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Get all 6 original BIT.TRIP soundtracks for $1
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February 14, 2013, 20:10
Or $200. Pay what you want. My favorite new trend in consumer-driven pricing. I already bought the RUNNER soundtrack back in the day, but I'm definitely hopping on this to pick up the rest. You can do it right here.

Do it. Unless you HATE AWESOME MUSIC. You don't hate awesome music, do you?

Source: BIT.TRIP Facebook page

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Posted: 02/14/13, 20:10  - Edit:  02/14/13, 20:19
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Sick deal, bought.

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 on: 02/14/13, 20:16
This might sound stupid, but even for a dollar I think I'd rather just listen to the music while playing the games. Good deal, though.

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 on: 02/14/13, 20:22
@canonj Yeah but how are you going to rock it while you work out, in your car, etc.? ANSWER ME THIS.

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 on: 02/14/13, 20:28

That is true, but the music is a big part of the reason why I like to play Bit.Trip games in the first place. If I can listen to the music any time, any where, then it loses that appeal.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't like listening to game soundtracks outside of the game, so I really shouldn't have posted in this thread to begin with. I'll see myself out.

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 on: 02/14/13, 20:41

Man, I'm like the opposite of you in terms of listening to game music outside of the game. Yeah, I prefer the music while playing because it complements what you're seeing and doing, but I also appreciate the music itself on its own. Plus, listening to game music is a nice alternative to when I can't play the game because as I listen to it, I can remember favorite moments from the game.

But I'm weird anyway (I listen mostly to game music and hardly listen to any 'real' music), so pay me no heed.

Awesome deal, by the way. I already have all six soundtracks already though; love to listen to it during my workouts.

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 on: 02/14/13, 21:33
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