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New Super Luigi U Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.82/10 from 15 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for New Super Luigi U on the Wii U!

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New Super Luigi U Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.0)  by  

Anyone else at least a little excited to play this today? I really wanted to wait for the cool-lookin' green box, but I also have a fever, and the only cure is more Luigi.


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Posted: 06/20/13, 18:54:31  - Edited by 
 on: 06/20/13, 19:00:25
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Does this need the New Super Mario Bros. U game to be in the system during gameplay for any reason?

I figure it would but I didn't know if it really just needs the save file from mario or not.

Either way, oh well, downloading!
Posted: 06/22/13, 20:21:21  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/13, 20:23:30
@DrFinkelstein You need to put in the disc and leave it in at all times in order to play NSLU. It's DLC, so it's accessible from within NSMBU. The DLC still uses a lot of the content from NSMBU, such as the graphics, music, world map, bosses, etc. and it needs to load all this from the disc.

If you want to play NSLU without NSMBU then you'll have to wait for the retail version.
Posted: 06/22/13, 20:53:50  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/13, 20:54:26
Can't say I'll be biting on this one. I'm just completely tired of the New Super Mario Bros. motiff. I still haven't 100%'d NSMBU! Hopefully I can get around to that sometime.
Posted: 06/22/13, 21:49:01
I'm going through the main game so that I can unlock the ability to save whenever I want, then I'm going back through to get all the star coins.

I found the secret exit in the World 5 Ghost House. Halfway through World 7 now. I'm liking this game a lot! It's like bizarro-Mario. It feels like the game we would have gotten instead of NSMBU if fifteen years ago some engineer at Nintendo had eaten a pear for breakfast instead of an apple.
Posted: 06/22/13, 22:22:17
So far so challenging... but I like it!
Posted: 06/22/13, 22:29:24
Will probably download this evening. The magic is gone, anyway; Mommy let it slip through a MASSIVE verbal faux pas (in short- she was angry at our daughter for treating the gamepad poorly and she asked her if she knew how much Mommy and Daddy paid for it- Oops) that Santa Claus was a ginormous hoax. Now that they know that, they can just get visits from the REAL SC (me) on a regular basis. They'll be thrilled because they currently like the little bro better thanks to Luigi's Mansion.
Posted: 06/23/13, 05:39:44
I do like how devilishly hard the courses are... I'm losing lives left and right.
Posted: 06/23/13, 05:46:13
I'm on world 3 now.

I think already this is my favorite DLC ever, and hope it sells well.

I'd love for NSMBU to be a platform that hosts DLC like the Luigi one, then maybe Peach and Wario and even Yoshi. Each one has their own feel.
Posted: 06/23/13, 07:58:41
I've only played a little so far, but I do find myself running out of time more often than I'd like. Gotta be careful exploring!
Posted: 06/23/13, 20:01:13
I need to finish the main game first then I will check out the Luigi side. Glad to see everyone enjoying the DLC. I hope DLC is something Nintendo supports more because unlike other systems, I keep all my Nintendo games.
Posted: 06/24/13, 00:45:57
Ohhh this isn't the retail version yet. Damn.

I might sneak NSMBU into my budget sometime soon and then the DLC afterwards, but I'm honestly considering just holding out for 3D World at this point.
Posted: 06/25/13, 20:45:09
100%ed it earlier today. It's exactly what it claims to be: 80 new Mario levels. I enjoyed it! It's DLC done right.

Going back to Mario physics after playing as Luigi for the whole game is impossible.
Posted: 07/02/13, 07:19:35
I'm so terrible at this game! Maybe I could improve with more practice...but after dying a couple times, I have trouble resisting going in as Nabbit.
Posted: 07/02/13, 23:22:32
Baby Bowser is a fucking fat fuck.
Posted: 07/11/13, 03:42:13
I've been playing this game and it's soooo good! I'm up to the cloud world, and if you've seen my Miiverse posts, I can't get enough of this game. Let's just say anyone who had fun with NSMBU and wanted more platforming goodness will really like this game. Playing as Luigi with these cleverly designed levels is quite the challenge!

I always smile when I get to Roy's castle:

(from my Miiverse post)


Yikes, that's harsh. Anyway, do you mean Bowser Jr.? I haven't made it there yet.

Secret_Tunnel said:
I'm going through the main game so that I can unlock the ability to save whenever I want, then I'm going back through to get all the star coins.

I was doing that, until I realized the Quick Save feature is actually pretty awesome for suspending the game exactly where you left off too (keeping in mind the Quick Save only suspends play). Of course, you'll still do a hard save every now and then.
Posted: 07/26/13, 06:42:54  - Edited by 
 on: 07/26/13, 06:44:01
You know what I like about this game? No Super Guide. I wish they'd let you turn it off in the regular games.

You know what else I like? It's awesome! So much fresh and inventive stuff, despite how omnipresent 2D Mario has been lately, and even though the levels are pretty short, they almost all feel complete.

What a great use of $20.
Posted: 07/28/13, 18:02:30
Yeah, this is how DLC should be done. Hopefully it becomes a trend.
Posted: 07/29/13, 07:12:07
I can't wait to get the retail version of this. Just a few more weeks now.
Posted: 07/29/13, 17:56:52
Nice Mega Man homage in one of the secret levels.
Posted: 08/01/13, 19:08:15
Managed to nab a retail copy of this Yesterday. So far impressions are mixed. I love the level design and enjoy the shorter stages more then the longer stages of the main game. One thing I am annoyed at is the slide as Luigi lands. Sure it's a nice novelty and sure it adds difficulty, but it makes platforming so inprecise. I have died countless deaths, not because of my own stupid mistake, but because I slightly tapped the stick, a brush if you will, and I died. Platforming games should be tight and precise and this one is not.

Just beat World 2 though. Focusing on just getting to the end of the game , same as @Secret_Tunnel did. Finding the secret exits will be so much easier when I do not have the worry of losing all of my progress.
Posted: 08/02/13, 04:05:46
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