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Negative World Version 2.0 is now live!
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July 09, 2008, 01:30
What is the Negative World? you may ask. The Negative World is a Nintendo site run by the fans, for the fans. We started up back in 2001 or so based on an outcry for a Nintendo site not plagued with constant bickering and arguments, and have been going strong ever since. Instead of having a bunch of crazy moderators telling everyone what they can and can't do (and crazy trolls ruining the experience for everyone,) we have a core group of ever-expanding users that sets the course for the site. We believe this approach to a video game forum makes for the best user experience in the end.

Also, it's a lot more damn fun.

But we are not accepting new members as of yet. I know, I know... the public is banging on our doors, but we are working hard to make sure Version 2.0 will be perfectly squeaky clean when we finally start accepting new members again.


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Posted: 07/09/08, 01:30  - Edit:  03/20/10, 16:52
Why not sign up for a (free) account?

I'm confused. How is it this thread didn't have any posts in it before? The bump is the first one.

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 on: 02/06/13, 10:55
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