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Iwata Asks: PlatinumGames
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January 25, 2013, 04:16
It was hinted at, and here it is! Iwata Asks not just about a game, but an entire company. PlatinumGames already has two!!! exclusives in development for the Wii U (The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2) so there is clearly some kind of positive relationship happening between the two companies at the moment.

Iwata Asks: PlatinumGames

Hopefully this close relationship continues into the future.

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01/25/13, 04:16   Edited:  01/25/13, 04:20
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When I read that Inaba was working 20 hour days my jaw hit the floor. When I was single I was consumed by my job b/c I had the time and passion for it but there is NO WAY I put in those kind of hours. Now that I have a family and other priorities those extra hours at work really don't fit into my day to day. I really hate the corporate world b/c they expect you to put in more than 40 hours. Its like you either get taken advantage of or you slack off just enough to fly under your manager's radar. What a horrible system. Work-Life balance is a joke.

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 on: 01/29/13, 04:12   Edited:  01/29/13, 04:14
is it completely out of the question for nintendo to just flat out buy this company? If they want to really get hardcore gamers on their side, this would be perfect.

I will read the direct later, but I am really curious how w101 came about as a nintendo only title and why, all of a sudden, PG seems to be so close with nintendo.

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 on: 01/30/13, 17:40   Edited:  01/30/13, 17:46
In the event that Platinum Games is ever in any financial trouble, they should definitely try!

It would be wise to make sure that it would be something that the core members of the studio want to do... otherwise they would risk a mass exodus of talent and be left with nothing but a name. Let's call this Rareware syndrome.

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 on: 01/30/13, 18:50
@Hinph i completely understand that, but i onyl ask because it seems they are making high profile games exclusive for nintendo now. i cant see the developers being upset about a buyout.

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 on: 01/30/13, 19:08
Supposedly, Japanese companies "encourage" you to work extra hours even more than American companies.* In fact, NickRox from Warning! A Huge Podcast worked at Platinum, and he said that it was essentially his dream job, but he totally burnt out on it and quit, due to the schedule. I wonder how Platinum compares to the other Japanese devs... I could see them being more forward-thinking, but, then again, they're also perfectionists who take pride in their work.

I would love it if Nintendo bought Platinum. I'm so happy that they chose them to at least collaborate with, since I think they're pretty much the best third-party dev out there (being a splinter of the previous best third-party dev). And I don't think a Rareware-style defection would really happen, since most of the bigwigs seem pretty chummy with Nintendo. They probably like being independent, but I don't think that their games have sold much, unfortunately. The additional spotlight of being a Nintendo-exclusive third-party might give them the exposure that they deserve. We'll see how Revengence performs, I guess.

* I took the day off today.

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 on: 01/30/13, 22:09
Platinum to make Metroid.

Make it happen, Nintendo.

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 on: 01/31/13, 03:48
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