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Monolith Soft developing "new title not tied to an existing series" for Wii U
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September 13, 2012, 19:26
Then again, Xenoblade originally started as not being tied to an existing series. I guess it still is a new IP, but loosely carries the "Xeno" themes a bit (man / machine relations, yada yada.)

This isn't new news, but I think the "not tied to an existing series" part is new? So no Baten Kaitos or Xeno-anything here. No Disaster either but I'm sure no one was expecting to see that.

This game better come to NA.

from Siloconera

Monolith Soft is developing a game for Wii U, as well. Their title was not revealed during Nintendo Direct, but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said Tetsuya Takahashi and the Xenoblade team are creating the game. This will be a new title not tied to an existing series.

What is Monolith Soft Working on Now? - Operation Rainfall, a bit outdated, but interesting to read

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Posted: 09/13/12, 19:26  - Edit:  09/14/12, 00:22
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I hope it doesn't take another fight against NoA to get them to bring this title over.

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 on: 09/13/12, 19:28
Better get those Operation Rainfall guys on this, stat!

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 on: 09/13/12, 19:53
Oh, I thought this was the NOLF guys for a second. I like those guys. This is good news, but unsurprising.

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 on: 09/13/12, 19:57
I agree with you guys that NoA better not jerk us around on it. If they really want the hardcore back, don't make getting even the first-party hardcore games from Japan like pulling teeth.

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 on: 09/13/12, 20:17
I just hope its good

Posted by 
 on: 09/13/12, 22:54

edit: hey, if Xenoblade can say it has no ties, so can Batenblade.

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 on: 09/14/12, 00:14  - Edit:  09/14/12, 00:15
I have faith it'll be awesome. Xenoblade was even though I can't get into it.

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 on: 09/14/12, 00:16
Xenoblade seems to be one of those odd games that gets a ton of praise even though no one appears to ever finish it. I love it though, I'm like 15 hours into it and I can't see not finishing it unless something drastic comes up that turns me against it.

This is a bit old, but interesting speculation / etc. about what Monolith Softmay be working on

Albeit, we now know that it will be a new title not tied to an existing series, which rules out a lot of the speculation. Whatever it is, it seems like it will have mechs...

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 on: 09/14/12, 00:20  - Edit:  09/14/12, 00:25
I just get turned off by RPGs nowadays. If I had the option of sticking to and playing one though, it'd be Xenoblade. That or maybe Blue Dragon/Lost Oddysee. Last Story seems disappointing. It would have been better with better tech I think.

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 on: 09/14/12, 00:45
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