ever HD F-Zero game

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't F-Zero X also technically HD on Wii U?
03/20/22, 05:33   
Edited: 03/20/22, 05:34
Iíve enjoyed this so far. I remember hearing how it was one of the few 60fps N64 games, along with SmashÖbut it seems to struggle to hit 60 most of the time. Still, itís pretty fun. I couldíve seen this being fun back on the N64, but I didnít know anyone who had it. Certainly a much smoother experience than Episode 1 Racer, thatís for sure.
03/24/22, 02:38   

Looks HD to me! Man, those dark filters sucked though, didn't they? I actually never got any N64 games on Wii U.
03/24/22, 23:18   
F-Zero X is one of the few games which really requires the player to feather the analog stick. If you turn too hard at speed, it's skid city!

So, yeah, tiny sticks would not be ideal.
03/25/22, 00:47   

Yeah not sure why the Wii U's Virtual Console was so dim. Was there ever an explaination for that? It's an odd choice.


I really want to play this game with the N64 controller. But those controllers sold out INSTANTLY from the Nintendo Online Store and people (scalpers) are selling them for no less than $100 on eBay. Nuts to that, says I.
03/25/22, 01:07   
Wasn't the dark filter some kind of epilepsy protection?

Yeah, I'm still on the fence about picking up one of those N64 NSO controllers. I kind of regret getting the SNES one. How could I support that diamond button layout??

I fricking love the NES pads, though. Hurts so good.
03/25/22, 18:42   
@GameDadGrant@Anand I feel like Iíve searched forever for an N64 controller alternative but I donít think one exists for Switch. Thereís adapters out there but they donít seem to do the job all that well.
03/28/22, 04:35   

Diamond layout is king! Show some respect!


Yeah, it's always best to go with first-party peripherals, I've found. Bummer they are so difficult to obtain. This game isn't..."unplayable" without the N64 pad. But it still feels "off" to me with the Joy Con or even the Pro Controller.
03/29/22, 01:48   
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